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I’m pretty close to being able to do an “End of December” post of my town’s happenings, and to make that post a bit less huge, I thought I would have a separate post on the WiFis I’ve had lately — lovely visits to Miagen, Citàluna, and Arcadia. 🙂


To start off with, a WiFi I had with Cassidy in Miagen a fairly good while ago (so her town probably looks much different now than it did in these pictures!). She was kind enough to give me a stewpot, an igloo-exclusive item that I wanted for my dining hall, since I don’t have the campsite built in Citàlune. Thanks so much for that, Cassidy! 😀 I gave her the few horoscope items I had at the time in return.

Cassidy let me look around town after the gift exchange, which was nice of her since her town is under construction. It’s good that it’s not super messy under construction, like mine is. xP

Chatting with Joey, who’s originally from Ryann’s town Shantaki! I thought I met him there once, so I was a bit surprised that he didn’t remember me and had to re-introduce himself.

Ahh, this log cabin looks so fitting in the snow!

nd inside was this amazingly creative snowy outdoor café!

I loved the feel of this room (in a different house). It’s like a mysterious deep-sea grotto filled with ancient treasures and home to mermaids! But I don’t know if she was going for that feel, it was just my impression! ^_^

And lastly, I made sure to get some coffee to-go before I left, as I like to do in other towns, since there’s no café in Citàlune. Thanks so much for the stewpot and having me over, Cassidy! 😀


Another WiFi I had, a bit less distant (around a month ago), was with a new friend with a new town, Lenore in Citàluna! Our town names are similar, but we had different reasons behind naming our towns. I named mine as a compromise since I couldn’t use Cittàgazze (went into it all in this post), and she named hers after the cat in Sailor Moon, Luna.

I gave her some presents of furniture and stuff to help her get started in furnishing her rooms, and she gave me a bunch of perfect pears and a balloon hat — thanks! 😀

That’s Luna the cat on the town flag, and I think other cats from Sailor Moon(?) on the ground. 🙂
Later Edit: Ah yes, that’s Artemis and Diana! I hadn’t seen Sailor Moon yet when writing this post, but I started watching in 2016 and became a big fan! xP

She’s going for a theme in her town and her houses representing the four seasons, and this candy house is for the Fall season (probably my favorite season, personally ^^)! I love how well the apple trees complement the candy house!

This mermaid house fittingly represents summer and it overlooks the ocean. 🙂 I remember thinking pre-game that the three definitive house exterior styles for a fairytale town (in my mind) would be the fairytale exterior (of course), the mermaid exterior, and the candy exterior. So I think it should be very fitting to have those latter two exterior styles in a fairytale themed town, in addition to matching the four seasons concept!

I really liked this path layout with the little gap inside for streetlights and flowers! And yay, someone using my paths! 😀

Lenore’s house (which is actually a castle already!) represents spring, and there are flowery patterns around the entrance fountain to add to the spring feel.

Inside I was jealous of all the princess furniture, so pretty! Especially the canopy bed — one day it will be mine >:]

We spent a lot of time chatting, looking around town, and browsing the shops, but eventually it was time to go. Thanks so much for having me over, Lenore! 😀


A very recent WiFi I had (just last weekend) was with Teru (Rain) and Jessica in the former’s town Arcadia! We all had various gift exchanges/trades to do with each other, so it seemed like a good idea to get it done in one WiFi. ^_^ I’m really grateful to have the latest horoscope DLC releases thanks to you two, along with the other gifts, thanks so much!! 😀

Took some time to greet an old neighbor of mine (and who was originally from my dad’s town), Phoebe, who seemed to think I wouldn’t remember her. But of course I do! 🙂

And also Tangy, who I remember fondly from my first town in the GameCube version! I remember my younger self being very jealous of her fruit furniture. xP My tastes have changed a bit since then, haha, I can’t say the fruit set furniture is my #1 favorite anymore (it is cute, though!).

Jessica suggested an axe fight and Tangy seemed quite distressed about it! 😛
(lol, her face was frozen like that! I’d heard of that happening to others, but never seen it happen before myself)

Now for a peaceful moment sitting under the town tree ❤

Jessica had to go after that, but I thought I’d stay to sight-see a little while longer and grab my usual cup of coffee. ^_^

The lighthouse looked so gorgeous across the river (and waterfall) at sunset, coordinating both with Tangy’s house and the bridge, and contrasting with the cool-colored violets!

And this beautiful wisteria trellis park filled with roses! It’s fun to walk around and around the square formed by them 🙂

Talking with Phoebe some more on the bridge. It was cute for me to see her mention her old town!

Getting a bite to eat in Rain’s house before leaving ^^ Thanks so much for having me over, Teru, and to both her and Jessica for the gifts! 🙂


I also wanted to say that I’m sorry to the people who have been wanting to WiFi and hasn’t worked out yet. >_< I hope we can find a time soon! I could start having people over to Citàlune again, since I've made it more presentable and cleaned up most of the mess now.

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21 thoughts on “WiFis lately

  1. Haha, I was about 10 minutes away from finishing my newest post when I received an email notification of your post! 😆
    I really like Cassidy’s house! The log cabin exterior is cute and it looks like the inside was full of surprises. The snowy cafe is so charming ^^
    I wonder where Lenore got inspiration for her town name, aside from ‘Sailor Moon’ 😛 I like the picture of you two outside her candy house and the apple trees, and that’s a really cool idea, dividing the four houses among the seasons.
    It was great having you over in my town again! Thanks SO much for the gifts. I never thought I’d get the cool globe so soon, and the parquet floor looks great ^_^ It’s interesting seeing your pictures too, especially of Tangy. I think for me, her mouth was stuck on the open grin, which is why I was confused as to whether it was her normal face (since it still looked happy…and ever so slightly creepy…) o_o
    I’m a bit iffy about some of the smiley changes too. I do like a couple of them that I always felt the older versions of didn’t express what I wanted to accurately enough, or didn’t express what they usually did on other forums (such as the closed-mouthed smile which was slightly open and the open-mouthed grin that wasn’t open enough), but I also agree that in general there is less variation and the subtleties of the original set are gone, with :D, 😆 (lol), :mrgreen:, 👿 (evil) and 😈 (twisted) being practically the same.

    • Well, that makes three of us against the new smileys. The old ones were just more… colorful. I do love the new heart smiley, though. ❤

    • Yeah, it’s weird we posted around the same time and on similar topics (well, both posts featured WiFis)! This post says it was published yesterday, but that’s because I started working on it yesterday, got too tired and privately published it, and finished it this morning before class xP
      I probably should’ve clarified btw, the underwater room is in a different house from the snowy cafe room. But yeah, I really love her houses and decorating! 🙂
      No problem! We gotta help each other out with this regional DLC hehe 😛 Thank you so much for the lily lamp and the aquarius urn, and for letting me explore your beautiful town! Oh that’s weird, so Tangy was D: for me and 😀 for you xD It was pretty funny to see, I wonder what triggered it!
      I can see how these ones are more sleek/minimalistic/modern (I’m no graphic designer), but I don’t really like how simple and how similar a lot of them look. With some of the ones you posted it’s almost like I would have to look closely at the smiley to figure out which one it is, whereas with the old ones I could process them immediately without thinking about it (maybe because they had more details, like eyebrows and stuff? :P). But ah well I’m sure I’ll get used to them!

      • Oh, I see! It made me wonder for a bit if my notifications were coming in super late.
        Haha yeah, the villagers were weird that day, like how if I bumped into one they would temporarily be stuck in one spot too (even though they were turning and moving) xP
        I agree, I have to look really closely or zoom in a lot to check what some of the smileys are doing. They’re also not animated anymore, so things like laughing and eye-rolling aren’t as apparent.

  2. Wheeee, thank you so much for the kind words (especially bout the underwater room)! I was loosely going for the feel of Undella Ruins from Pokemon, so I’m glad you liked it. 😉 I’d sure love for you to come over again sometime soon, because SO many things have changed since then. (Saffron’s house has been expanded and worked on some more, too…
    It’s also super creative to base each house on a season, I find. I haven’t seen that done before! And A+ location for the lighthouse in Teru’s town, oh maaaaan. ❤ I thought mine was cool because when you're evening diving, it's just chilling up on the cliff, but this is lighthouse-placing at its best for sure.

    • Oh, cool to know the inspiration, looks like a mysterious place 🙂 Seeing beautiful, unexpected rooms like that make me think about all the endless possibilities there are for designing different unique types of rooms, even though we’re all given the same building blocks. (Though having some unique pattern customization with furniture/carpet/wallpaper helps!)
      Hahah lighthouse-placing at its best, I feel the same way! xP I ended up putting mine on the southern cliff, but I was inspired by her to put the house of a dream neighbor nearby (more on that in the next post) 😛

  3. Ah!! I wanna visit Teru’s town!! It’s so beautiful and red. ❤ I bet it'd look even more awesome at Autumn. I miss wi-fing with everyone. 😦
    Glad to see you posting again! hehe 🙂

    • It is beautiful! 🙂 I think it manages to look great at all times of year, with little maintenance! I visited during the reddest part of Autumn during a dream and I liked it, but I think Teru said she found it a little overpowering 😛

      • Hahaha! Whenever I say Teru, I think of red because of her towns! xP I really like red so I absolutely love, love her town! Yeah, I agree. Her town looks awesome at all times of the year… Though, I like it the best at Autumn. ^___^
        Hehe, I wanna visit Teru’s dream town. 🙂 (If it’s still in autumn?)

        • I don’t remember her town Bundeena being especially red (it was pretty colorful in general), but yeah, I really like the red theme she has in Arcadia, with all the cherries and red flowers, roses especially 🙂 Her dream town is updated to spring now, but it looks great! Green grass+red is still a good combo because they’re complementary colors ^_^ And red looks great against white snow too, and with the warm colors of Autumn, etc.

          • Well… I always think of Bundeena as red because of the entrance..with the red tulips and all. I specially love that part! And her profile picture being red-ish… so yeah. xP But yeah, I suddenly remember it being very colorful.. I remember that beach with the pink roses and Teru pushing Tortimer in that spot.. hehe.
            Aah! Now that you mentioned about her town being in spring… I wanna see her town during the cherry blossom festival! Yours too! ^____^

  4. Quick comment 😛 I hate the new WP smilies, and I think the cats in Lenore’s town must have been Artemis and Diana? Those are the other cats in SM, so…

    • Yeah, I think it would’ve been nice if we had the option to keep the old ones, or if they just added new ones with new shortcuts without getting rid of the old ones. Oh okay, thanks for letting me know about that! Sounds like lots of Astronomy names ^_^

      • At least when Xat changed to their horrible new smilies, we could still use the old ones…
        And yeah, SM does have some astronomy references in it, like at first it’s just the names of some of the planets, but they start going deeper later on 😛

  5. I visited your dream town a few days ago and it looks AMAZING!!! I love the cool colored flowers against the snow! You have so many hybrids! How do you get so many? I love the blue and purple roses!!! I also really love Estel’s dining hall! Everything from all the tasty looking food to the festive music really brings the atmosphere together! Where did you get the bakery case with all the sweets? I want one for the sweets themed room I am making in Autum’s Fall castle 🙂 I also really love all the blue furniture and statues in Estel’s main room and how the windows give off blue light. I love the mermaid statues and the Pieces lamp (I love the zodiac series)! They would go great in Melody’s Summer castle ocean themed room! Lyra’s library room is so cozy and elegant! It gave me some great inspiration for rooms in Noelle’s Winter castle (if poor Noelle ever gets out of her tent due to being my reset character 😦 ) I finally finished the azalea hedges in front of Lenore’s Spring castle but am still waiting on my pretty metal benches and the statue fountains. The rose garden is coming along though 🙂 Hope to visit with you sometime soon!

    • Aww thanks so much, I’m glad you liked it! 🙂 I guess besides the hybrids that I’ve accumulated naturally over time (since June 10), I’ve also used my other copy of the game to get more flowers, like gold roses that I couldn’t get normally in Citalune.
      Sure, I can order some of those things for you when we next WiFi! It’s good to hear you’ve been making great progress on your town 🙂

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