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Last week I got to WiFi with Liam again, only this time in City Folk. 🙂 Our first WiFis together were in Wild World, and I was really looking forward to seeing what his town was like in City Folk as well!

First, though, he came over to Seahaven real quick. There’s not much to see here other than the natural environment and the cherry blossom trees.

Wow, he gave me four carnations as a gift! Thanks a lot! 😀 I found out a few months ago that carnations are my birth month flower. 😛 They look nice with the colors in town during the cherry blossom festival.

We tried to take some party popper/sparkler pictures, but each of us got the timing off a few times or set them off accidentally.

Not too bad 🙂

A picture together by Seahaven’s waterfall, one of my favorite spots in town, before heading over to Liam’s town Oakshaw.

Stepping through the gate and into Oakshaw 🙂 I like how the brick pattern coordinates with the colors of the gate.

Ooh, the orange and blue pansies are so vibrant next to each other!

Liam has a few areas in town that he calls “flower storage” that are beautiful fields full of hybrids 😀 :

So pretty!

We fished along the river and ocean a bit. This fish chose Liam’s instead of mine…

I got to meet one of the new villagers introduced in City Folk, Pekoe!

Found some hybrid-breeding spots:

Looks like Liam will get this fish too… I’m not very good at fishing in this game. >_< I did at least catch a horse mackerel while I was there.

While my attention was away for a minute, Liam planted three pitfalls around my character. There was still a bit of room to maneuver around the pitfalls, though, so when I came back, I saw the pitfalls and walked around them, and Liam fell in instead for some reason. 😛

He fell in all three of them, I don’t know how that happened 😆

It was awesome to finally meet a monkey villager! 😀 They’re really rare to get in Wild World (especially real, non-hacked ones).

Argh! Liam got his revenge. 😛 We got separated briefly so I asked where he was, and he replied that he was at the ramp, and when I went to meet him there I fell into a pitfall. Look at that smile of satisfaction on his face!

Soaking Chow, his least favorite neighbor. I was actually kind of excited to meet Chow because he’s been featured in a few of Liam’s posts. 😆

We looked around Oakshaw’s museum, and I have to say, I like the design of the exhibits in City Folk! Seeing this huge tank on a larger screen was impressive.

Nice, a completed mammoth fossil 🙂

Lyra was pleased with Oakshaw’s coffee! I think this was my first cup of coffee in City Folk, haven’t gotten any in my town town yet. >_>

Chow kept turning up wherever we went.

Ooh, love this stepping stone pathway! 😀

A nice worn dirt path on the ramp, with stepping stones. It’s neat that in City Folk you can take advantage of the grasswear to make dirt paths around town, and then add patterns on top that blend in with the dirt.

Awesome, like a secret pathway 😮

Liam was very giving — he didn’t just give me the carnations earlier, but also bells, a Jacob’s ladder, a red turnip seed, and all the fruits! 😯 Thanks again for everything, Liam! I felt bad that I didn’t have much to give in return, but I did have a freakoid gyroid in my pocket… 😛

A last picture by the gate of the two of us (with Champ Simon) before partying over. Thanks for having me over, Oakshaw is a beautiful town! 😀

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9 thoughts on “Visit to Oakshaw

  1. Haha, your little shenanigans with the pitfalls were funny 😆 That was cunning of him to finally get you like that xD
    Liam’s town looks really nice, I had to check other pictures of AC:CF to see if that road design wasn’t the original ground texture. Are monkeys normal characters in AC:CF?

    • Haha yeah, I thought so too! 😛
      I really like the look of stepping stone pathways around town; I wonder if that will work well in New Leaf, I know the dirt color/pattern has changed pretty significantly.
      Yep, in City Folk anyone can obtain the monkey villagers as if they’re any other type of normal neighbor. It was still cool to finally meet one of them! I wonder if there are many “real” (non-hacked) monkey villagers in AC:WW left from that special event…

      • Ah ok, that’s pretty cool 🙂 I think there’s still quite a few species in AC:WW I’ve never had before in my town, now that I think about it – the koala, octopus, big cats, hippo, maybe chicken…
        Yeah the way he used stones from the pavement design as stepping stones worked nicely. Stepping stones are actually something I’ve been waiting to try in AC:NL. I was hoping that would eliminate the need to worry about getting the edges of paths to work (which you know takes up a lot of patterns, when you have a new pattern for each section – left,right, upper, lower, corners – of the path).

        • I’ve missed some species as well, I know I’ve never gotten a chicken in Dafdilly… and I don’t think I’ve gotten any rhinos or hippos, and probably more. I hope you get a koala sometime! ^_^ Not only is Melba cute, but I think Yuka is as well, a snooty blue koala!
          I like to do stepping stone / stepping “bricks” 😛 as a side path, and I usually do those complex, wider paths for the main path. Once I tried to do stepping stones in AC:WW, but the stones had to be brown. xP It’s nice that AC:CF and AC:NL allow for more color options than AC:WW’s palette 12.

  2. Liam’s town is pretty beautiful! I just can’t help myself, I love the name: “Oakshaw”. I just love the “secret pathway” like you said! It’s also kinda cool how your names look together: Liam and Lyra ❤ Finally I just love that Lyra liked oakshaw's cofee! How sweet seems Lyra! Great post, Amy:)

    • I agree, he has such nice pathways and flowers around town, it looks so nice. 🙂 And I like all those things too! Thanks, Emma ^_^

  3. Look’s like you beat me to posting again. 😆 I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to get any post up whats so ever, I still have the pictures though so I’ll get everything wrote up as soon as possible!

    I disagree about Seahaven, your town is beautiful. It looked so nice with the cherry blossoms and the purple sky! I especially like your little forest to the right of the waterfall. We really didn’t do too well with those party poppers and sparklers, did we? 😆 Maybe when we do a big group WiFi with Choco and Will we can try again. It’s gonna require quick reflexes though. xD

    I’m glad you liked my flower storage, even if it wasn’t intended to look pretty. 😀 I still need to get rid of those fossils a customer ordered though. Why couldn’t Elmer just fall in those pitfalls instead of floating over them and causing me to fall? Is that too much to ask? 😆

    I think the monkeys may be a little rarer than other villagers in City Folk too. I’ve only ever had two in any of my towns since I started playing years ago. It’s nice to think they may have continued keeping a little rarity attached to certain villagers.

    I’m glad you liked your gifts. That Freakoid still sits in my house ‘singing’ away. What a beautiful noise. 😆 But really, I love the Freakoids colour schemes and they do work pretty well with certain songs. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

    • My problem with the sparklers/party poppers was that I would try to exit a menu or something, or try to move my character a bit, and then set them off accidentally. >_< It was thoughtful and nice of you to bring them, though, I'm sorry that they went to waste! Hopefully if there's a next time, we'll do better 😆
      So the flower storage is orders for customers? I didn't realize, but they sure are pretty! 🙂 Ohh okay, that's what happened with the pitfalls 😆
      lol, the freakoid xD I'm sorry I didn't have anything better to give! 😛 Thanks again for the gifts, it was so generous of you! I had fun in your town and I look forward to more WiFis, whether it's City Folk or New Leaf 🙂

      • I did the exact same. Don’t worry about it! I’ve been playing for years now and I always do it. -,- I hope so too!
        Oh no, the flowers were for my town I’d just been lazy and not thought about where to put them. 😆 Yeah! In fact, I don’t know if you noticed but I ended up getting mad and just digging holes around him for a trap, as revenge. 😀
        I can’t wait to WiFi again also. Don’t forget Wild World either, maybe we can squeeze one more in before New Leaf! I’m still working on my town though. It’s coming together, I guess. 🙂

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