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My last post covered the beginning of September, and this one doesn’t catch up to the present date yet, but goes up till the end of September. I accomplished a few changes to my town I’m happy with, like the moving of one of my character’s houses, and getting a new dream neighbor moved in!

To start off, some farewell shots with Violet’s house in its original location near the waterfall:

I decided I wanted to move Violet’s house to a new location (despite the fact that I’d made decent progress on it) because I felt it was too close to Estel’s castle, which has a long regal entrance. And then on the opposite side of this long regal entrance was Violet’s humble little cottage… it just seemed out of place. And I thought Violet’s house would be more fitting in a nook in the river by the town tree instead, since I’d like the area around the town tree to be like a forest.

Map showing the old location and the new location:

I had to start over in collecting house parts and paying off loans, but I got her house back to how I like it fairly quickly. 🙂

However, I ran into some problems in placing Violet’s house exactly where I wanted it to be in its new location. Apparently where I wanted it to be was too close to the plaza:

How is this too close? 👿

So I had to settle for putting Violet’s house here:

This location is a bit closer to the river than I wanted it to be. I’m still a bit bummed about it, but maybe having it so close to the river makes it feel more cozy? Trying to be positive here! xP

I’ve worked on the interior some as well, updating the main room into a proper kitchen.

Anyway, onto other things…

New badge! Wandering about in various dream towns can be very relaxing, I’ve been enjoying it a lot lately.

I was short on bells (after spending so much on Violet’s house expansions) and didn’t feel like beetle hunting, so I harvested all my perfect apple trees and took the fruit to Bywater to sell (which has cherries as its town fruit, and the Bell Boom ordinance), and I made over a million bells! 😯 I hadn’t ever done this before because I didn’t want dead trees, but I was able to do this a few more times without any perfect apple trees dying! And I guess I shouldn’t let dead trees deter me too much, I can always plant more in their place.

Finally Gracie shows herself! It seems like everyone else is much further along than me with the fashion checks (which you need to pass four of in order to get the Emporium).

Not the best outfit, but it got the job done. She gave me a sweets bed as a reward. (Pleeeaaase come back soon!)

How dare you. This was a lead-in to a request for a sea bass, which I did not help her with! xP

New paintings in the museum:

These are all considered post-impressionism, one of my favorite art movements!

I like that there seems to be some organization to the exhibit.

Lucky moved out recently, and I decided to put him up on one of those “adoption” sites for the first time. I’m hoping to maybe get some of my dream neighbors this way, so it feels right to also let some of my neighbors become others’ dream neighbors.

Not the most exciting event item…

Hmm, it looks the same as it always does when it’s full, wouldn’t you say, Biskit? xP

A menacing scarecrow 😛 That reminds me, I unlocked the scarecrow PWP a while back, maybe I could put it (temporarily) somewhere in town to decorate a bit for Fall. I don’t think I have the time or energy to do a full town re-vamp for Fall (or Halloween), though.

The town hall with the Autumn moon.

When I caught up to the September Bug-Off — which I’d completely forgotten about — it was daytime in my game but nighttime in real life, so it occurred to me that I could go to Club Tortimer to catch some palm tree beetles for the Bug-Off.

While I was on the island, I had my first social experience on Club Tortimer. Before, all the people I ended up on the island with were silent (or in a few cases, left once I arrived 😛 ), but Marilyn struck up a conversation and even invited me over to her town.

In her town, she offered to give me some perfect pears! 😀 Pears get a bad rap in the AC community for some reason, but I think the perfect golden ones are beautiful!

She has a fairytale-ish castle as well! And unlike mine, every single room was expanded to full size! o_o Thanks a lot to her for letting me look around her town, and for the perfect pears! ^_^

As usual, I won the Bug-Off… a bit ho-hum at this point.

After WiFing with my dad recently, his old neighbor Phoebe the phoenix moved to my town! I think she’s definitely my favorite Uchi as far as design goes, but since her house wouldn’t match my town’s theme/color scheme very well (and things like that bug me), I’ve decided on someone else as my dream Uchi (Paula). I’ll try to keep Phoebe as long as possible, though, and I’ll really enjoy having her in town! 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised by this comment because I don’t like many gyroids (at least for decoration), but lullaboids are indeed by favorite! I love the way they look and the piano-like sounds they make! ^_^

Opal’s time to move.

I’m happy that all the bushes I’ve planted here so far have grown! I might try to add a few more.

The bushes lead to…

Estel’s private hot spring! Though this was just me experimenting; I’m not sure if I’ll always have this hot spring here, because I think it could also go somewhere else. Maybe a fairytale bench could look nice here instead? Any suggestions? It’s right by the waterfall (where Violet’s house used to be), so it could potentially be a lovely little spot for a PWP or two.

Lastly, just some cute pictures with Melba 🙂

What I’m working on right now is resetting for Paula’s (who I managed to get a hold of recently) house plot to land in a good location. I’m being pretty picky about it since she’s hopefully a permanent neighbor, and I’m starting to wish that I’d spread out more PWPs across town for house-repelling purposes instead of aesthetic purposes. Definitely going to start focusing on that from now on, since it’s a pain to have to do the reset trick for this long. >_< Wish me luck!

EDIT: After a good deal of resetting, I finally got her house landed in a good spot!

It’s behind Colton’s house. I actually was hoping for it to be placed one space down, but that one space seemed too trivial of a thing to continue resetting for, especially since over 90% of the time, the house was nowhere near here. D: And I think this spot should be fine.

Welcome, Paula~ 😀

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21 thoughts on “Rest of September

  1. Congratulations on getting Paula so soon, and such a great location for her house! It really fits in well.
    Congrats too on nailing your first fashion check 😀 Wow I didn’t know she could give you exclusive furniture! I’ve only had Gracie once as well so far, and I swear she gave the hardest style possible (it was Modern), and I just passed xP
    How frustrating and worrying that you weren’t able to put Violet’s house where you wanted to. I don’t understand why other 😦
    Either way, Violet’s house looks great with the wisteria trellis out the front, and I envy your furniture arranging skills! The grand entrance to Estel Castle is getting more and more amazing too 😀  
    Woah, Phoebe: eek: If she ever moves accidentally, I’d love to have her ×D And lol, a green bear saying someone else looks like a sea bass… hmm 😛
    I’m always a bit nervous about visiting Club Tortimer because of the chance of meeting a troublemaker and also the fact that my main purpose of going there would be to check for exclusive items (which some people hate), but I hope there are more members out there like Marilyn! Club Tortimer was a great idea for the Japanese population, who are a polite, sensible bunch, but when it comes to the Western world, we’re not as reserved… It’s always great to hear about good experiences on the island ^_^

    • Thanks, I’m glad you think so 🙂 I’m sorry I didn’t end up taking your Paula (that would’ve been cool), but I saw she was available recently and couldn’t resist.
      Oh, I thought she always gave exclusive furniture, she didn’t for you? I was hoping for something Princess-themed, but the sweets bed is cute too!
      Yeah, I don’t know why the requirements of building things near the plaza are so picky. 😦 I would’ve thought the requirement was two spaces away like usual, and where I planned for Violet’s house to be was three spaces away. I also tried to see if I could build a hot spring underneath the waterfall (which is near my town tree), but she said that was too close to the plaza as well. I’m guessing the requirements for building things near the plaza is four spaces away.
      Thank you! I like the wisteria trellis leading straight to the door instead of being behind the house like it was in its old location. 🙂
      Sure, I’ll let you know! 😀 I don’t plan on her being a permanent neighbor, but hopefully she sticks around for a little while. My dad didn’t want her to move out in the first place, so it’d be nice if she was still around in some form, especially with someone I know instead of a stranger from AC:NL Adopt. 🙂 The exterior of her house doesn’t match well with my town, but it isn’t bad-looking or anything. It’s red, so it might look especially nice in yours! The only problem is the interior of her house, lol. My dad sells lots of random stuff to his neighbors at Re-Tail so it’s really messy. I’ll try to fix it, though!
      Yeah, I’ve heard some horror stories about Club Tortimer from forums and tumblr and stuff. I like to think that anything a random online stranger like that says to me wouldn’t affect me, but the possibility of trolls does make me less eager to go there. I really want some of the Club Tortimer exclusives as well, but I haven’t been doing many island tours lately, so I’d have to collect some medals first.. I have like 3 right now, or something xP

      • Lol, the day after I wrote that about Gracie, surprise surprise, you know what happened 🙄 It was a sweets chair 😛 Maybe she only gives you what’s in season.

        Oh I mean you and your dad get first choice of course! I wouldn’t want to take her away if your dad still wanted her back, and for me it’s not that important to get Phoebe, since I haven’t figured out my dream neighbours nor worked out a permanent housing solution 😆 She’s just an awesome and unique new character design :mrgreen:

        Thanks for inviting me over to your town! Every visit there at sunset is such an experience and I just have to stop and soak in the colours x3 Btw maybe we were responding to different things but I was serious when I said a person came out of the fairy-tale clock 😮 I’m sure you’ve seen it by now though xP

        • Yeah, I’d guess that too. My dad got a Gracie desk at his first fashion check, but that was back around summer-ish, I suppose.
          Oh, it isn’t a big deal, she wasn’t his favorite neighbor or anything. He was just a little disappointed, though she sent her picture attached to her goodbye letter, so that made it better. 🙂 And I don’t think it’s realistic for him to ever get Phoebe back because he’d have to cycle through 16 different neighbors before the game would allow Phoebe to move in again, and he never purposefully lets anyone move out. It’s very possible he might never cycle through 16 villagers xP So yeah, I’ll let you know if she packs up! 🙂
          Really? I’ve never seen anything come out of the clock o_o I’ve waited to watch it at the turn of the hour, too, I guess I’ll try again and pay closer attention!
          Thanks for coming over, and for all your gifts, especially the surprise holly starts! 😮 I was planning on re-doing a part of Estel’s hedge, and I was dreading having to re-collect the holly starts, so this helps a ton! 😀

          • Woah I didn’t know about that 16-villager cycle! 😯 I feel like that would take me forever, too o_o I’ll be extra careful not to let any favourites go by accident now xP

    • Haha, I’m sure she’s not programmed to follow you more than other characters are.
      I guess just like one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, one person’s hated villager can be another person’s dream villager. I’ll enjoy having her in my town, while hopefully she can move out of yours soon ^^

        • You can believe whatever head canon you choose to believe, but in official Animal Crossing canon, Paula is a female character. The Uchi characters are all female, and Paula is a girl’s name. Good job with getting her to move out of your town! But she is still in mine, and I like her, so I’d appreciate if you refrain from leaving more negative comments about her on my blog.

          • Oh, Paula left my town today, Yay! Since sometimes, when villagers move out of a town, they move in somewhere else , so keep an eye out for Paula. I hope you enjoy time with her!

          • Amy, I went the your dream town yesterday, and chopped all the trees down to look for tree signs. I found 3, well;
            1. would you like me to post it so you can chop those trees down?
            2. would you go to my dream town and chop all the trees down too?

            • Thanks for taking the time to do that! But I’ve done some testing on this and learned that each tree is not ‘destined’ to produce a certain marking. Depending on what kind of axe you use, when you chop down a tree, it has a chance of being a non-marked stump, or a variety of different marked stumps. Regular axes and golden axes produce marked stumps rarely, but silver axes always produce marked stumps, so I recommend using the one I gave you if you want some special stumps. 🙂 And if you really want a specific stump in a certain place (and don’t mind kind of “cheating” a bit), you can save the game, axe the tree down (with a silver one), see what kind of marking it has, and reset and try again until you get the marking you want.
              Another thing to keep in mind is that the possible stump markings vary depending on what kind of tree it is.
              Patterns on regular oak/fruit tree stumps: Butterfly, Citrus, Crazy Redd logo, Heart, Triforce, X
              Patterns on pine tree stumps: Animal Crossing logo, Cat face, Clover (rare), Flower, Music note (rare), Star

  2. Wow – I would be so angry about Violet’s house!
    Also wow about your kitchen! Looking really good! ^ ^ We need to get together soon! I have lots of blue and alpine furniture chilling on the ground in my town for you!!
    Congrats on the paintings in your museum! I’m really slacking with fishing and bug catching for my museum, it’s sad. 😦
    OMG the adoption center is an awesome idea! I had no idea it existed! Dream villagers would be so easy to get!!
    Aww, I had a chance to get Phoebe recently, too! Though, I had 10 people when she camped in my town, so I had to say goodbye, but that’s just my luck these past few weeks. I’ve even had GOLDIE camp in my town! She’s like your MELBA!! My favorite Animal Crossing character ever, and I had to watch her leave the next day. 😥 I was SO mad, but I’m sure you’ll hear about it in an upcoming post on my blog. ;)I just hate that you don’t have any control when your town’s full and someone you like camps for the day, you know?!
    If only my Opal would follow in your footsteps and moooovve! Seems like she really likes Shantaki. >,<
    I think it'd be a good idea to put in a little relaxation area, or something, where you put your hot spring! The only problem with having the spring there is that it's about the same size as the fountain, and it's on the same line as the fountain, and that bugs me. 😛

    • I was angry at first, and I’m still a bit bummed about it 😦 But hopefully I can still make the area around her house a nice forest-y part of town.
      Oh yeah, I definitely am too! D: I’ve hardly fished or bug-catched at all lately! Part of it’s just laziness/time constraints, and wanting to focus on other things, but another reason is grasswear… I’m trying to clear up dirt patches, and running around trying to catch bugs, and walking lap after lap around the river, would probably do a lot of damage to my grass.
      Yeah, it’s an awesome idea and resource! There are also trade threads and auctions that go on on sites like Animal Crossing Community and the Bell Tree Forums, but I don’t have millions to spend on villagers, or many popular villagers to trade with. My most popular was probably Lucky, and I didn’t realize how popular he was until I put him up for “adoption” — got so many requests for him! o_o
      Awww, I’m sorry 😦 I don’t have the campsite, but I’ve heard that can be such a disappointment! I’ve even heard of people not checking the campsite at all when their town is full, so they don’t even have to know what they’re missing out on. Also, I don’t know if you know this already, but you can do the same reset trick that you do for looking for house plots with looking for campers. You can start up your game with a new character, check to see if there’s a tent (there won’t always be one), and see who’s inside. If you don’t like them, you can reset and try again. But that’s probably too much trouble, hehe.
      Hope she moves out soon! Some of my neighbors are strangely reluctant to move as well, like Robin who’s been here since day 1. o_O
      Yeah, I’m not crazy about the hot spring being there because it doesn’t seem like something you’d find in an elegant garden (which is what I’m gonig for with Estel’s entrance). So I’ll experiment with other things that might be fitting. I like the idea of it being a nice place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, that’s a good way to put it 🙂
      I hope we can WiFi soon as well! Feel free to let me know whenever you’re free 🙂

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