Initial Direct Reactions, Charity Streams Wrap-Up, & Citalune and Bywater Progress

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I’m going to experiment with a new style of posting here: weekly recaps of what I got up to this week as far as progress in my islands or paths, favorite moments from stream, and other things that feel relevant! This past week, September 19-25, was especially exciting with the Direct news, so I’m not going to expect every week to top this! Read on for my reactions to the news, as well as some nice progress on Citalune and Bywater and stream moments.


Blog Update + Looking Back at New Horizons

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Hello again, long time no post~! Understatement of the century 😅 At one point it was my goal to use this blog for New Horizons gameplay, in the same way as I always did for past Animal Crossing towns and games. But I think I have to face reality that I’ve fallen way behind in sharing about those daily happenings to hope to ever catch up, and honestly, to ever use this blog in quite the same way that I used to. But I’d like to keep using this blog, so I’m hoping for future posts, to skip to a more manageable, recent state of my islands to pick up from!