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Prepare for a long post! 🙂 The end of November brought the Harvest Festival and Fishing Tourney, a WiFi with a new friend, the end of a castle’s home loan, lots of redecorating and gardening, the scenery of late Fall, and Citàlune’s first snow.

November 16th was the second fishing tourney, and this time I didn’t win first place for a change! I was impressed by my neighbors’ performance; they aren’t usually this competitive! I wasn’t extremely motivated for this tourney, and I only got a few exclusives. I’ll have to put forth more effort in the future! >_>

The fishing tourney had the added benefit of forcing me to go fishing and catch some new types, earning me a new badge! I’m not good about fishing and bug-catching often these days…

Ahh, this made me really happy to get to sit with Melba in her house! ❤

Just thought this was a cute outfit.

Violet and Lyra with complete emotion books

Violet and Lyra have complete emotions now, and Lyra got us another golden axe! 😀 They’ve also both unlocked refurbishing capabilities and the QR machine. I’m proud of the progress they’ve made. ^_^

I WiFied for the first time with someone I’ve been in contact with for a while, Lilli (Virtus from Sidus in-game)! 🙂 She started an AC blog, so feel free to check it out!

Ahh cool, she has Carmen! 🙂 Not my Carmen, though, of course.

Aww 😥

After looking around her town and catching some mole crickets, we went to my town:

Haha 😆 It’s too bad the sky was so cloudy, and the lighting so dull!

She really wanted to meet Biskit, so we went on a hunt for him and found him in the Emporium browsing the music albums. It’s always kinda sweet for me to see someone who really loves a villager that isn’t uber-popular. ^^ All the villagers deserve some love and fans!

We also browsed my museum a bit. It grew a lot over the summer but its progress has probably stalled some since then, ah well. Thank you for the WiFi, Lilli! 🙂

Hehe, finally! I feel like everyone else probably accomplished this a long time ago 😛 But it took me a while since I have a bad habit of dropping stuff on the ground. (I hoard lots of bushes and saplings for future landscaping projects, so my storage space is constantly an issue!)

I went from having a single golden watering can, an extremely kind gift months ago from Teru, to now having 5! 😯 (Was able to get one with each of my characters!)

I tried out roses instead of lilies and violets around my fountain (with the same color pattern as before), but strangely didn’t like it as much! So I changed it back to the lilies and violets.

Ahh, this was a pretty sight to behold as I walked out my door one day! ❤ The holly bushes have started to bloom, and for now they have white berries, matching the flowers I have around Estel's castle. 🙂 (I know that it won't last long, though. They'll turn red later.)

I was inspired by the white holly berries to make a marble tile pattern real quick to cover up the dirt paths in Estel’s gardens, and also to change my outfit 😛 :

At first I arranged the tiles in a spaced fashion in an attempt to make them look like stepping stones, but then I tried filling in the spaces and decided I liked that better, I think:

Which do you prefer: spaced-apart or filled-in tiles? ❓

In other news, I’ve been working hard (harvesting fruit, mostly) to make Lyra’s house completely expanded and debt-free! 😀

That means a lot, coming from you! 😉

And the next morning:

Haha, having Lyle at the doorstep felt like old times in Wild World, when he’d hang around your house on Saturday mornings. But he’s not here for insurance sales, he’s here to give me information about the HHA Theme Challenge, which is available to those who expand their houses completely and pay off all their debt. The challenge involves both evalulations on the exterior house and on how well the entire house (all the rooms and the exterior together) matches a certain theme of your choice.

I went with the Fairy Tale theme challenge, of course!

A few days later there was another pretty sight to behold, Citàlune’s first snowfall! 😀

I talked to some of my neighbors, but they didn’t seem as excited. 😛

Sitting under the tree in the snow, which has now lost all its leaves.

I wish I could’ve played in the snow longer, but felt I should continue moving on with my TT-catch-up process…

The Harvest Festival is here! 😀

Somehow the job fell to Estel to collect ingredients for the whole town’s dishes, so she was forced to get her hands dirty and get fishing, and suffer some bee stings. (Honey from a beehive was one of the ingredients 😛 )

But we got all the dishes done in the end! 🙂 From left to right, they are: a mixed salad, fruit soup, sautéed sea bass, and cherry pie.

Overall it was a cute, fun event — especially at first! But it got a little frustrating towards the end to get the last few ingredients, and because my neighbors kept requesting barbel steeds (they seemed hard to find for me).

And I’m very glad to have some more food items for Estel’s dining hall: a fruit basket and a cornucopia! 😀 I also made sure to collect some of the ingredients like milk, butter, sugar, and especially lots of vinegar. No, I’m not going to leave the vinegar on the floor of Estel’s dining hall like this. xP I have plans to use it for Fern’s house in the future! I want her house to have an old inn/tavern feel to it (Fern’s Tavern? 😛 ), and I think having some of these bottles scattered on cabin tables or something will help add to the feel I want.

I put some milk, butter, and sugar together with pumpkin pie on Violet’s kitchen table — ahh, sounds yummy!

You probably noticed I’ve changed her main room around a bit:

I changed it to something a little more cozy and cottage-like. But I’ll probably continue messing around changing her house for a while to come, so this isn’t necessarily permanent.

Megan and Liam came over for a little while during the Harvest Festival as well! I really enjoyed having you both over, and thanks so much for the wonderful gifts!! ❤

Wow, I completed the HHA Challenge in like one day, and earned all the golden HHA parts available! xD

But the golden roof is the only one I’m interested in, so I just put an order in for that.

Lyra also got a gold badge from Phineas, and a golden house model and gold trophy in the mail, for her efforts in impressing the HHA.

I’m really happy with how the gold roof turned out! It’s not yellow anymore, but legit gold!

I decided to immediately get rid of the boring rooms I had set up for the HHA Theme Challenge and get to work on some new rooms! 😀

Since Estel’s castle has side rooms that focus on living/health essentials (dining hall: eating, bath-house: bathing), I thought I’d make many of the rooms in Lyra’s castle focus instead on luxuries, arts, and entertainment. I’m pretty satisfied with how it’s turned out so far! Much happier with the new rooms than the HHA-approved ones, at least. >_>

Main room:

What it is: An entrance hall, with a few attempts to reference the sun imagery I’d like to associate with Lyra’s castle. (The palace tile has a sun-like symbol on it, and the golden clock reminds me of the sun as well.)
Future changes: If possible, in the future I’d like to replace the sapphire furniture with pieces from the golden series instead (golden tables and a golden bench).

Back room:

What it is: A throne room, with many stained glass windows, stained glass lamps, and jewel furniture.
Future changes: Might one day want to replace the gold and silver modern chairs with actual thrones. Also might continue contemplating the wallpaper/flooring, but I think the mosaic wall & tile is the best option there is, to be honest. :/

Left wing:

What it is: A music hall with mostly classical instruments (didn’t want to put stuff like metal guitars in here).
Future changes: maybe none?

Right wing:

What it is: A performance hall for theater, dance, etc. For this stage set-up, I had A Midsummer’s Night Dream in mind, haha.
Future changes: Well, in the future I might just completely scratch this room, since it’s probably too hard to get the feel of a believable theater…


What it is: Lyra’s bedroom, which is appropriately filled with gold and luxurious items.
Future changes: Might add some odd knick-knacks here and there as I collect them, I dunno.


What it is: A library
Future changes: A pretty huge change I want to make is that I plan on replacing the carpet and the furniture with gorgeous-series items. And I guess those should be available at my town’s GracieGrace pretty soon! 🙂

In addition to the changes I made to Lyra’s rooms, I also made a change to one of Estel’s rooms, the basement. Before it was a white rococo library, but since Lyra’s castle has a library now, having two seems a little redundant. Now it’s a chapel:

I felt a little unoriginal doing this since I’ve seen quite a few people with chapel-style rooms, but obviously it’s a very beautiful sort of room to have, so it appeals to many people. 🙂 And I think that my furniture, carpet, and wallpaper choices were still my own and not based off others’.

I’ve worked on improving the entrance and flower arrangements in front of Lyra’s castle (to better match the sun theme), but can’t finish it until Biskit’s house is gone.

…Which might be soon, actually!

Well, feel free to follow your dreams Biskit! No hard feelings, but your house is in a bad spot. 😛

Is anyone interested in having Biskit, by the way? (Lilli?) It’s okay if no one is, I’ll just put him up on AC:NL Adopt as usual. ^_^ Biskit’s been taken now!

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45 thoughts on “End of November

  1. YES! Fern becomes an own house, I’m so happy! 😀 I really love Fern, she’s cute and speaks german, and she was the first one I talked with in my dream about your town. Also I’m really happy to see she’s not longer a vagabond. 😀
    From the harvest festival I have kept milk, butter, flour and sugar, so if I expand my house a little bit more I can bake a cake. It’s such a cute festival, isn’t it? 🙂
    I have to say that I really love Violets house! I love all of your houses, you worked so hard on everything and I really like it that you take the game so seriously. The ballett room is so cute. Is she dancing Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”?
    You have so awesome and creative ideas and everytime I read your blog, I become more fun to play AC: NL 🙂
    And congratulations to the golden roof and golden watering can. Arwh, God it happens so much in so less weeks, it’s amazing! 😀

    • Ah I hope I didn’t mislead you! Because as of right now, Fern still lives in a tent. Until I get all my dream neighbors, I need to have a character to do the villager house reset trick, you see. 🙂 But I do plan on building up a sort of rustic tavern/inn for Fern’s house once I get all my dream neighbors, and I really look forward to it! 😀
      Those items would look so cute together in a bakery or a kitchen, with some birthday cakes or something nearby! ^_^ I agree, and I’m really impressed by the holidays in New Leaf in general! A lot of these holidays were in the GameCube version and City Folk as well, but they weren’t as detailed back then. In the Harvest Festival for AC:GC, for example, all you had to do was fetch from silverware from the table for Franklin (to protect him from being eaten). Getting to help cook a feast is just so much more involved and interesting than that!
      Aww, thank you very much, I appreciate the kind words! x3 I’m glad you like the rooms! 🙂 Swan Lake and other ballets crossed my mind, but I figured the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream would be fitting since a lot of it takes place in the woods (represented in the room by all the tree standees).
      Haha yeah, it seems like a lot more accomplishments and things happened than usual in this particular update 😛 And thank you! 😀

      • Ah I thought you are searching for a new house challenge after your whole houses are ready. But I can wait and I’m excited to see what you did with Ferns Tavern. 😀
        It’s reallx hard to get your dream neighboors. Mine are for an example Chrissy and Francine, they are supercute, but everybody think like me! And on the adoption sides nobody want to give them away so I have to wait until they camp in my town. But I hope we 2 can collect all our dream neighboors. 🙂
        I’m planning for my house a bakery who makes wedding-cakes, because my town has a little romantic touch and I think it will be cute. For now I’m trying to surprise Gracie so I hope I will become the wedding-cake soon. 😀
        On a sleepless night a few month back I was reading your GC entries and I was surpries how similiar the festivals are. My favourite things from the GC version are now in New Leaf, like the little iglo in the wintertime, it’s supercute!

        • Well you are right in that, I am indeed looking forward to having a new challenge in house upgrading, house exterior decorating, and house interior decorating with Fern’s house. ^_^ It’ll just have to wait a bit because of my perfectionism in wanting my dream neighbors’ houses in certain places 😛
          Aww, I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your dream neighbors! I’ve had a few “easy” ones to get like Paula and Gloria, they aren’t very sought-after.. And I also have another gamecard that I’ve used to get villagers who are more popular, like Julian and Bruce, and I plan to transfer them over to Citalune when the opportunity arises. I’ll try to keep an eye out for Chrissy and/or Francine in my other town ^_^ (But don’t get your hopes up too much :/) And yeah, who knows, they may show up at your campsite soon! 😀
          Ahhh that room sounds adorable! x3 It’s too bad the wedding cake seems to be un-orderable, but I’m sure they pop up at the Emporium every now and then.
          I agree; there might be some things I don’t like about New Leaf, but the makers did a great job of bringing back many old characters and features from past games, from the city in City Folk, to the island, igloos, and train station in AC:GC 🙂 Aww, and I’m a bit touched that you even read my old boring AC:GC posts 😆

      • Not in the game (in the game, you can only “cook” with Franklin), but in real life those are some key ingredients ^_^ What she meant is that she could put those ingredients into one of her rooms and pretend that her character is baking 🙂

          • Oh I’m really sorry for making wrong hopes! Yes, it would be awesome if we could bake or cook in the came. Maybe in the next version?! 😀
            Chrissy and Francine are my only dream neighboors now. I have to check out more dream towns, for searching cute house styles and neighboors, but I don’t have so much time for it. But in my last New Leaf town Julian was the first visitor of my campsite so maybe I have the same luck in my new town. 🙂 And you are soo cute! Thank you for your help with my neighboors! And you have to come over to my town (if you like) in near future. It would be great! 🙂

            • Thats ok! true.. I’d love to eat fish. The only dream neighbours I have are Apple, Zell, Maple, Monty.. Basically my whole town apart from Peewee 😛 I helped you with your neighbours? I can’t remember, but your welcome. I don’t mind coming 🙂 I am kinda busy right now though. And thanks for saying I’m cute! I really appreciate that 🙂 I am so going to check out your blog! 🙂

  2. Wowww! I really love your town… I wanna visit it again.. 🙂 but for now, maybe not. xDD For the marbles.. I like the spaced one or if you like, you can choose the filled in one but the marbles have alternate colors or something? 😛
    I didn’t know Lyle comes to your house after completing your house debts.. 😮 (I didn’t finish mine because I don’t wanna add a back room.. xP) Congrats on completing so many accomplishments!! Hehe.. as always, Your town is very lovely and I love the houses and rooms! 😀 (I personally like the library one… maybe because i like the atmosphere they have in libraries.. xP) Good job on your town so far 😀

    • btw.. I have a question.. You won 3rd place on the fishing tourney,right?.. do they give you a bronze cup? 😛 I’m just wondering because I keep winning 1st place (or never participated at all) in bug offs and fishing tourneys back then.. It’ll be really cool to get a silver cup though.. ^____^

      • Aww, I hope we can again one day!! x3 Alternating tiles would be good! Right now I have no pattern slots available for another tile, but it’s something to keep in mind for the future, if more slots free up 🙂
        Haha yeah, I figured I’d have that conversation in Nook’s Homes, but he went out of his way to show up at my doorstep. xD I agree, the hole in the wall in the back of a main room can look bad sometimes, depending on the room. And thank you! 😀
        Yep, I got a bronze cup! That’s true, even though it always feels good to win, it also might be nice to collect all the different colors of trophies, and put them all in a trophy room or something 😛

  3. AAAAAHHHH, Lyra’s house is beautiful! It’s always so great to have finally completed a character’s house 😀 I can’t wait to see Citàlune in the Dream Suite now!
    Estel looks gorgeous as always 🙂 I really like her new hairstyle! It goes really well with her GracieGrace dress!
    I think I like your tiles when they aren’t spaced-out 😛


    • Thank you! 😀 I don’t think her house is 100% finished, but the basic layout of rooms I’d like to have is finished, and I can gradually improve the rooms over time. 🙂 Ahh, and I’m sorry, my dream hasn’t been updated since the gold trees update >_< I don't really like the color of the grass and trees right now, so I was planning to not update until snow covers the ground (I think I remember you did the same :P).
      I consider the long white hairstyle with the side-swept bangs Estel's default hair, but don't mind playing with new looks every now and then ^_^ I'm glad you liked it! 🙂 And thank you for the feedback about the tiles!

  4. Just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing to me the prospect of trading on TBT (because the thought hadn’t occurred to me before lol xD). I know what you mean now when you say that it’s totally worth it — just made a trade of epic proportions tonight when I pawned my complete golden cabana set for 2 million Bells, a twelve-grape plate, berliner, and New Year’s noodles!

    By the way, I mentioned it a couple weeks earlier, but Citalune is just so gorgeous. ❤ Such an inspiration, too. I also love the progress you're making with your other characters' houses, because progress on my other guys' is so sloooow~:)

  5. (Apologies for double-commenting! D:) Buuuut I figured out that there is no individual crab stew or chowder, so I got you your stewpot from an igloo camper. :] (Which can be customized to be either of those things, I believe.) Hopefully we can get together soon so I can repay you for your generous gift of hybrid pairs! 😀

    • Ah cool, you’re welcome! Wowww, that trade does sound epic! I’ve been wanting some of those region-exclusive food-related DLC too! I figure I’d better save up some more bells before I try to do a trade for them, though. Congratulations on getting those awesome items 😀 There are also trading opportunities at ACC if you’re interested in having another AC site and pool of users to trade with (maybe you’re already there!).
      Aww, thank you very much! x3 Miagen is very beautiful and inspiring as well, I still remember the last time I visited vividly! 🙂 Also thank you for going out of your way to get a stewpot for me, that’s very generous of you! That’s pretty cool it can be customized into different types of stew ^_^

  6. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for a bit and your town is AMAZING! 😀 And don’t change the theater–it is so cute! It’s such an original idea, I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else ^_^

    • Aww, thank you very much! x3 And thank you also for taking the time to comment! 🙂 I’m glad you like the theater! Your encouragement makes me feel better about it, maybe I’ll keep it for a while after all — unless some other better idea comes along ^_^

  7. Wow, Amy, your town looks wonderful! and I love all the work you’ve been putting into your houses! Hah I wish I had that kind of money though, I just recently spent 2mil to buy Pekoe from someone on Bell Tree. However, I’ve been trying to earn it back with trips to the island and selling ice furniture (which I highly suggest you do when winter rolls around in your town!) When you’re able to build snowmen, you should keep a snowmam in your town at all times so that you can collect snowflakes for her (make her perfect and you’ll only have to give 3) and then put ice furniture off to he side in your town and wait for your retail to sell furniture for lots. (the sign outside of retail) Then take them in full parties to Reese and she’ll pay 17,776 for each furniture!! (that’s approx 240,000 per party full – 16 items) that’s how I do it!;)
    Also, I think you should keep your tiles spaced out on your statue garden outside Estels house 🙂 it’s really too bad about the holly bushes in this game – their bloom season is so short! like maybe 20days in total if even! cos then everything just gets covered up with snow. Curious question, what type of bushes are the bushes surrounding he rest of the garden? Wondering what it will look like in bloom. 🙂
    Ahh lucky! The harvest festival looks like so much fun! I missed it in my game and I’ll be kicking myself for that until next November. 😦

    • Thanks! ^_^ Woww you can really make all that off selling ice furni? 😮 I’ve already got some extras of the ice set in my second NL town, so I’ll definitely consider selling that stuff…though I always have trouble selling non-orderables, I’m such a pack-rat!
      Aww, and that’s so great about Pekoe, she’s a cutie and should match your town pretty well! 🙂
      Thanks for the feedback about the tiles! It’s funny, I think overall the feedback is about even for both sides xD
      It’s a bummer the holly berries can’t be seen at all underneath the snow! You can still see some of the holly-shaped leaves, so it wouldn’t have hurt to add a few red berries here and there, would it?
      Oh, all of the bushes in Estel’s garden are holly! I picked it because it seemed like a nice “neutral” bush to have year-round. I kind of wanted the bushes to give off a hedge feeling, not necessarily be super flowery and colorful year-round. But maybe when the hydrangeas are in bloom I could try out blue ones, that might look nice!
      Aw, I’m sorry you missed it 😦 But hey I’m sure we’ll be experiencing all these events again before we know it~

  8. You have done a wonderful job designing your town! I find the layout very inspiring. I need to get back into AC:NL. I hope that no one has moved.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    • Well I have two copies of the game, which I take advantage of to make more money. Like selling perfect apples from Citalune in my second town, which has perfect cherries as its town fruit along with the Bell Boom ordinance. (And selling perfect cherries from my second town in Citalune.) I can also take advantage of it with turnip prices and stuff. 🙂

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