Days 24-30: Shampoodle! (and more…)

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Unlocking Shampoodle is always an exciting milestone in a new town, finally being able to customize your characters how you want. 🙂 I was fortunate I didn’t have to wait this long, though, by making use of a friend’s Shampoodle earlier. Other events that took place were dropping Katie off at a new town, and working on a new path to brighten things up.

Wednesday, July 3 (Day 24):

Hehe, this day was actually Dafdilly’s 2-year anniversary! So here’s a fun picture I took for the occasion 😀

A little note on Dafdilly in general: I admit that I haven’t made much progress in catching up to the present time, and I haven’t been playing AC:WW as much since getting AC:NL. There’s just so much to work on in my AC:NL town (money-making, landscaping, path-making, etc.) that I think I would have trouble focusing on both games right now. But I still check up on Dafdilly occasionally, and it’s nice to just walk around and talk to my neighbors (like Melba! <3). I might return to playing AC:WW more frequently in the future; I still really like my town, and there's still something appealing about the simplicity of AC:WW's gameplay — for example, no stress about villager house locations, grasswear, or getting community project requests. xP

Anyway, back to my AC:NL journal for July 3rd…

Yes, so glad to have Shampoodle now! 😀 I was surprised to hear a change in the music on Main Street as well, which I suppose is a sign things are getting livelier.

For Estel’s new haircut, I tried something completely different, a dark blue hairstyle (which is a new hair color available in New Leaf). Originally I planned on using a variety of colors for Estel’s hair, all of which are supposed to be reminiscent of either stars or the night sky: white, blonde/gold, dark blue, and black. But the dark blue color seemed strange to me after having white hair for a while, so the next day I went back to a light color again.

Oh, and the Nooklings’ shop upgraded from T&T Mart to Super T&T, the Nookway-esque supermarket.

It’s nice to have more selection, but I’ll miss the old convenience store’s hours!

Thursday, July 4 (Day 25):

I’ve heard about this from other blogs, but this is the first time it’s happened for me! One of my town’s permanent rocks shot out gems instead of money bags! 😀 Wish I moved the flowers in the way first. >_<

While running errands outside I ran into Citàlune’s newest resident, Opal.

Friday, July 5 (Day 26):

A new painting in the museum, which I bought from Crazy Redd the day before. It’s the still-life “Apples and Oranges” by Paul Cézanne 🙂

Finally, a new community request! How fitting that lazy Elmer would request a hammock! 😛 It’s not a bad project, but also not one I really, really want.

Isn’t it usually the other way around? But yay, glad to see you, Gulliver! 😀

I won’t “spoil” the answer in case you want to figure it out yourself if he asks the same thing (it’s a famous statue and easy to find out through googling, anyway). Statues are my favorite Gulliver gifts, so I was happy to receive this. Hope I can get the mermaid statue soon!

(By the way, I have so many flowers on my beach right now because I’m using it as storage while I work on flower re-arranging on the main part of town.)

Saturday, July 6 (Day 27):

Carmen asked me to catch an ocean sunfish, and I was somewhat proud of myself for actually going through with it!

I wasn’t too hopeful or excited When Drift came up to me with a request; I doubt there are many community projects a jock would request that I would want. 😛 And indeed, I don’t want a video screen — doesn’t fit the feel I want for my town at all. I’ve seen it utilized pretty well in a dream town, though! (If you want to see what these projects look like, and don’t mind being spoiled about them, check out this page.)

Hehe, I like this new emotion, a sheepish chuckle. Isabelle does it a lot.

Thanks to CK for the rococo series and Cyrus for the refurbishing, I have this pretty room upstairs in Estel’s house! 🙂

Sunday, July 7 (Day 28):

On Sunday I found Katie in my town again, wanting to be taken to a different town.

Choco was online, so I took Katie to her town Belltune.

While I was there, I thought I’d look around. 🙂 There are new path designs and lots of new projects in Belltune, like this signpost pointing the way to…

The Roost! 😀 I haven’t built it yet in my town, so this was the first time I actually went inside, and the first time I got coffee in this game!

It’s in a nice location near the waterfall, and I like how the colors of the café coordinate with the colors of this bridge (warm browns in both).

Taking my first sip of coffee on another brick bridge 🙂

There’s also a new police station in Belltune, and it’s the most familiar version to me since it’s based off the one in AC:GC. It was nice to visit since I don’t think I’m going to build a police station in Citàlune.

And you can sit under Belltune’s tree, awesome!

…But WiFi crashed in the middle of reading the scrolling history of Belltune. 😦 Then I found Katie in my town once more, which meant that taking her to Belltune wasn’t saved since WiFi crashed. I’m sorry about that, Choco! I didn’t see Belltune open again, but I saw that Teru’s town Arcadia was, so I decided to try taking Katie there next:

Teru’s character Rain was at the station to greet me, looking a little worse for wear. 😛

This is actually a new town of Teru’s, on a different gamecard. Though she did like her first town for Arcadia, there were a few things that bugged her about it, so she started a new town on a different gamecard instead of erasing the work she’d already put into her first town. I have to say, after looking around this new town, I think it’s definitely a keeper! I like all the little aesthetic details (fruit, grass, train station and town hall designs, waterfall), the layout in general, and how all the villager houses are in a row at the bottom of town, it’s really neat!

And I love the neighbors themselves, too! There are a few that were in her old AC:WW town(s), like Lily and Kody, along with cool neighbors new to New Leaf, like the deer Deirdre and the unicorn Julian:

Their houses’ décor is so creative and seems to fit them well!

I was amused to see that this fund for a lamp post was just one bell away from completion, and tempted to pay the last bell to see what would happen 😛

But I didn’t want to deprive Teru of the opportunity 😀

A pretty spot in Arcadia, with a nice view of the waterfall and of the violets across the river.

There are lots of flowers along the river to help prevent grasswear while fishing. I might have to start doing this, too, I’ve noticed a lot of grasswear along my river…

Before I left, I arranged for this fairy-tale roof from Arcadia’s Nook’s Homes to be ordered to my town’s Nook’s Homes, since I want my character Lyra’s house to have the fairy-tale house parts. Thanks for having me over, Teru! 😀

Back in my town…

This time I remembered to say goodbye to Vladimir before he moved out.

Estel’s house is getting closer to the elegant white mansion look I want, but I really want a more fitting fence. >_<

Monday, July 8 (Day 29):

Nothing of note. The pictures I have from yesterday are just messing around doing emotions with Blathers. 😛

Tuesday, July 9 (Day 30):

Today Saharah was in town for the first time since day 1! Now I have a palace instead of a tent 😛

She gave me a stone tile and an astro wall. Neither are Saharah exclusives, I think. I like the stone tile, though, it might look nice in a bathroom.

I regret not buying turnips this week… I thought that 110 bells was a high price to buy them, but it turns out I could’ve made a profit. >_<

The path I want to make for Citàlune is a mosaic-style path with a pattern of moons, suns, and stars (formed with mosaic tiles/stones). I think that would be fitting for my town’s name and for the old-city feel I want to have eventually. Though I’m not sure how to even go about making a complicated path like that, so I guess for practice I’m trying to make a simpler mosaic path. This doesn’t have any recognizable picture on it (like a moon or sun), it’s just a random circular pattern…

I hope I’ll be able to put together that path I dream of for Citàlune eventually! It might be a while, and I might run into limitations (ie. not having enough pattern slots for all the corner pieces required to make a neat path, not having enough pixels or space on the grids for the sort of moon/sun mosaic design I want, etc.)

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26 thoughts on “Days 24-30: Shampoodle! (and more…)

  1. Awesome! I love the light blonde you gave Estel. 😀 Coordinates with her regal house. ^^
    I was opening my gates for about 20-30 minutes but you never came so i closed it and went to sleep. xD but i bet she’d have a nicer time in Arcadia.. 😀 …That reminds me, So.. Katie came from you, then went to arcadia, then went to mine, then you got one again, transferred to belltune (but resetti) so arcadia again.. and ..ohh… wonder who’ll teru pass it to.. 😛 it’ll be interesting for teru to transfer it to mine again. xD and it’ll be like a katie loop. 😆
    I really like your mosaic path, It’s simple yet so unique and amazing. xP The sides look like flowers to me, which reminds me a little bit about Dafdilly. 🙂

    • also, do not regret to buy turnips.
      because i see a lot of high turnip prices in ACC on the AC:NL Trading board and i get a heck lot of bells because of it. but i have to wait in a long queue and everyone just comes and goes so quickly but definitely worth it if you really need bells right away. 🙂

      • Oh, maybe I looked for gates before you had time to re-open again (and by the time you re-opened I was in Arcadia?), sorry about that! But yeah, it would be great for you to receive Katie from Teru again, if possible 😀 Repeating the Katie loop!
        Thanks, I’m glad you like it! 🙂
        Yeah, I think I’m going to buy turnips more often from now on, even if Joan doesn’t give me a fantastic deal on them. In AC:WW it wouldn’t have been worth it (unless you do the turnips-on-tables trick) because the online community wasn’t very active. But now there should be a lot more options for selling turnips in other towns, even if your own town doesn’t have great prices. And I have a feeling if you did hit it really big one day (like selling each turnip for 400+ bells), it would make up for any times when you happened to lose money off the stalk market. Thanks for the advice! ^_^

        • Whoa! 500+ turnip price… Agh… I could have sold my turnips to you. xP I sold them for 560+ each.. could have gotten more if i sold to yours. 😛 Dang, Hope you get another huge turnip price! I don’t check my turnip prices regularly so idk if my price is really high or just low.

  2. Cool post Amy! It was very good to read, there were a lot of really good pictures of some of the new things in NL :mrgreen: I’ve just noticed the turnips part of you sidebar, and I’ve JUST sold my turnips in my town for 60 bells less -_- Ah well, you weren’t online 😆

    Estel’s house is looking brilliant! Sure enough with a different fence it would be perfect, you’re very good at house design, inside and out 😛

    Those path designs actually look really nice already, they kind of match the fairy tale building series that I think you said you liked in one of your pre-NL posts (although that might not fit with the theme you want with your town) 🙂

    • Aw, I’m sorry! 😦 I don’t leave my gates open all the time I’m online, so feel free to leave a comment if you want me to open my gates for turnip-selling in the future. I was surprised to see that the PM price jumped all the way up to 580 bells! 😯
      Yeah, really want either a fancy fence or a hedge for Estel’s house, and then it might be pretty much done ^_^ I’m glad you like the paths! Yeah, I’m still actually going for those fairy-tale town projects (if my villagers will ever request them), so I’d like to try to make paths that will match well with them. Adding moons/suns/stars to the mosaic pattern, while still matching the colors in the fairy-tale projects, would really tie my town’s theme together I think 😀

    • Sure! I was thinking about opening my gates today because I have an amazing turnip price right now. Just a warning, my town is pretty messy right now because I want to do some re-landscaping, but I have to wait for a gardening or butterfly tour to pop up on the island tour list before I can finish. >_<

      • Cool! GRR I should have bought turnips!! -,- They were 106 Bells, but I’d be rich if I spent all my savings and sold them at your price!!! 😦 no problem! Perhaps I have a gardening tour today. ^^ What time were you thinking?

        • Yeah, I’m really mad at myself for not buying turnips too, I thought 110 bells was a little steep. 😥 I’ll probably buy next week, but watch my prices be terrible the week that I buy turnips xP
          Pretty much any time is fine! I’m playing right now, but I thought I’d pick up the stuff I have littering the ground before I have people over. (I’m having storage issues :P) What time works for you?

          • Argh, I know, turnip prices are always so risky, but I want an opportunity to use all my savings to like double it. With my luck, I’ll just go bankrupt that way, though. xD Alright ;p, I’m just finishing reading/commenting on this post haha, then I’ll be on and looking for your gates! Maybe like, 10 minutes?

  3. I love that dark hair on Estel! The style and everything, it actually looks wonderful! 😀 You’re getting quite a few requests now too – jealous!

    OMG YOUR ROCOCO! It looks fab!! Like, the perfect look for Estel’s house (if I have the right image in mind :3 ) I LOVE what you’ve got in mind for Estel, her house is going to look beautiful. ^^

    And your mosaic path! It looks great for Citalune! You’re getting so developed, Amy! :’) Grr, I’m having space issues too – items, clothing, flowers, patten – you name it! >.<

    • I didn’t have that hairstyle for long, but I guess I might go back to it sometime! Especially once I can customize my eye color
      it’s great to have such a fitting house for Estel this early in the game (thanks to CK ^^)!
      Hehe, I tend to just take pictures of the few developed areas for my blog, but now that you’ve visited, you’ll know that there’s lots of undeveloped areas 😆 And thanks for all the fun WiFis today, it was a blast! 😀

  4. Happy 2nd anniversary to Dafdilly :mrgreen:
    Congrats on getting Shampoodle! Interesting the music changes, that’s a nice touch. You look like Cleopatra with the dark hairdo and white dress xP
    Ugh, my villagers haven’t been asking for the best public works either: stadium lights and caution signs xP That aside, the rest of your town is coming along well! The preliminary mosaic path looks great, and it’s a creative break from the standard brick and tile paths I’ve seen in other fairytale-themed towns. Estel’s house is also looking amazing! You have a knack for coordinating interiors (unlike a certain camel).
    It was nice having you over in my new town and seeing what you thought ^^ I got Katie a couple days later but couldn’t find anyone to pass her onto in time >_< In the end she went to Arcadia no.1 😛
    P.S. Oh maaan, I should have given you some turnips, I ended up selling them today at 30-something Bells xP (cos you know I was playing catch-up in my town so the dates were going faster and "today" was Saturday already).

    • Haha, I thought that too actually! 😛 I’m even wearing the palatial tank dress there.
      Aww, I’m sorry you’ve gotten bad luck too! It’s a little discouraging because they don’t really request all that much, so when they do, I get really excited and hopeful (only to be let down). Oh well, guess we’re bound to get the ones we want eventually! It’s nice to hear you think my town’s coming along; I feel like I’m being a lot slower at landscaping than others… >_< But I guess I'm not in a huge hurry — I don't have many saplings, or even any bushes yet, and I really need another gardening or butterfly tour on the island.
      Thanks for letting me come over, and sorry that it was an uninvited Katie drop-off, hope you didn't mind that. xP I'm glad you were able to at least pass her onto your other town. Your new town looks great, love pretty much everything about it 😀 A big congratulations on perfect town status, by the way! :mrgreen: Citalune's just a tourist attraction still, according to Isabelle.
      Or you could've sold those turnips yourself in my town, haha! But aww that's really nice of you to even think about giving them to me to sell, thanks 🙂 CK actually let us buy some turnips in her town since she altered the date to Sunday, so we kind of cheated in buying turnips on a non-Sunday day of the week, and were able to take advantage of my high turnip price after all. I don't feel too guilty since I only made about 400,000, pretty much just a few island hauls 😛

      • Yeah, they sure don’t request public works as often as I expected. I’m trying to “filter” my requests by only letting the female villagers spot me, but that’s really hard in New Leaf; they seem to spot me before I spot them! xD

        Of course I don’t mind uninvited Katie drop-offs! Katies are welcome any time 😎 It looks like it’s very easy to get PTS in this version; they just put a big focus on public works so it might be a bit slow on that front for those who haven’t planned to build a lot.

        Oh it’s good you made use of the amazing turnip price in the end :mrgreen: Looks like your prices are taking a dive now >.<

  5. Gawd, I haven’t commented for aaaages.
    Congrats on Dafdilly! I missed reading about it, because it was so fantastic and all, and I was so happy to see the photo of you setting off the sparklers! And then I went, “Wait, what? I’ve seen that photo before…”. I totally agree about the easy warmth and simplicity of WW – plus, it had less rain. Ogygia is being rained on about a billion times a week! Unfortunately, I’ve kind of been neglecting my WW town, but I knew that would happen. I’m just thinking of how you said that Dafdilly was suitable at first. Heck, it’s probably one of the best towns on WW ever, and I think everyone who reads your blog would agree to that!
    I have Shampoodle’s too! Only, I did my hair in my friend’s town, and have the perfect one, but I really want to get my eye colour changed. Live and learn.
    I ADORE your mosaic path! It looks a bit like one of the carpets in AC that I can’t remember the name of. What kind of age-feel are you looking for for Citálune? It’s looking great so far, unlike Ogygia, which has half-finished landscaping projects all over the place. I need more community projects.
    Belltune is beautiful! It’s absolutely gorgeous! The paths and signs just make it look amazing! The starry night probably helped.
    I’m jealous of your Rococo room. Rococo was the furniture I most wanted, and I haven’t a piece to my name. But I have lots of Sleek furniture, which I also like, so it balances that out a bit. But I still am jealous of your gorgeous room! 😀

    • It’s good to hear from you again! ^_^ I visited your dream town, and Ogygia looks beautiful so far! You’ve gotten a lot of flowers and hybrids, and have great placements for buildings and projects. 🙂 I also love the flowery riverbed-lined path, it’s perfect for the flowery paradise feel that I think you want.
      I agree, I don’t remember getting that much rain in AC:WW either, not even in the “rainy season.” I actually looked forward to rainy days in AC:WW and AC:GC because it was a nice change, but in AC:NL I was getting pretty tired of it for a while there! Now I’m seeing more sunny days, though. Aww, thanks, I’m really flattered you think that about Dafdilly! 😳 I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out as well, especially after I put my dead spot testing results to use.
      Ah, but Citalune is really not that great yet. xP I’ve been using this temporary gray brick path to lead the way around town while I work on the mosaic path, and it’s really plain and bugging me. I haven’t done as much tree and flower re-arranging as I should either. But I hope I can start making some more progress soon, and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and planning (instead of doing :P). Hmm, I’m not sure I’ve thought about a specific time period for my fairytale city, that’s interesting to ponder. But pretty old, maybe around Medieval times? I just know that the modern looking community projects (like the video screen) wouldn’t be fitting at all.
      Yeah, Choco’s town is wonderful! She’s made a lot of progress and gotten some great community projects like the red brick bridge 😀 It was a beautiful starry night as well.
      If we tried WiFing again — and if it would work — I’d be happy to order the Rococo series for you (or at least let you catalog) 😀 I’m glad that you’ve been able to collect lots of a different series you like, though, that’s good 🙂

  6. You totally have the feel I want for my town! You shoulda waited until you dream-visited, my town was way behind, because I hadn’t updated it in ages. I did today, though, but there’s loads of work I need to do, like getting persimmons and cherries, and planting cedars, and flowers, and bushes, and…whoa. There’s way more work than I thought! Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but I visited your town in a dream and got your brick path, and now it’s in between the flower streams as my path. And I think Citálune looked great in the dream!
    Yeah, rain was a refreshing break from flower-watering but with the beautiful town ordinance, it’s just a pain. Dafdilly IS amazing! I mean, two years and it’s one of the best, as I said. And you had schoolwork to do on top of all that.
    I visited Belltune via Dream Suite and thought it was still just as beautiful. The paths and bridges are really awesome!
    I noticed you added Jeff’s ACCF and AC:GC blogs to your blogroll. Were they always there, or did you look at his site after I mentioned him posting a photo about grass wear? Because I might need to get my attention span checked if they WERE always there.
    I hope we can WiFi, and it does work, because otherwise I’ll have to spend ages staring at the router, then at a computer screen advising useless bits of information that never work. Yeah, sleek furniture is really cool, but Rococo is just the best to me!

    • I figured that since the description of Ogygia in the Odyssey sounded like a flowery paradise. It should be fun to try to create the same feel in your town as that beautiful description. 🙂 I thought your dream town was lovely when I visited it, but I’ll be sure to visit the updated version sometime! I haven’t updated my dream address lately because my town’s in a messy under-construction stage right now.
      Yeah, I have a lot of work I need to do for my town too! So much that it feels overwhelming at times. Making patterns, laying them down, re-planting trees and flowers, and first having to do tons of island tours for the flowers… Well, I don’t feel the need to rush and complete it all in like a day, and I don’t want my whole life right now to be consumed by AC, but I also want to try to make significant progress on my town before my break from classes is over, so I’d better get started soon.
      I never thought about it before, but the beautiful town ordinance in New Leaf does lessen rain’s value somewhat. I also kind of find the rain in AC:NL to be especially dull and dreary, and I didn’t get the same impression from rain in AC:WW and AC:GC. I still love when rainy days in AC match with rainy days in real life, though!
      Oh, I’ve had Jeff’s AC:CF and AC:GC blogs added to my blogroll for a while now, ever since I stumbled across them one day (probably from forum browsing or google searching) and was really impressed by how frequently he posts! I better go add his AC:NL blog, I’ve forgotten to do that.
      I really hope our next WiFi attempt will work, too! >_< Feel free to let me know a time, whenever! And we don't have to waste too much time if it's not working; if we get a few error attempts, I guess we can just leave it at that. Hopefully it works though 😦

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