Harvest Festival + Sale Day

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Gee, thanks >_<

This past Thursday was the Harvest Festival in AC:GC and AC:CF, and since I haven’t found the right town for AC:CF yet, I made sure to take a little time to partake in the festivities in Ordale.

But I hadn’t played for several days, so first I ran around town pulling weeds, and all of a sudden Franklin cried out when I was running by a tree — I didn’t even see him! Way to blow your cover, Franklin. -_-

I can see why… o_o

Franklin felt he would be safer with no silverware around, so he asked me to steal the knives and forks from the feast. I wanted to finish pulling weeds, though, and look what I found… 😀

My first golden tree ^_^ Planted with a shovel in my last post. It’s so pretty! I had an AC:WW town named Goldleaf once, but I think the name would be so appropriate for an AC:GC town with lots of these trees.

And a golden shovel tumbled out of its branches! I didn’t know about this playing when I was younger, just found out recently on the internet. 😳

As I got closer to the Wishing Well acre, this music began to play faintly and grew louder and louder until I was at the feast’s tables with the rest of my neighbors, who were laughing, drinking, and having a good time.

Tortimer was also there and gave me one of his many special events gifts.

And here’s a pointless video of me stealing the silverware, lol:

I didn’t mean to stop recording when I did, but pressing the recording button of my handheld camera with one hand and trying to press various Gamecube controller buttons at the same time is not the best video-making technique. 😛

My neighbors kept giving me hints about which row or column of acres Franklin was in as if they wanted me to do the dirty work, unaware that I was secretly helping him out.

Found you! 😛

And again. 😆 Maybe refraining from poking your head out every two seconds would make your hiding places more secure, Franklin.

He was thankful everytime I brought him the silverware and gave me a piece of the Harvest series in return each time.

But I didn’t do this too much because it looks like I already have all or most of the Harvest series in my main room (which was like this when I first started playing again after many years):

You can also see the fishing trophy that I got from Tortimer in my last Ordale post. Wonder what that medal’s for…

Tortimer gave me a cornucopia, which I already had in this room, so now I have two. 😛

The next day was Sale Day, which I expected to be like the sales in AC:WW, so I was surprised to see all these red bags!

Upstairs looked as usual, but I did buy the papa bear. 😛

Hmm… 2,011 bells…

When I opened the grab bag, I was surprised to see three items pop out in my inventory!

I opened a few more and got two pinwheels, this yellow one and a red-and-white striped one. 😀 They’re really cute, they spin faster as you walk. I bought all the grab bags, but I’ll save some of the fun of opening them for another time. 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Harvest Festival + Sale Day

  1. Oh! I’ve heard about this festival! I saw a video about it on YouTube, it must be hard to find Franklin if he hides behind buildings and houses!
    Hahaha, so you have to steal forks and knifes from the tables so Franklin is “safe” 😆
    Great post Amy! 😀

    • I think it’s crazy that Franklin even showed up, I guess he thought the Festival could be fun as long as he took precautions like stealing the silverware. 😛 It isn’t too hard to find him because he’s always poking his head out, so you can see the movement easily even at the corner of your eye.

  2. Haha, Can’t wait to play this on CF. 😆
    I think it’s easy to celebrate the harvest festival on CF, Just get the fork from
    Tortimer, Find Franklin, Give him the fork. poof, done! 😀
    Franklin was given an invitation as a “special guest” but he was actually
    the turkey! xD The harvest festival is really funny!! xD
    Even on AC:GC, This festival seems so fun! xD

    I was back to checking my AC:CF manual and can’t help to examine
    the cd for CF and found a not so long and not so short scratch. D:
    shipping it from the us must have gave it a little scratch without
    me noticing. 😦 I hope it’ll still work though. 😛

    I also love the harvest furniture series. 😀

    • Yeah, it is pretty easy, especially because the villagers always tell you in which row or column of acres to look in AC:GC. I don’t know if it’s that way in AC:CF, though.
      Aww, I hope it still works. Some of my other wii games are pretty heavily used and they still work even though I’m sure the discs aren’t in perfect condition, so I think it should be fine; they don’t seem too fragile.

    • There’s something a bit weird to me about AC:GC’s music for this festival, but I heard AC:CF’s version on YouTube and I like it a lot better, such varied instruments.

  3. Cool! 😀 another fantastic AC:CF and AC:GC post!
    I don’t now what’s the Harvest Festival 😆 what’s that? 😛
    I have a new post in my blog too 😛
    I thin you have done a good job! 😀

  4. Hey Amy my party is getting close! How are the patterns I have 2 patterns ready and you? 😛
    I’m very exited with the Christmas days! 🙂 I love the snow and the cold days with a hot tea in my hands 😛 😆
    I actually update my Lego page with new photos and information about the lego hp characters! Hope you can visit and comment in the page 😉

      • Are you angry?¿ I say this just for curiosity you now! i HOPE YOU DON’T GET ANGRY WITH ME 😦 But you know it’s my birthday and well it’s okay :S
        I always comment with good feelings you know I try to be nice :S well okay if anyone is working in my party I think I gonna do the party later or I cancel them 😛 Thanks 🙂

        • Nope, not angry at all. Just stressed out. I have final exams to study for, patterns for my own town to make, patterns for your party to make, a wintry background to make for my site, an update to my monthly information page, a new post (since I know it’s been a little while since my last one), etc. So that’s why I said to be patient. There’s still time before your party for me to get patterns done, which is on December 14th I believe?

          • Oh okay! :S But you have to be more “nice” (you are always very nice and funny…. 🙂 ) on the reply ’cause I think you are angry with me or something like that! You can say: “Sorry, Emma I’m pretty busy, I’m working on your party patterns but I’m really busy 🙂 ” and that’s it 😆
            Okay well thanks and I hope you have time to see the new editions on my lego page! 😛
            PS: Do you gonna put the snow plugin in your blog! I think can fit great in your blog! 🙂

            • I don’t see how saying “please be patient” could be interpreted as me being angry; I just said that because you’ve asked several times now about my progress and it’s not been fun saying no everytime. 😛

              • I interpreted that way ’cause you say like without emoticons (I know now you don’t use a lot of emoticons) and with a serious “face” 😆
                Btw like I say in my last comment I think the snow plugin can fit great in your blog 🙂
                PS: I have new updates in my Lego page comment if you can (they are a little bit ridiculous 😆 ) but…

              • I agree, I think the snow (is it really a plugin?) would be fitting as soon as I finish a wintry background, but I have no idea how to do it. 😆 I’ve seen WordPress plugins before, but there’s no plugins section on my Dashboard that I know of…
                Edit: Oh, nevermind, I found it. It’s not a plugin, but an option included in the “General Settings” section of the Dashboard.

              • You have to go to “settings” and look to the end of the page and you can see ” Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th ” and you click and…. tachan! Snow falls on your blog 😆

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