HHD: A home for Franklin

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HHD: A home for Franklin

I had some time off around Thanksgiving, so in some of my down-time I thought it would be fun to finish Franklin’s home in Happy Home Designer. I had started to design a home for Franklin a while back, but didn’t finish it to my satisfaction. I know it will be time to move to Christmas hype, but I hope Thanksgiving is a recent enough memory to forgive my posting this now. xD If you would like to visit, the code is 0979-7789-472. (I don’t get the impression projects are kept very long in the system, though.)

For the main room, I gave Franklin a fancy banquet hall to serve his Harvest Festival feasts. I thought it would be a good use of the really long room option that you get — hard to get all in one picture, though! ^^

Merengue, Pecan, Apple, and Chops came to join in the feast! This is one room that could actually use more amiibo card slots 😛

And as Franklin would have it, there is no turkey being served at this Harvest Festival 🙂

Chowing down~

Franklin welcoming you into his professional kitchen that opens from the back of the banquet hall. This is where the magic happens ^^

Full view~

Happy cooks in the kitchen ^^ I had fun taking these, especially when Franklin or Merengue would whip out their cooking pans 😛

Last room in the house:

Franklin’s bedroom/living room combo downstairs. I would have had it upstairs so it could have a window, but I didn’t think of that in time, and then couldn’t figure out how to change it. 😛 Oh well, it still came out cozy! I’ve been trying to incorporate more asymmetry in my designs when appropriate, because I definitely feel like I have a natural inclination towards making everything symmetrical >_<

I made a purple quilt for Franklin’s bed, for that little extra warmth and coziness on these cold November nights.

Now let’s head outside!

I had asymmetry on my mind for designing the yard as well, trying to resist the urge to put the house in the middle. (Though that’s still often nice to do!) A festive harvest-style path forks in one direction to his home, and the other direction leads to his little vegetable and pumpkin garden by the river. I thought Franklin would approve of the added security given by the fence and river circling his entire plot of land. 😛 When you talk to Franklin, his shtick is that he’s really careful and paranoid, recalling his AC:GC days, when he’d hide behind trees and have you steal forks and knives from the table for him. To be honest, I thought he had kind of changed in New Leaf, becoming a confident chef in his own right, in charge of the whole Harvest Festival event. I guess some fears are understandably hard to shake!

I was definitely drawing inspiration from the in-game Harvest series for the color scheme of his home, garden, and path. I figure there are other autumnal projects for focusing on warmer red/orange-type color schemes. I was also inspired by the idea of a stately tudor style for Franklin’s house, with a sort of rustic elegance and focus on dark woods.

Waving to Franklin by the entrance~ I was so happy to see a rainbow pop up!

A double rainbow even showed itself at one point! It faded when I traveled to Nook’s Homes, though… it seems like weather events don’t last all day in this game if you move around the map.

Franklin tending to his flowers 🙂 I didn’t make these farm patterns, by the way! These are famous patterns widely spread to the point where I’m not sure who the original creator is. I’ll try to do some research and edit the credit in here, though!

I hope you enjoy your newly spruced up home, Franklin! Sorry it was in limbo and halfway finished for so long xP

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