Days 31-39: Debating the Café location

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This is quite an eventful post! So many things to cover: a busy day of WiFi sessions when Citàlune had a high turnip selling-price, an exciting new neighbor moving into town, gardening and public works progress around town, and lots of internal debate over the Café’s location. I’m going to ask you all for opinions about that at the end of this post, but first I have to tell more about my town’s happenings lately!

Wednesday, July 10 (Day 31):

Reese's big turnip price: 580 bellsThis was such a WiFi-filled day — probably more WiFi than I’ve ever done in a single day before! It began when Ryann from Shantaki wanted to come over and see Citàlune, since I’d been to her town before but she hadn’t been to mine yet. I also thought it would be a good idea to leave my gates open for others since I had an extremely high turnip price that day: 580 bells! Various people came and left Citàlune, and invited me (and others) over to their towns as well. I believe these are all the people I WiFied with this day (hope I didn’t forget anyone):

I think any attempt to try to do a full write-up of this WiFi would be overwhelming and confusing, but I’ll share some pictures:

After opening my gates for Ryann and others who might want to sell turnips, my town quickly became full! A group picture with (from left to right) me, Will, Kiki, and Ryann. 🙂

I hadn’t bought turnips the Sunday before and was resigned to not being able to take advantage of my town’s great turnip price, but CK came to the rescue by setting her town’s date to Sunday and letting people come over to buy turnips!

So I got to explore CK’s beautiful town of Bluebell again while searching for Joan, and then I bought as many turnips I could carry.

Being able to sell turnips after all really brightened my day, thanks a lot CK! 😀 I was pretty bummed when I thought that I wouldn’t be able to, not really because of money reasons (it’s easy to make bells on the island, after all), but just because it’s the first time I’ve seen any of my towns have a big turnip price like this. I’ll be sure to buy turnips from Joan in my own town from now on. xP

I opened my gates again so that others could continue to come sell turnips, and Ryann and Will came back over, along with Liam (he’s the one wearing headphones).

Ryann had an idea for a fun villager guessing game in which she would give hints about a certain villager (clothing, appearance, etc.) and we would guess who it was, winning a prize if we guessed correctly.

I did pretty well at the game, winning myself a Triforce, stained glass, and female mask. 😀 Thanks a lot for the prizes and for running the game, Ryann, it was a nice surprise and a lot of fun!

Will and I watching in awe as Liam swims in the river! I didn’t know about this glitch, but it’s cool since you can’t swim in the river otherwise.

Now in Ryann’s town Shantaki with her sister, Cassidy, and Liam. ^_^

I love this house in Shantaki, such a cute cottage feel!

Visiting Shantaki’s coffee shop, which is in a gorgeous riverside location:

We tried to visit the island, but WiFi crashed on the boat ride, and it crashed yet again the next time we tried. >_< It's a shame how common WiFi crashes are…

Having a group prayer together seemed to do the trick! Then we were finally able to go to the island successfully and tour.

Beautiful fiery sunset ☀️

The final WiFi of the evening was with Cassidy and Ryann in Citàlune:

Cassidy and Ryann coming over to Citàlune

I don’t have many pictures of this last WiFi, but we went to Club lol and chatted, they sold turnips and looked around Citàlune, and I asked for their advice about my café’s location. 🙂

Thanks a lot to everyone for the fun WiFis! 😀 It felt weird to be having so many people over because my town was seriously under construction (I was in the middle of working on paths and flower-rearranging), but everyone was nice and understanding about it.

Thursday, July 11 (Day 32):

Since I deposited my money from selling turnips the day before, I guess that put me over the threshold for another gift from the bank, a neat stationery set. It adds a realistic, lived-in touch to a room. ^_^

Receiving a mannequin from Labelle

Now I’ve received one mannequin each from Mabel, Sable, and Labelle. I assume I’m not going to keep getting new mannequins forever, so maybe this is the last one? And is it just me, or is Labelle getting friendlier? I thought that only happened with Sable!

Friday, July 12 (Day 33):

Ahh, come look who’s moved in…! ❤

Melba, my favorite! :mrgreen: Well, I have a lot of favorites based on appearance, like Bob (a perfect lazy cat!) and Stitches (who looks like a colorful teddy bear). But I love Melba because of everything: her personality, appearance, tastes (like music and interior decorating), and history. She was in my first AC:WW town, which was pretty much the only thing I regretted about deleting that town. xP Then later on she showed up in my second major AC:WW town Dafdilly, and she’s still there. I’m glad I’ll get to see her in my AC:NL town too! 😀

I’ve noticed they’ve made some changes to Melba. She’s taller now (though I expected that), wears a striped tank instead of the green vest, and the interior of her house has changed:


Melba's house in Wild World


Melba's house in New Leaf

I liked Melba’s house better how it was before; it reminded me of a cozy candy cottage in the woods of a fairytale, and it heavily inspired how I decorated my main room in AC:WW. Now it’s a little plain, but oh well.

I helped Gulliver figure out where he was headed, and in return he mailed me a model of Big Ben. 🙂

Sylvia announcing her plans to move

Sylvia’s leaving, and I’m letting her go. Nothing personal, but like pretty much every single one of my original neighbors, her house is in a bad location.

Saturday, July 13 (Day 34):

Robin requesting a caution sign

Another community project requested that’s too modern for the feel I want for my town.

Melba’s already enjoying life in town:

Melba thankful for her neighbors making her less lonely

Glad we could be welcoming to you, Melba 🙂

I remembered to see K.K.’s show this past Saturday!

I forgot the week before, so this was my first time. He doesn’t accept requests for the first performance, so I especially look forward to next time (if I remember to go >_<).

Sunday, July 14 (Day 35):

Finally! I’d been waiting for a tour like this for a while so that I could steal lilies and violets to line my paths with. (The gardening tour also has lilies and violets, but most of the tours don’t.)

I lined the paths on the “city” side of town with lilies, which looks bright and sunny, and I have violets lining the paths on the “natural” side of town (the side with the town tree), which has more cool colors. I’m also hoarding lots of lilies and violets on my town’s beaches, for when I work on more flower re-arranging around town.

While working on planting flowers, I noticed some path-like grasswear here (usually covered by patterns). I don’t have this sort of grasswear elsewhere in town yet, so I assume this spot must’ve had a lot of dirt since the beginning.

I’ve changed the area in front of Estel’s house a lot recently: from the trees and flowers to the community projects I use to repel villager houses — fountains now, instead of benches. This style of fountain reminds me of one you might put in front of an official-looking building, like a bank, not one that would be found in someone’s garden, so I don’t plan to have these fountains here forever. I hope the statue fountain is requested, I think those would be more fitting here.

Monday, July 15 (Day 36):

Getting the silver can from Leif

Wooooo! It’s a lot easier to water the flowers lining my paths with this! 😀 (I don’t have to water flowers since I have the beautiful town ordinance, but I often do it to encourage hybrid growth.)

There was a rainbow in town — not the best time for one since my town’s messy and under construction (I know I say that a lot, but it’s true 😛 ) — but it was still nice to see!

Ack, the tarantula won this time. xP

Tuesday, July 16 (Day 37):

This was a pleasant surprise! Didn’t think I’d done that many favors for my neighbors.

I like the way the sunset affects the colors of this path!

Wednesday, July 17 (Day 38):

Sometimes I like to play really early in the morning, as soon as I wake up. I did this yesterday and Melba was the only one outside, so we spent some quality alone time together. 🙂

She came over to my house and seemed to find it very relaxing. 😛

And she requested a community project that I actually want! 😀 Maybe this can be my strategy in the future, running around town when only certain animals are outside. (Probably won’t bother though 😛 )

Later in the day another rainbow appeared, so I took screenshots with my two newest projects, a hammock and picnic blanket:

I’m sure I’ll end up demolishing these eventually, but I’m trying to work towards perfect town status.

I got my first contacts from Shampoodle yesterday, a light blue-gray color:

Thursday, July 18 (Day 39):

The fruit trees I planted around the picnic area are fully grown now, making this area much more colorful. 🙂

I helped out Gulliver again; he does seem more common in this game, which I like! His destination this time had less obvious clues than the other ones so far.

Wow, I went to great lengths to find the owner of this lost item! >_< I hunted down every single resident (looking all over town and Main Street and through all the exhibits in the museum) until Robin was the only one I hadn't found, so I knew it must be hers. I was using the megaphone and she kept responding with stuff like, "I hear a voice!" and "Who is it?" but it still took me forever to find her. xP

Today I tried a darker, brighter blue eye color:

Not sure which I like better. Anyway, I don’t necessarily want to pigeonhole a certain look for Estel (like I did with Twisk in AC:WW), so I’ll keep my options open.

This hedge I bought for Estel will be a lot more fitting for her regal house exterior than the current picket fence, I look forward to seeing it! ^_^

I went to my dad’s town today to sell turnips — not a huge price, but enough to make a profit.

I thought this tropical-themed room of my dad’s was pretty impressive for only a month or so of playing, and July’s DLC (the palm tree lamp) is perfect for it!

And finally, as the title suggests, I’ve been spending a lot of time debating about where to put the café. I think there are two good potential locations: one in a nook of the river (which is what’s shown in the preview above), and one at the end of a row of buildings formed by Re-Tail, the train station, the town hall, and Lyra’s house (so it would almost be like a second main street).

Here are two maps showing exactly what I’m talking about in case you want to see and provide input! 🙂 The position of Lyra’s house changes depending on where I decide to put the café.

Option 1:

  • In this option, the café is in the nook of the river that’s near the center of town. It’s a scenic and beautiful location (similar to what I loved when visiting Shantaki’s café earlier in this post).
  • In this option, Lyra’s house has more space for its own large personalized garden area.

Option 2:

  • In this option, the café would be in the upper right corner of town. It’s not the most scenic location, but I would plant trees and flowers around it, and like I mentioned before, it would add another building to a sort of second Main Street. It would also free up the nook in the river (option 1’s location) for something else, like a special garden or park area.
  • Lyra’s house would be very close to the town hall in this option (to make room for the café being nearby), so Lyra’s house wouldn’t really be able to have its own large garden. Her garden would probably just be merged with the town hall’s garden. However, since I plan on having the fairy-tale exterior decorations for both the town hall and for Lyra’s house, it might actually look nice for them to be that close to each other.

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19 thoughts on “Days 31-39: Debating the Café location

  1. Wow! I love how your town is improving so quickly! I haven’t gotten any recent PWP requests these days >_< and hybrids show up less often than it used to be.. 😛

    I would pick the cafe option no. 1. ^^ I like how it seems like an isolated place to go and just have a relaxing cup of coffee (like the one on my town, where it's located on the upper-right corner of town.) ^^

    • Thank you! 🙂 Progress is still pretty slow on my end as well; it seems like I get maybe 2 requests a week, and of course, not all of them are good… I’m finally (and somewhat reluctantly) building more projects in an effort to raise my citizen satisfaction rating.
      Thanks a lot for the input about the cafe! I agree, it seems to be between an isolated, scenic place vs. joining the busy north part of my town.

  2. Wow! Your town looks amazing! I haven’t checked on my town for a while now but I thank my Beatiful Ordinance because otherwise, my hybrids will all die. Anyways, I like how your doing the dirtpath and whatnot. I would’ve done something similar since I wore out grass enough to make a whole dirt path throughout my town, but I was too lazy xD Feel free to visit my town for turnips though (when I get my 3ds back) because I time travel so it wouldn’t hurt me to time travel forward or back to Sunday. I prefer Cafe Option 2 because. It seems like. It’s meant to be there. But that’s just me 😛 I wishhhh I had a picnic set. I haven’t had that requested yet and I’m still waiting. If we could, I would trade my statue fountain for that >.<

    • Yeah, thank goodness for the beautiful town ordinance! In AC:WW, if I couldn’t play for a while, I’d set the date to the last day I played when I was able to play again, and catch up to the present through time-travel. It’s nice to not have to mess with that anymore 😀
      Thanks! It’s awesome you have a well-formed dirt path around town! I don’t have that yet, it’s strangely just in that one area that I shared a picture of in this post. I want to have pattern paths in some areas and dirt paths in other areas, depending on the surrounding landscaping (city vs. nature, etc.)
      I appreciate the cafe input, it’s interesting and helpful to hear what others think 🙂 Haha, I’d love to do that trade, if it were possible! 😛

  3. That was a really fun WiFi day,Amy! 🙂 Thanks! I have more prizes saved up to invent another game to play during WiFi, too! 😀

    How did you get Liam to swim in the river?! I mean, you mentioned a glitch, but how did you trigger the glitch?

    You liked my mayor’s house? Thank you, but I need suggestions! I can’t seem to get it right – the chalet exterior and pink roof I’d like to keep, but everything else, especially the door, is giving my troubles! 😦

    You can get four mannequins in total, haha! Congrats on getting three of four! The last one is given from Gracie, so it might be a while until unlocking it.

    Aww, yay! Melba moved in! I just joined the blogging community for New Leaf, but I’ve heard you talk a lot about her! Just what are the odds that your fave koala buddy would move into Citalune so early, eh? ^^

    I’m liking the dirt paths too! Hopefully after I pick up my paths, the dirt will be just as heavy as your town so I can leave the paths off! 🙂

    OMG, Estel’s house is beautiful – entrance, exterior, interior, and front lawn! :O Super jealous, and definitely looking awesome as a part of your whole Citalune creation! 😀

    Wow, congrats on the silver an too! It’s always irritating how the campers are constantly asking for my can, since they can’t inquire about silver tools, and it’s the only regular tool I still have! >.< But I'm pretty bad for buying from Leif – my villagers plant too many flowers that they think my town needs as it is!

    Still haven't decided on your cafe location? I guess it can't be demolished,after all. 😛 I think you should go with cafe option number 2! Reason 1: I think you should save the nook in the river for a flower bed- how pretty! Reason 2: A Main Street in town would be super convenient!

    • Ooh, I look forward to it 😀
      I didn’t know how Liam was able to swim in the river either, and I didn’t do anything to trigger it, but I think he dug some strategic holes and fell into the river with the King Tut mask:
      Yeah, I liked the house a lot actually! 😀 Didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. Unfortunately there isn’t really a door with the exact shade of pink as the roof (if that’s what’s bothering you), so I think the lighter pink door with the darker pink roof looks fine. But if you’re looking for a door to match the chalet wall in general (and not just the roof), I think the loghouse door or brown door would look good. And then maybe a hedge fence (edit: oh right, you already have that :P) and either a pink mailbox (to match the pink roof) or a barrel/wooden mailbox (to go with the cottage-style aesthetic of the wall). I always have trouble with the pavement; I’m so used to the cobblestone in every single AC game that some of the new pavements seem too eye-catching for me. 😕 But if you want a house part that’s pink to match your roof, maybe the pink tiled pavement could be an option. Teru has a great house parts page if you want to peruse that (and maybe they’re also in the guidebook you have).
      The silver can took me by surprise! It’s very handy, and I’m glad my flower hoarding paid off somehow 😛 Because it’s the same for me, my villagers are constantly planting flowers, and you can get them on the island tours as well.
      Thanks so much for the sweet compliments about my town and feedback about the cafe location, I appreciate it! 🙂 Yeah, I feel like there are pros and cons to both locations, so I’m having trouble deciding, and the fact that it’s permanent makes me want to put a lot of thought into it. A special garden in that space formed by the river would be pretty, I always think that the sound of running water in gardens creates a lovely atmosphere.

      • Thanks for the links – pictures are always helpful when trying to build a perfect house! 🙂 I think you’re right, the shades of pink aren’t right, and I’m a perfectionist, haha. :$ I think I will go with your suggestions, too! 😀

  4. That WiFi session sure was fun, thanks for not mentioning how I lost every round of the villager guessing game. 😆 I can’t believe you won so much, well done! If you ever want any of the Nintendo items, feel free to ask. I just hoard them and sell them on ACC anyway and it’d be nice to give some away to friends. 🙂
    Sorry I had to leave after the WiFi crash, it was pretty late in England and I had to be up at 6 in the morning. Good thing though – I’m on my summer holidays now which means 7 weeks of late nights and the odd lie-in here and there. 😆
    You’ve gotten three manikins?! Wow! I haven’t got a single one so far, I should probably start buying clothes and accessories for the sake of cataloguing them rather wearing them immediately or storing them for a special occasion or season.
    Melba! MELBA! You’re so lucky, I was hoping she was still in New Leaf. She’s still one of my favourite villagers but I agree, her new house style isn’t quite what it used to be. I’d probably be much more inclined to say I like it if Nintendo hadn’t thrown a picnic table in the middle of the room. 😐 Looks as though she’s still as sweet as ever though, I hope you can hold onto her! If not, you know who to contact when she’s packing up, huh? 😆
    the Good Samaritan badge? Hah! I’ll never get that. xD I always promise to do chores for villagers and then forget within five minutes. I’m a terrible mayor! What’s your thoughts on Phineas’ new role in New Leaf? I think it was a really smart move. In City Folk there was only ever a certain amount of balloons and pinwheels you could collect and within a few months of frequent play you’d have them all, and he’d be left with no purpose. The whole idea of badges is much more rewarding and isn’t something that can be completed quickly. Woo! Go Phineas! :3
    And you got the contact option! How?! You’ve progressed so much more than me! I prefer the grey although I think the blue might better suit Estel’s image at the moment. The dreamy, calming kind of appearance. Either look great though!
    As for the Cafe, I’m not gonna offer my opinion because… Well… I can’t even decide for my own town, let alone someone else’s. The one place I’m considering is obstructed by a villager’s house so the whole project’s on hold for the time being.
    Well, I’m gonna end this reply now because I think it’s length allows it to qualify as a novel. Speak to you soon! 😀

    • Thanks a lot for the fortune cookie and for the orange tulips, it was so kind of you! Feel free to let me know if you want anything 🙂
      Oh wow, you’re on summer vacation now? That’s awesome! I was wondering when that would happen for you. Have a great summer vacation! 😀
      I knooow, what’s with that picnic table? >_< And the mix of furniture just isn't really appealing for me… if they'd changed all the previously cabin furniture to the modern wood furniture, I'd be more okay with that, because I think the modern wood furniture has a cozy look to it that would suit Melba. But all the plain white furniture thrown in… 😕 Don't like it much! Maybe I can try to gradually modify her house; it's already got 2 new fish (lol, not necessarily an improvement), a poinsettia on the modern wood cabinet, and I bought the picnic table from her when I visited her house (muahaha)! 😛
      Yeah, I was surprised to get that badge because I also sometimes get requests that I can't follow up on, like rare bugs and fish that I don't feel like hunting down, or petitions that require out-of-towners to sign. But I guess I've at least done enough to get that badge ^_^
      I didn't play City Folk frequently for a long period of time, so I didn't get many of those balloons, pinwheels, etc. I'd say that I like both roles for Phineas, and I definitely don't mind the change for New Leaf. I always enjoy hearing what he has to say about the different badges he gives. He's so good-natured and well-spoken!
      I like the badge addition too 🙂 I probably won't go out of my way to collect all the badges, and just occasionally receive one as a surprise for things I naturally do in my game (like the Good Samaritan badge).
      I just got a haircut the same day that Shampoodle first opened, and then I think a week or so later the contacts unlock. 🙂 I guess me getting contacts before you is a continued effect of the different release dates for our regions. Thanks, I think I like the blue-gray better too!
      Haha, I can definitely relate to that! xP I'm glad that someone else out there hasn't built the cafe yet, it felt like I was the only one. Even now, I still probably won't rush to a decision. There actually used to be a villager house where I was thinking about building the cafe, but she was the first to move out of my town. So good luck, I hope the potential cafe spot in your town is freed soon! 🙂

  5. Mabel used to be in my first AC:WW town too! And yesterday, In AC:WW, i heard a sound while talking to a villager.A skittery sound.It was a tarantula.I Was just about catch it and it bit me

  6. Wow that’s a lot of WiFis! Haha, that’s a crazy glitch xD It’s like the one for glitching onto the cliff tops and buildings’ roofs, but I thought they removed that for the Western release 😛
    I haven’t gotten a single mannequin 😮 Do you get them from buying a lot at the Ables’? I (think I) talk to them every day. Maybe you can get one more from Gracie 🙂 I wish you could customise them; I’ve only seen black ones and they look a bit spooky sometimes. I thought I noticed a dialogue change with Labelle too when leaving the shop recently ^^
    Hooray for Melba!! You got her so quickly this time 😀 Maybe you can help her get her cozy candy room back 🙂 Will you be keeping her for a while? You made good use of the butterfly tour ^_^ The area outside Estel’s house looks great! To me the fountains look “grand” rather than “official” :P, but statue fountains would look just as nice once they get requested. Estel also looks very nice with the blue contacts! I especially like the subtler blue-grey ones with her current hair and outfit.
    Lol, I got bitten by my first tarantula last night. I caught one without a fuss in my old town, but it looks like it won’t be that way this time 😛
    Personally I prefer having the Roost in the little nook (and that’s where I ended up putting mine!), because of the two advantages you listed: it’s a scenic location for the lovely little cafe building and it allows the town hall and Lyra’s home more space. Depending how far back you set it, you could also still have a little park in front of it ^^ It’s just my opinion though! Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    • Yeah, I practically buy out Ables’ everyday for the sake of cataloging things. Ryann said that the last one’s from Gracie, so I guess I still have one more to go 😛 Haven’t seen Gracie yet in this game, but I guess she’ll show up at some point. I think a wooden color would be good for the mannequins, wish you could take them to Cyrus for that!
      That was my thinking too, maybe eventually I can try to restore her house to a similar style it was before. 🙂 It might be difficult with the carpet and wallpaper, though. I think starting with City Folk those items became rare exclusives to GracieGrace. I plan on at least keeping her for a long time, but if one day I can’t convince her to stay (like what happened to Choco with Tia), it wouldn’t be the end of the world since she’s still in Dafdilly.
      Haha, good luck with catching the tarantula! I already caught one for the museum, but I still go after ones I see for the chance to get quick bells. Sometimes it doesn’t work out, but I did successfully catch one just the other day ^_^ I still need a scorpion…
      Thanks a lot for the input on the cafe! It’s true that I would try to make that nook in the river a lovely flowery place even if the cafe is there 🙂

  7. Am I, like, the only person that’s never before had a rainbow in my town? :p

    Well, as you can see, I’m back from my lovely hiatus of blogging and blog-commenting. Summer school demands your LIFE for those 18 days. As for The Roost input, I’m thinking Option 1 (seeing as I suggested it and all xD) because even if you were to put a garden there, there’s probably going to be a lot of traffic through there and the grass wouldn’t grow. :s But that’s just me.

    Actually, unlike everyone else, I seem to be getting new PWP suggests almost daily. Unfortunately, they’re mostly things I would never include in Miagen, like the caution sign and the yield sign, etc. HOWEVER, Bluebear gets it, because she suggested to me, within a week of each other, an illuminated heart and an illuminated clock. 😀 I was thinking that they might be too flashy at first, but I changed my mind. In the end, I demolished my fence and made a small park area out of the area with the illuminated things!

    Also, you expressed interest before in coming to see Miagen sometime, right? I will be free in the evenings this coming week (except Monday, I think) so maybe we can arrange a meeting? 🙂 I purposely kept Miagen’s paths out of my newest blog post because there’s been a lot of construction and improvement on those recently. 😉

    • Aww, hope you get a rainbow soon!
      I understand, I’ve taken summer classes before as well and they can be pretty intense (sometimes even more so than regular classes since it’s like a regular class crammed into such a short amount of time)!
      Thanks for the input on the cafe! 🙂 Yeah, if I were to put a garden there, I’d probably have to set up a little path so that I can keep the grasswear to a minimum. And if I put the cafe there, I’ll probably set up a dirt path to that too 🙂
      Augh, lucky! And I guess unlucky at the same time 😛 But if they’re requesting a lot, that means they’re bound to request something you want soon! Ooh, that illumination park must be soo pretty 🙂 Can’t wait to see it, and the new paths! And I’d love to visit Miagen, those times sound good! Feel free to set the day that works best for you 🙂

  8. Aww, you’re getting on so amazingly well in your town! I still have to get persimmons and cherries, and I need them, as I can’t go ahead with some of my landscaping if I don’t have them. I’ve been cutting down almost every tree in town. It’s boring. And my villagers are just plain teasing me, asking for PWP I’ll never, ever want. I don’t think Odysseus would get a solar panel, parabolic anntena or caution sign. Oh, well.
    Wow, that’s a ton of WiFis. We could try again next week, but only try three times, otherwise we’ll just be wasting our lives away. If it doesn’t work, I’m going to glare at the router until it does. So, how ’bout the…what date’ll that be? 27th at 7pm your time, 3pm mine? Or is my math wrong? (School’s been finished a while now, and I need constant stimulation or my brain turns to mush.) So, yeah. Just I’ll go to your town – Ogygia’s a huge mess at the moment.
    You got your favourite! That’s so great, congrats! I have one of my favourites, Daisy, but I adore Kiki, who was my first-ever best friend. Bob is universally adored. It’s kind of strange the way everybody loves him.
    Estel’s pathway looks beautiful, and I think that the fountains work great, anyway. It looks a little like a Japanese player’s town, which is great, considering they got the game, like, a billion years before us (At least, that’s how it felt when waiting). Speaking of Japanese towns, have you visited Aika in the Dream Suite? I did recently. It’s meant to be a horror town, but I have a weird streak in me that made me laugh at the whole thing. I don’t know the Dream Address, but it’s easy enough to Google. Oh, and Daisy told me she’d had a dream about you. She said you were a happy tourist. Well, all right then.
    I like Café option 1. I think cafés should be relaxing places, and while it might be entertaining to sit and watch the world go by in #2, sipping coffee while watching villagers fish and all would be better. Obviously, you can’t REALLY see out the windows, but treating the game like it’s another layer of reality helps sometimes. As for the garden thing, it’s not like that nook’s the only bit of river in your town. You just have to be resourceful and all that, like see the small cranny or whatever by your first lake? You could do a little there. My café’s being built almost IN the lake by my waterfall. Seriously, there’s only one space between it and the water. But it looks cool and unique.
    I haven’t been bitten by a scorpion or tarantula yet. I felt very smug when I caught them without a bite.
    I love how you play so early in the morning! Sometimes, I mean to do that, but I don’t fall asleep for some reason until late, so it’s 9 am when I actually wake up. I’m disgusted with myself.
    I don’t think I have anything else to say. Hope we can Wifi (And it works).

    • Thank you! Though I still have a lot of work to do on my town before I’m happy with it, and it often gets messy while I’m working (with flower bags, saplings, and fruit baskets littered all over the place, plus all the flower storage I have on my beaches). I have a lot of tree work to do as well, lining the paths and such. I’m kind of dreading starting the process of axing and re-planting trees because I don’t even know if I have enough saplings and fruit to finish. I have cherries and persimmons, I’ll be sure to give some to you when we WiFi! 🙂 (And if it works!) Btw, I think you’re 5 hours ahead of me, so that would be 2 PM my time (which is still fine!).
      Haha yeah, Bob is very popular! I think it’s because of the lazy look on his face, matching his lazy personality, and a lazy cat in AC is endearing since cats in real life can be pretty lazy. 😛 (That was a lot of the word “lazy” o_o) Aww, I’m glad you’ve gotten Daisy! And funny that she remembered happy tourist dream-Estel, haha 😀
      I haven’t been to Aika village yet, partly because it seems like it requires a bit of a time investment (reading up on the back-story and translations, and all the mazes and clues inside), and partly because I don’t think I would have the intended emotional reaction. I’m not easily scared by things that I know to be fictional, like books, movies, etc., and certainly don’t think I will be spooked by anything I see in an Animal Crossing town, no matter how cleverly it’s laid out. But if I did visit, I’m sure I would appreciate all the hard work that went into creating a town just for the sake of a dream, and for telling a story for others to enjoy! And the haunted aesthetic of the town looks interesting too — maybe not the way I would want a town of mine to look, but it’s unique and appealing in its own sort of way.
      Thanks for the input on the cafe, I really appreciate it! 🙂 Having your cafe so close to the waterfall must be a beautiful location! I couldn’t do that, though, I have a rock near there. >_<
      Fingers crossed for the WiFi! 🙂 I'll try to tidy up my town before then, haha. xP

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