Initial Direct Reactions, Charity Streams Wrap-Up, & Citalune and Bywater Progress

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I’m going to experiment with a new style of posting here: weekly recaps of what I got up to this week as far as progress in my islands or paths, favorite moments from stream, and other things that feel relevant! This past week, September 19-25, was especially exciting with the Direct news, so I’m not going to expect every week to top this! Read on for my reactions to the news, as well as some nice progress on Citalune and Bywater and stream moments.

The Nintendo Direct

What a *surprise* that Direct was for a lot of AC fans!! I know I wasn’t the only one, but they totally threw me off of expecting any announcements of updates for Animal Crossing because they specifically said the Direct was for games coming out this winter! So I was just laying around in my pajamas, and 15 minutes in I thought, “well, let’s just put this on in the background,” and right when I loaded the Direct, the first thing I registered visually was Brewster’s icon:

I’m so excited to have new content to speculate about for the next month, and to eventually enjoy in November! And that the Roost is coming back! I’ll preface my excitement though, by saying that I’ve never been one to feel like New Horizons is not worth playing without the coffee shop from previous games. I feel like my meat and potatoes of gameplay is very much provided by the amazing things they added with town-building. But I know how much this means to the fandom — not just the Roost itself, but the fact that it’s a substantial update with more than just some seasonal additions.

The fact that it’s a full-blown AC Direct is exciting as well! I feel like the fact that it’s a full Direct hints towards more substantial additions than *just* the Roost, or a few extra furniture pieces. If you’ve been following datamining rumors at all (and no worries if not, you might actually want to stay away if you want to be surprised), I feel like we might finally see some of the things that were found in the data but kept not coming out in this past year’s updates. Like ceiling items? Gyroids? 👀 I’m also expecting some quality of life updates and maybe new reactions and items/series. One of my most anticipated hopes is that a form of the minigames island comes back, and if so, I think it would make so much sense to have the nostalgia of Kapp’n’s boat ride from the dock. The dock just feels like one of those things that’s there for a hidden reason, like the secret beach was for Redd. I don’t think we will get Kapp’n or minigames for this update, but I hope that this update isn’t a grand finale and that there might be at least one more big update after this one!

Look how beautiful the Roost looks. 😍 Green is my favorite color. 💚 There’s also discussion and anticipation to be had about the form the Roost will take in this game. Will the part-time job of making coffee for villagers return? Will past islanders stop by the cafe, or just any villagers in general (like the mystery islands)? Will fan-pleasing past NPCs make an appearance, like Digby and the pelicans? My personal little hope/prediction is that there will be more to offer than just coffee as well, like maybe we can get a donut. 😏 What are you hoping for from the Roost or from the update in general? Feel free to share! I know the fact that it’s going to be contained in the museum is disappointing for some (not for me, I would rather have that island space for other things, and it wouldn’t fit some themes), so it would have been cool if maybe you could talk to Brewster and he could ask if you wanted a physical shop or not. But that would be getting pretty fancy I guess, ah well.

Charity Streams Wrap-Up

This past week I wrapped up my charity streams (alongside my stream team Club Tortimer) for Paws Your Game, and we met our community goal of $500! If you’re not familiar with Paws Your Game, here is their mission statement:

Paws Your Game™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal charity, whose mission is to leverage the social awareness and philanthropic nature of the gaming, streaming, and influencer communities, in order to help improve the lives and prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of both sheltered and wild animals through animal activism, welfare, and advocacy campaigns.

It really meant a lot to me to have that support in raising money for a good cause! I really appreciate each and every person who donated whatever amount, or even just helped by being present in stream, it’s so appreciated and I thank you all so much. We unlocked a few giveaways and a vlog of my cat Dusty. I already have a few clips of Dusty for this vlog, but I’m a little unsure of how I should go about editing it. Should I do silly meme music? Relaxing music? Commentary on top about her? Feel free to give any input and I might watch some other pet vlogs for inspiration 😂

One of the fun incentives besides Beanboozled and Dusty hugs was drawing villagers in MS Paint from memory, which I’m notoriously bad at! I can’t pull up mental images well, my mind is like a black wall and I need references pretty bad usually. Can you figure out who they all are?

Citalune Progress

Citalune is my celestial elegantcore island inspired by my old New Leaf town. This week I fine-tuned two areas: a river mouth, and an incline that’s going to lead up into the city. I’m really happy not just with how they turned out, but also how comfortable I felt with the trial-and-error on stream, and with the level of detail I added before moving on to the next area. Two bad habits I’ve had in the past are 1) feeling dumb about the initial bad ideas that I try out on stream when I don’t know what I’m doing with a new area — and then I end up doing most of the work off stream; and 2) simply “blocking in” an area and then saving all the details for later. I did a lot of that in Bywater, where pretty much the entire island is blocked in, but I still have a ton of detailing and flower arranging to do throughout the whole island. It’s kind of a pain to be honest, so I might try to do more detailing early on from here on out!

The river mouth at sunset
When you pan up at the bridge, you can see a cathedral! I’m a little worried that the moon hides the cathedral too much, but it certainly makes the image and symmetry more grand to have a centerpiece, and I gotta have some moons around my celestial island, y’know?
The incline going up to the city part of Citalune, which has yet to be completed. At the very edge of your vision you can make out this crescent shaped path in between the two inclines, which I hope to make into a mural of a crescent moon.
Citalune looks pretty in the early morning and at sunset. Fitting, since that’s when I always updated my DA for Citalune 1.0 (New Leaf) too.
The pink star clocks are supposed to kind of mirror the star-shaped azaleas! I think the effect is enhanced when you pan up, because then the azalea flowers & glowing star clocks kind of merge together
There were three butterflies flying around and I was just in such bliss of the beauty they added to the scene 🥺 I just love Animal Crossing so much for the beauty you can see and create, and also for the many fun and cute moments too (more of that to come)

Bywater progress

Bywater is my Shire-themed island, and kinda my baby at the moment. I’ve been working on a cobblestone path with many connector pieces for months. This week I got to the point where all that’s left is flowers on the edges! Here’s how it looks so far, and you can see how yellow flowers on the edges will coordinate with the weeds I have scattered around:

During a stream-day in which I felt a little too small-brained to tackle a new complicated area of Citalune, I felt like working on a transition area in Bywater instead! This area used to be pretty blank, just blocked-in with the villager home and incline, and empty otherwise. It’s probably not 100% finetuned, but I really like how it’s coming along so far. Love the colors and hominess! And sweet Rudy on a walk wearing some shades you’ll find the origin of in the clips below from the week…

Favorite Moments

Pango Photobomb

I thought I’d create a new passport image for Citalune, and here I was, all set up in one of my favorite scenic spots complete with a moon overhead, but Pango had her own walking plans.

Murphy has a short memory

It’s one of my great amusements when a villager randomly starts calling to you from an entirely different tier. You could be full-on terraforming a cliff with your hardhat on and they will still demand your presence.

Pumpkin Math

2 pumpkins + 2 pumpkins = 1 pumpkin? I’m still mad about this.

Goodbyes too Soon

That awkward moment when you assess what you’ve done so far and your chat starts saying goodbye before you’re done streaming

Rudy’s Favorite Shades

This had me dying, I think it’s the most tickled I’ve gotten out of any villager interaction in a long time!

Gave the shades right back to him so we could see him rock his favorite look, as he did for the rest of the evening

Rudy and Murphy enjoying a moment

If only someone wasn’t noisily thinking in the background😡

More of them 🥺

Thanks so much for reading/watching! I hope you all have an amazing week! This week I’m hoping to tackle some more of the intimidating city part of Citalune that you arrive at when you go up those inclines, and maybe work more on Bywater… and finish my Bywater path?? All I need is the flowers… we’ll see 👀

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3 thoughts on “Initial Direct Reactions, Charity Streams Wrap-Up, & Citalune and Bywater Progress

  1. Ahhh I know this is an old-ish progress update by now, but Citalune and Bywater look soooo beautiful~~

    Citalune 2.0 is coming along so nicely, and it’s just gorgeous in those pink and green hues of the sun rise and sun set 😭 The pink star clocks mirror the azaleas perfectly, they were made for each other! And that crescent moon mural idea sounds reeally cool!

    And I’m so happy for you how well Bywater has come together! It just looks amazing, not just from the pics here but from seeing the updates in your streams too! The vantage points, illusions and creative landscaping you’ve done are jawdropping. It’s a joy to see ☺️ I remember your progress over the cobblestone path, too. Each time I thought you were done and that it was perfect, the next time you came back and improved it even more o_o

    It was funny how many of your predictions or wonderings about the update came true! xD The gyroids, ceiling items, QOL, reactions…I never even considered it would be such a huge direct! And I always thought that dock was for Kapp’n too but would never have guessed we were getting it right now!

    Love the collection of drawing redemptions LOL 😂 And the effort you put in to each one. I think my favourite is Stella.
    Also I swear I have still never once seen my villagers sit together like that! I remember you showing a picture of two other villagers together like that too (maybe Nan or Chevre and someone?) and now Rudy and Murphy! 😲

    • Thank you Teru!! I’m putting the final touches on the path in the form of yellow flowers on the sides tonight and in the next few days 🥺 So glad I made Bywater!

      Ahh yess tbh I heard a lot of those things from datamining rumors, so I had a feeling if they were in the data and a 20 min. Direct was on the way, that we would finally see some of those things! It’s wild how much the game is changing and that these things have been hidden in the data for this long!! Can’t wait to get my hand on everything 🥰

      Aww thank you!! I’m sure your drawings would be much better 💕💕
      As for the sitting, I notice it’s by bodies of water that they sit together like that!

      • Can’t imagine the undertaking it is to get that level of detail on each and every pattern (and there must be many!) x_x But it looks so goood.
        I must have been out of the loop with the datamining (even though I made an effort to keep up!) because all I had heard mention of was the museum cafe and museum…shop?
        I will have to hang around my pond more often 😊

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