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First, I’m just going to say that I’m abandoning all pretense that my goal is to catch up to the present in New Leaf as soon as possible. I don’t want to feel stressed and rushed when I play AC; I want to go at a pace I find enjoyable. 🙂 If that means my town’s still in winter when everyone else is in spring, so be it. I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is just how I end up playing AC often these days, and to be honest, I don’t really mind my town not being on the correct date! And with that little announcement, I’m going to just jump in to the beginning of December in Citàlune: of new WiFis, new neighbors, and new sights of stunning auroras.

I opened my gates for a trade a while back, but the trader never came. Instead, CK stopped by! 🙂

After hanging out in my town a bit, we went to her town Bluebell.

Her town is really beautiful with tons of hybrids, it’s always such a pleasure to visit! While I was there CK even let me catalog a bunch of rare items and DLC — some unorderable (but still cool to have in your catalog) and some were orderable, like the capricorn ornament DLC! Thank you so much for everything, CK! 😀

I decided to use the capricorn statues in the newly re-made main room in Estel’s castle! I liked the rainbow screen/sky room that was here before, but felt like it had run its course, and I was ready for something new. And I think this new room better matches the feel/theme Estel’s castle is supposed to represent—the castle of the moon and all that.

Because I now have several lamps in the main room that give off blue light, the windows viewed from the outside have changed color as well! Before they were yellow, but now they’re an icy blue.

I also made a winter backyard/garden sort of room in Violet’s house — nothing too special, but I think it’s kind of cute!

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, it was time for Biskit to move away from Citàlune. I’m glad he’s gone to a great new home, Megan’s town Blossom! 🙂

Later on I got to see him again when I visited Blossom for the first time:

Happy to see you’re doing well, Biskit! 🙂

Megan’s town is coming along great so far! The azalea bushes look so lovely in bloom around this fountain! ^_^ Thanks for adopting Biskit and having me over, Megan!

After WiFing with Megan I found a new neighbor, Mitzi, in town! Well, I reset for her house plot to go in a half-decent spot for like 2 hours, so it wasn’t much of a surprise by the time I actually got to meet her. xP It’s a good thing I loaded with a new character that day; otherwise her house would’ve landed right in front of Lyra’s castle!

Mitzi’s definitely a cutie and I love hearing the town tune sung in meows! I’ll enjoy having her in town! ^_^

My first home-grown purple tulip! Grown when I was trying to get more orange tulips 😛

Another WiFi I had recently was with Jessica from Sandy! 🙂 We did a trade: her tweeter, various hybrids, and perfect cherries in return for my ice vanity, blue roses, and perfect apples.

After looking around some, we went to her town!

She taught me how to do the swimming glitch, which was pretty fun! Thanks for the WiFi and trade, Jessica! 😀

My neighbors have started thinking about what they want for Toy Day! Here’s what I know so far:

Paula – an appliance, but she also said something orange. So an orange appliance??
Melba – something black
Mitzi – gray furniture
Gloria – something green
Rod – something green
Charlise – something purple

The color-specific requests seem a little vague, like I’m not sure if they’d want clothes, furniture, wallpaper, or what. But yeah, hopefully I can figure out what they all want by Toy Day!

December also means that the Jingle series is available. It’s definitely a cute festive series!

And the gorgeous series as well, at GracieGrace! 😀 I haven’t bought the whole series (and I wonder if I should or not, since it’s so expensive), but I bought some pieces I thought would be fitting for Lyra’s library.

Melba gave me another copy of her picture! 🙂

Hehe, it’s about time! Julian’s been hanging out in my other town for a while now, and he finally packed up to get out of there! So it’s time to move him over to Citàlune.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get his house to go where I’d planned. This is where I wanted his house to go, marked by patterns:

I reset for this house location for a long time, but after a while, started to wonder if it was too close to the cliff to be possible. 😦 I think it’s impossible, and I’ll explain why using grids, since all stuff like this (house locations, PWPs, flowers, etc.) is placed on a sort of invisible in-game grid. Feel free to skip over this if you’re not interested, lol. But maybe it could be useful to someone else out there who plans house locations.

I visited a fair amount of dream towns after this to see if I could find a house close to a cliff/river bend that didn’t meet this clearance area, but all of them did. So I think my theory is correct, but I’ll keep an eye out for new info!

In the end I accepted a house location for Julian to the right of Henry’s house. It wasn’t my first choice but it should be fine.

Welcome to Citàlune at last, Julian! 🙂 He’s one of my dream neighbors I’m most excited about, since his appearance, house interior, and house exterior all seem so fitting for my town!

Ooh, a notice on the bulletin board for a large snowstorm!

I guess this is it! 😀

I built two new streetlights by the path to Lyra’s castle, and I envisioned taking a commemorative photo of them at 6 PM with the lovely sunset colors, but because of the snowstorm it’s already quite dark!

And of course, the next day my town was covered in a blanket of snow! :mrgreen:

That night I had a feeling there might be an aurora since the sky was clear, and I was right! Ahhh I love auroras, I was really looking forward to this! ❤ You can expect lots of gratuitous aurora pictures (and a dream update during an aurora) to come! 😛 (Gotta do a lot of re-landscaping, and maybe re-pathing, first though!)

Looks like Rod and I are becoming pretty good friends! ^_^

Yay, Carmen’s started appearing on Main Street! A face I don’t mind seeing again while doing my shopping 🙂

Henry moved out recently and I put him on one of the adoption sites as usual. The girl who adopted him was really nice and said he was one of her top dreamies, so I’m glad he went to a good home!

To replace him, I asked for a dream neighbor of mine, Bruce, to move in! 😀 (Like Julian, he’s from my other town.)

His house ended up exactly where Henry’s house used to be, and right next door to Julian. 🙂 Despite the house location drama I went into earlier, I think it’s turned out okay, since both their houses are bluish. I’ll try to make a nice garden of blue and white flowers around their houses over time.

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70 thoughts on “Beginning of December

    • Having two blue/silver thrones there might be cool to try one day (it would have to be two to fill that space), but I don’t even have a single regular throne, haha. Thanks for the suggestion, though! 🙂

  1. And also I have a villager that breaks the house placement theory. It could just be rare to have a villager really close to the cliff.

    • Do you mind providing a picture of the house, or your dream address so I can see?
      Btw I’m not saying that a house can’t be really close to the cliff (I have like 5 houses in my town that are as close as they can possibly be to the cliff). My spiel was more about how the front corner of a house can’t be wedged too close to where a cliff/river bends.

    • Awesome! Thanks 🙂
      All you have to do is upload the picture with WordPress, or a site like TinyPic, and then copy and paste the direct link to the image into the comment box. The link to the picture should start in http:// and end in .jpg

        • And thank you for taking the time to share your photo! 🙂
          I think that house actually does meet the clearance area requirement I hypothesized, since one could plant flowers on all the spots around the house that I marked with yellow squares on the grids.

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about Toy Day! You still sound like you’re pretty far away from it, so you’ll be perfectly fine 🙂 It’s really easy even if you don’t know exactly what everyone wants, since you can just give presents to the villagers who you know want a certain item and then rule out a bunch of presents that way!
    Oh, cool, you got Julian recently, too! He seems to be getting into a lot of house placement drama in people’s towns 😛
    Congratulations on finally seeing the aurora! I remember you said something about how much you wanted to see it in ACNL, so it’s great that you’re in a period of time where you can enjoy it in your town 😀


    • Oh okay, it’s good to know Toy Day isn’t terribly difficult or anything! Thanks for the info!
      I assume you got Julian recently as well then, and had house placement issues? xD He’s a cool neighbor — a blue unicorn with a pretty starry house, and “your song” (well, your blog’s namesake) Stale Cupcakes playing!
      Yeah, it was a special moment I was really looking forward to! 🙂 Hopefully there will be more to come, they don’t seem extremely rare (unlike the meteor showers, of which I still haven’t had a single one D:).

  3. Hiya, Amy! 🙂 I actually get so excited when I see that you’ve posted; Citàlune looks so brilliant. ^-^ Out of curiosity, have you planned all your dreamies yet? Or are you just playing it by ear for now? (If you’ve mentioned it before, then I apologize, I must have forgotten.) I have all my blue dreamies planned now: Bluebear, Julian and Kody (whom I have) and Yuka, Jeremiah, Hugh, Francine, Filbert, Skye, and Rosie whom I still need. 😀

    By the way, if you’re still in need of a stewpot, will you be on AC sometime today so I can come over (or you can come to me) and give you your stewpot? (If not today, then sometime this coming week, because I’ll be in France after that for 3 months!)

    • Awww, thank you so much, that’s really sweet of you to say! 🙂
      I have! But I haven’t really ever released them on here before because I was thinking it could be a surprise 😛
      Oh my goodness, your dreamies sound amazing!! The blue dream team we talked about in our last WiFi xD Good luck in getting them all! 😀
      Sure, that would be great! Thanks! Do you mind meeting in Miagen? (Citalune’s kinda messy right now >_<)
      And woww, France for three months, how exciting!!

      • Okay, I can come on any time now and open my gates. c: Just come over when you’re ready! (Also, Miagen’s under quite a bit of construction, so if it looks awkward, just… be warned. xD)

  4. I love your town! It is so pretty! I want to design a pretty town as well 🙂 I am still trying to get a town with a blue train station, a blue town hall, circle grass, and a south facing river, with preferably apples or cherries. I am also being super super picky about the location of the town tree (I don’t want it next to the train tracks or retail). Any tips for choosing a town and designing it? Oh btw, I’m the one who is naming their town after the Luna the moon cat in Sailor Moon, hence the name CitaLuna 🙂

    • Aww, thank you, I’m glad you like it! 🙂
      I remember you; I’m sorry you haven’t found the right town yet! I recommend that you just keep trying and don’t settle, because I don’t think those requirements are impossible to get or anything. The town you’re looking for will pop up eventually and then it’ll be very worth it! Tbh I wish I could’ve had as much patience as you back in June; there are some flaws I could’ve avoided if I had chosen to reset longer, probably. But I’ve grown to like my town nonetheless.
      As for designing it, I struggle with tips on this subject because there are so many vastly different town aesthetics one can shoot for, but none are necessarily better than the others, just different! So I might recommend just brainstorming about the look and feel you want your town to have, what pwps you want, what house exteriors you want, etc., and how to tie it all together cohesively. Once you find a town, I recommend taking it slow at first and not building a bunch of non-demolishable pwps before you’ve planned out your town. Over time after you’ve brainstormed and mulled over your thoughts and plans for a while, and have accumulated enough plants and pwp requests, you can start to put together your dream town!
      I’m sorry if that wasn’t very helpful, hehe, feel free to ask if you have more questions! 🙂

  5. Aww, you are plenty helpful! Thank you 🙂 It is hard to keep trying especially with classes keeping me so busy, but I try every night. I get a lot of side facing waterfall maps and I don’t even bother looking at those. I’ve gotten the circle grass, blue town hall and train station coloring a few times, but one of two things is always wrong. Either the tree near train tracks or retail (I hate that) or town hall is right by the cliff so I can’t do PWPs around it such as street lights or fountains (I want town hall to be fancy looking). I don’t think my requirements sound too unreasonable either (though getting the blue town hall and blue train station is tough) but I will keep trying! My dad always says that “Good things come to those who wait” 🙂
    I love the little area you have for your Estel’s house. I would like an area like that too for Lenore’s house, but then my landscaping would be more limited so it’s a toss up! I have a few ideas for my town. One is that I could make a fairytale old fashioned side of town and a futuristic side of town. Or I could just do fairytale theme. Or I could have each house be a different style (mansion, castle, eastern palace, and modern) and do PWPs and landscaping around the houses that match the style they represent (like have some illuminated arches and trees by the modern house or a Zen garden by the eastern house. Any of those sound good? I do want Lenore’s house to be royalty themed 😀

    • If you want a south-facing waterfall for the same reasons I did (because it would be most visible), something to consider is that there are side-facing waterfalls that are very visible (and very pretty!) as well, like this!
      Yeah, I had a few building placement requirements as well, maybe even pickier than you… I wanted Re-Tail, the town hall, and the train station on one side of town, and the town tree by itself on the other side of town. But I was able to find a town that met all those things, plus the grass and fruit I wanted, so I’m sure you can too, don’t give up! And good luck in finding your town soon 🙂
      All those ideas sound great to me! The last one especially sounds like a good option for someone who likes all three of the main PWP themes. Are you planning on remodeling your town hall and/or train station?

      • I may eventually remodel my town hall and train station but it will be awhile (especially with the requirement to get to remodel the train station-I read it’s like 100 people visit your town). My only fear about my last idea is things clashing together, but I’d love to do it if I could make it work. I’m definitely doing a castle with some really pretty ornate things. Or I could do castles with colors/furniture that represent the four seasons? I have so many ideas, but I don’t even have a town yet lol. I’ll tell you when I find my town so you can come visit 🙂

        • Oh okay, I was just wondering because if you’re definitely going to end up remodeling the town hall and train station, I’d almost recommend not worrying too much about the default styles. I was really thrilled at first to end up with the matching blue town hall and blue train station, but now they’re just remodeled to the fairytale style anyway, so it feels like it doesn’t really matter anymore. xP But if you’re considering keeping the default styles, it’s definitely worth it to get the styles you want for them!
          And yeah, the train station requirement is difficult to meet in a normal fashion if you don’t WiFi a ton. I’d maybe recommend striking a deal with someone (or a group of people) who also have the same goal of remodeling their train station, and then you can just visit each others’ towns over and over until you’ve met your goal. Or you could do lots of trades and such, that should quickly boost your count!
          Ahh your ideas do sound so great, I’d love to visit and see your town once you find it and get started! ^_^

          • I am so happy to say that I FINALLY found my town last night 😀 Blue train station, blue town hall, circle grass, south waterfall, private area for the mayor, town hall not by the wall, town tree not by train tracks or retail, and retail at the top of the map. I also LOVE that the town tree is right by the big holding pond in the river! The only thing I compromised on was the fruit-I have pears instead of apples/cherries, but I can always plant those. Plus I’ll want to have tons of other fruit since it will be worth more! Perfect pears are gold too which looks really pretty! I think I am going to go with the fairy tale seasons theme so I’ll have to start planning! Time to start expending Mayor Lenore’s house 🙂 Oh and I’ll build a dream suite soon too, hopefully!

            • Congratulations! 😀 It feels really good to finally settle in a town after resetting for a while, knowing you’ve found your home. Happy for you!
              Your town and its features sound great, and I’m sure you’re going to make a beautiful town out of it, which I look forward to seeing ^_^ The theme sounds lovely! It’ll be nice to have sections of town dedicated to all the different seasons, so that as seasons change, different parts of town will stand out at different times of year. I usually end up having to redo my landscaping and paths to look better when seasons change, and I admit it can get tiresome :p
              Awesome, feel free to let me know your dream address when you get it!

              • I now have a dream address 🙂 My dream address is 4200-3589-5128. My town is kind of a mess since I am putting patterns down where PWPS are going to be. You can sort of see the seasons themes developing as far as my characters houses go. I am also using my last character (Noelle) as a scout so villager houses don’t end up in front of where I want PWPs. A lot of my villagers need to move (basically everyone but Kiki and Henry) so if you want any of them, let me know ^__^ I’d love to wifi with you sometime. I don’t have much right now, but I am working on growing some perfect, golden pears so I can give you some of those 😀

              • Just visited! ^_^ The layout looks great, and it seems like you already have the framework of many paths and PWPs down! (Much more than I did at the beginning of the game :P) The four seasons theme should be really interesting to see developed and completed, so I’ll keep an eye out on your dream town for more updates in the future 🙂 And yeah, I can relate in regard to neighbors; I feel like getting a lot of my starting neighbors to move out was a pretty big step my town needed to take before it started to look halfway decent… I had soo many houses in inconvenient places. xP Good luck in getting your dream neighbors, PWPs, furniture, and other materials you need to construct your dream town! 😀 And I’d love to WiFi too! Feel free to let me know if there’s anything you want me to order from my catalog, or something like that! 🙂

  6. Can I have your opinion? I realized I don’t like my town layout. Is there something I should do or should I maybe even… reset?

    • Aww really…why? I’d feel weird offering my opinion because I don’t know your town layout, and things like whether a town layout is “good” or not are subjective, anyway. If you truly don’t like it anymore, resetting could be a good option (especially if you haven’t made a ton of progress yet). But then again, maybe the feeling will pass and you can make your current town work out! It can also be easy to get caught up in a resetting loop, being too picky, and never being satisfied with any town… just some things to consider, but it’s up to you!

      • Well since the only things that really bother me are the river and the town fruit I think I’ll keep my town. But thanks for the help!

  7. Ah, i seem late in commenting but wow! Your town looks so awesome in winter! I’d love to see it when it still has the aurora though.. 🙂 I bet some places in your town would look lovely with the aurora! Pretty sure once I get a new town, I won’t be able to see your town in winter anymore.. sigh…

    • Thanks, I’m glad to hear you think so! 😀 I still have lots of areas in my town decorated with leftovers from Autumn, though, so I’d love to re-do my paths and my whole town to look especially beautiful for winter, and then to update my dream address during an aurora. ^^ Progress is going slow with my current schedule, so who knows, my town (or more likely, my dream address, at least) might still be in winter when you’re able to get a new 3DS xP

      • I might get it at March or April though… 😛 I think that’s enough time to catch up but I understand you’re busy and all. xP I do wish to get to see your town in winter! I’d love to meet you all guys again when I get a new 3DS.. 🙂

    • I’ve been playing AC:NL for a longer period of time, I think, so that’s probably the only reason! But the trick is to set up special breeding spots for the hybrids you want to grow (like a diagonal formation), and then to water them every day — watering helps a ton! (So does fertilizer, but you won’t have access to that until you get the Emporium.) And if you aren’t familiar with the combinations that produce different hybrids, I recommend checking out guides like this 🙂

        • It’s not a bad idea, but the space within the fence PWP is very small, with only 6 spaces inside it. I’d recommend the beach as a good, safe place to grow hybrids if you need more room. Hybrid-growing spots around town might be vulnerable to houses landing on top of them, but that shouldn’t be happening every day or anything. If you plant flowers close enough to PWPs or buildings, they should be pretty safe from houses landing on top of them.

  8. My town is finally starting to look at least a little more like how I want it (my schedule gets crazy with classes and work). It still needs a lot of work though! My dream address also changed for some weird reason-now it’s 4200-3621-0095. I’d love to wifi sometime! I love your Capricorn statues and stained glass lamps and well, lots of stuff! I don’t have too much right now but I have a few DLC items like the cat tower and the afternoon tea set. Some of my villagers are finally moving too so yay!

    • Cool, congratulations on your progress! ^_^ I couldn’t help but notice some similarities to my town, but hey, I guess I don’t have a copyright or anything xP
      Sure, I can order some items like that for you if we WiFi!

  9. Wow…I didn’t even realize how similar our layouts are X_X. Our houses are even in the same area! I have always loved your fairy tale streetlights design by town hall so I think that is a fantastic idea of yours. When I walked around my town, I knew I wanted the houses to be in a circle around the tree to represent the changing seasons. I wanted Noelle’s house in the North (winter) and Melody’s house in the south by the beach (summer), which basically meant Lenore (spring) and Autumn (fall) had to be on the left and right respectively to make the season circle work. Yeah it looks pretty similar now but a lot of the things I have right now are temporary (partially just to keep villagers from moving over my PWP areas). I want to buy the pink roof, pink door, and pink pavement for Lenore’s spring castle but they have just not shown up yet 😦 (Mermaid and sweets shows up almost every day, so at least Melody and Autumn have their houses almost done) 🙂 I also want to put flower beds and a flower clock around Lenore’s house marked by patterns (since her season is spring) but I might build some other things while I wait for those to show up so I don’t get villagers moving in front of her house. I am also working on a Luna cat flag/shirt design with stars but it’s not done yet. I’m using one of my cross stitch patterns to help with the design of Luna. Any particular time that works best for wifi?

    • It was the similarity of Lenore’s castle to Estel’s castle that struck me most — not just the exterior of the house, but also that the patterns down to mark future landscaping look to be the same layout of landscaping that I have in front of Estel’s castle:
      I mean no personal offense at all by this; I’ve loved talking with you via comments and you seem like such a sweet person, and I know you’ve worked so hard to find your perfect town and then to make such amazing progress already on your town! But I’m not going to lie, it would really sadden me if Estel’s castle and landscaping were basically replicated exactly in a different town. I didn’t plan her castle out pre-game or anything (I just knew I wanted a white house exterior of some sort); it just gradually and steadily evolved over time through months of thought, planning, trial-and-error, careful gridding on my gridded map, etc. When my plans for her house and landscaping all finally came together with the layout of bushes and fountains I currently have, I was so overjoyed that something I didn’t even plan pre-game could come out so perfectly, it seemed miraculous (I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s how I felt). So I hope you can understand how it would then feel to see someone else do the same thing, when I considered it a unique highlight of my town.
      But I’m glad to hear that you have many plans for a unique town theme representing the four seasons, which after you’ve implemented all your plans, should hopefully make our towns very different after all 🙂 And if so, I’m very sorry for worrying!!
      If I haven’t scared you off with this comment (again, I’m sorry, I mean no personal offense — just felt I should express my concern), I’m free to WiFi today or sometime next week! Tomorrow I’ll be leaving to visit my brother, since he’s just had a baby — I’m an aunt now, hehe :o)

  10. Well congratulations on becoming an aunt! That is so exciting 😀 I’m out at a club meeting tonight so we will have to wifi next week. I’m still a long way out from landscaping around my house. I was actually just using the grid as a handy way to count how far I am from everything. I was putting squares all over everything but then my engineer boyfriend suggested I just make an axis and put squares from the widest point up to the path so I could see how things would line up instead of it just being a sea of squares. I’ll tell him his idea sucked 😛 All I know about my landscaping so far is where I want the flower beds (those I have marked), I know I want some fountains somewhere and those fancy metal benches, and lots of purple, white, and pink flowers with a few cherry trees around somewhere. I want to move my trees because they are blocking the view of the castle. I’ve been growing trees next to my house to prevent villagers from moving in on top of them while they grow (they killed TWO of my three perfect pear trees that way so now I put them close to buildings where villagers can’t move). Each character and their season has their own fruit: Spring (Lenore) has cherries, Summer (Melody) has peaches, Fall (Autumn) has apples, and Winter (Noelle) has oranges (oranges show up in stockings at Christmas as an old tradition) and then the town tree will have perfect pear trees surrounding it. I am going to try to finish my Luna cat design this weekend so hopefully you can see it next week! Don’t worry! You did not scare me! It’s good to voice your thoughts and concerns and speak your mind 🙂

    • Oh okay, it just worried me a bit when I saw that the patterns you had down lined up exactly with the landscaping in front of Estel’s castle in my town, but I’m glad to hear you have other plans 🙂 I don’t think Estel’s entrance would be very fitting for a spring-themed house/castle, anyway; nature-themed PWPs and pastel gardens would probably be more fitting.
      I’m back from my visit and open for arranging a WiFi sometime! My town is really messy right now because I’m in the middle of working on it, but we can still meet up to exchange things sometime if you want ^_^

  11. Awesome! I think Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday evenings are all fine for me and just about anytime during the weekend is good for me. We could also meet in my town if you want and I can show you my grand vision:) I was sick all weekend so I spent a lot of time messing with my landscaping grid and I finally came up with a good (but very basic) layout for Lenore-one big square area with a royal spring garden! I’ll fill it with flowers, azalea bushes, fountains, flower beds, metal benches, topiaries, and anything else that reminds me of spring or fancy things. I have a fountain in there now, but the flower clock is going there once I get it! Oh and I finished my Luna cat design finally 😀 I even made a pattern of her friend and lover, Artemis (he is a little hard to see because he is all white and the eyes blend in, but he is cute too). I updated my dream so they are all on there so feel free to use them (they make super cute pictures on the wall)! ^ __^

    • Any of those times sound fine for me! 🙂 Want to meet Wednesday evening, maybe? Though I don’t know what timezone you are, so hopefully our evenings are around the same time 😛 (This is my timezone if you need it) Oh, and what’s your FC?
      I’m sorry you were sick, and I hope you’re feeling better 🙂 AC is good for relieving stress, taking one’s mind off sickness and aches, etc. Your plans sound lovely!! Glad you were able to make progress on your town and finish your new flag! I might want to hold off on visiting your updated dream town until after we WiFi, so then everything can be more of a surprise when I visit ^_^

      • My timezone is only one hour earlier than yours is so it should be pretty easy 😀 My friendcode is 5241-2287-2763. Wednesday evening sounds good! Any particular time that works well? Anytime after about 6:30 (7:30 your time) would be great!

        • Okay, added you! My FC is 3222-6062-4806 if you need it. 7:30 or so my time sounds good to me! But it’s up to you, I wouldn’t want you to rush your dinner or anything, so a bit later like 8 PM or something would also be fine!

          • Ok How about 8:00 your time (7:00 my time)? The campus bus is always late so that will give me some extra time to get back from work. I’ll Add you too!

  12. I love how your town is progressing and the changes and improvements you’ve made to your houses! The two Capricorn ornaments look so regal like that in your icy new main room. (I had trouble keeping the ice series out of my main room too when winter came around 😆 ) The town hall with its pink to blue hues and symmetry looks like it was just waiting for the aurora to come in and complete the picture – it’s gorgeous, congrats on seeing it so soon! And ohhh Estel’s castle grounds look lovely covered in snow.

    I tried to do the swimming glitch once before as well, in a glitched town I was dream-visiting (so I sort of got into the mood of trying out glitches :P), and I got stuck between the holes and the water xP

    That’s funny, Tangy in my town wanted an orange appliance for Christmas too xD I was pretty stumped and had to hit up an online item guide to deliver my presents properly.

    Oh and that was really surprising, about the clearances around cliffs. I expected the same one-space clearance as you, and if it’s true, this new info changes some things in my current town plan. Sorry you had to go through so much work to find out about it 😦 But congrats on getting Julian and Bruce into your town!

    Best wishes for the rest of winter and for your studies! My new timetable looks preeetty hectic too 😛

    • Aww thanks so much Teru, I’m glad you like the changes! ^_^ My town is a bit messy and under construction right now and I’m busy working on improving a lot of different areas, but I’d love to update my dream address/have you over when I’m done, since it’s probably changed a fair amount since you last visited 🙂 And of course, I’d love to go to your town too!
      I remember seeing pictures of a glitched town where lots of PWPs were underwater, but didn’t get a chance to visit, and I think Jessica mentioned that it’s not available anymore (unless it’s a different town she was talking about), so that’s a bit of a bummer!
      Oh good, I’m glad to know there is an orange appliance and that I wasn’t mistaken about what she wanted 😛 It seemed like a strange combination, most appliances that come to mind are white-ish.
      Yeah, I am pretty sure (maybe not 100%, since I haven’t seen every single map out there, but I’m fairly confident) about that clearance area; I’m glad it could be of use to you so that you don’t have the same problems, or same amount of time spent, as I did!
      Thanks Teru, I hope you’re having a lovely start to Spring so far in your town, and best wishes to you in your hectic schedule as well 🙂

  13. Hey Amy! Just wanted to thank you for the wifi on Wednesday! I had so much fun 🙂 All the furniture you gave me works so well in my houses-so well that I need more space! Time to get bug-catching! I’d love to see your town sometime when you are done with all the construction and meet some of the other people you know as well! Oh and my dream address changed again (I don’t know why it keeps doing that): 4200-3677-2937. Good luck with you studies 🙂

    • Thanks for having me over, I had fun as well getting to explore your town, and I’m glad you liked my gifts! 🙂 Yeah, I’ll definitely be busy in my free time trying to fix up my town so I can have people over again, hopefully it won’t be too much longer!
      That’s weird about your dream address changing; I usually just walk straight over to the striped couch in the back of the room and press A, then tell her “it’s update time!” and she ‘replaces’ my current address with the updated dream, she doesn’t give me a new one. Maybe you’re doing something different?
      Thanks, good luck to you too ^_^

      • Hi Amy! I hope your studies and town are going well! I am finally on spring break and now have lots of time to work on my town-especially since I am getting my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday morning and playing video games and sleeping will be practically all I can do. But Animal Crossing will hopefully keep my mind off it 🙂 we could do some wifi too if you have time (I don’t know when your break is). I’d love to meet Teru and CK as well 🙂 Oh and I just updated my dream and the dream address did not change for once! Oh and did you find a picture of Luna the moon cat from Sailor Moon? Isn’t she cute? You’re right-Kiki looks a lot like her 😀 I’m so glad she lives in my town!

        • Aww, thanks, I hope the same for you! 🙂 Yay for spring break, I hope you have a nice one! Although that’s a bummer about the wisdom teeth, I don’t have fond memories of doing that >_< I hope you get through it okay, and that Animal Crossing helps you through it!
          Sure, I'm not on break, but maybe we could find some time one evening! 🙂 My town is still messy because I'm working on one of my character's houses (when I work on a house, I drop furniture everywhere), but the flower arrangements are in general looking more presentable now. Yep I’ve googled her, she’s a cute black cat with a moon symbol 😀 Awesome, I’ll be sure to visit your updated town later! ^_^

          • Do you want to wifi tonight (Thursday) or tomorrow (Friday) sometime? I’m actually feeling pretty good for just having my wisdom teeth out (animal crossing helps a lot). I’m currently working on a rose garden for Lenore’s spring theme and trying to get a rose color scheme going 🙂

            • I went to bed early last night, but yeah, we could probably WiFi sometime tonight! 🙂 Aw. and I’m glad to hear you’re handling it well!

              • Ahhh I’m really sorry for missing our WiFi, that was horrible of me! >_< To be honest, I fell asleep on accident, I was just too tired I guess. I'm very sorry and I hope I didn't inconvenience you too much!

              • Haha that’s ok because I fell asleep too!! LOL My pain meds make me quite tired. I actually fell asleep with my Animal Crossing game on so when I woke up (much later) I was worried that you had come and then left because I was just standing there doing nothing 😛

              • Oh that’s funny xP Ahh but I’m very sorry again! I don’t think I can WiFi today because I’m having some company over, but I hope we can try again another time 🙂

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