WW Patterns

AC:WW Patterns

Click on the pattern’s preview image (or right click > open link in a new tab) to view the instructions/larger grid. Most browsers also have a way you can zoom in, if that helps too.

These patterns are free to copy and use for your town, if you would like. Please just don’t claim these patterns as your own or post them on galleries for sites like ACC. I’d also really appreciate it if you give credit back to me, when appropriate. 🙂

I know that this page does not have every single pattern I’ve ever made, especially because I made some right before New Horizons came out. Please respect that I have a lot on my plate. I don’t like the feeling that I’m required to share every little thing I make, when nothing here was commissioned.

Page last updated: July 4, 2019

For Your Town

Sweets path:
The crackers & cream border pieces are meant to either border the chocolate pattern below, or the chocolate pattern by Wendell.

Red brick flowery path:
The flowerbed patterns are meant to border the red bricks.

White path and waterways:
The water patterns can be used as borders or adornments for the white brick path and the white tile.

Pink and purple pansy path:
The fenced-in pansy patterns are meant to border the bricks below, or the wood pattern in the next section.

Pink and purple flowery wood path:
This can be used as a side path for the main path above.

Pastel flowery path:
The flowery pieces are meant to border the pastel bricks. The bricks are actually continued on a bit into the border pieces to add width to the brick portion of the path.

Spaced blue bricks:
This was made as a sort of side path for the pastel path above, but you don’t have to use it as such. It can wind through tight places (where villager houses sometimes are) better than a 3-space wide main path.

Spaced brown bricks:
This is a natural-looking, non-flashy side path with rustic bricks. It can wind through tight places (where villager houses sometimes are) better than a 3-space wide main path.

Spaced brown bricks 2.0:
This is a slightly modified version of the path above, now with rounded corners and a more gradient shading of the bricks.

For Your Character

I’m not as into making clothing patterns as I am for landscaping patterns. I almost consider taking up a pattern slot for an occasionally-worn dress to be a waste, and AC:WW’s graphics are too pixelated for complex clothing designs to look good on your character most of the time (plus, no pro patterns). I’ll post the few I’ve made anyway, though they’re nothing special.

Patterns by Wendell

These are some of Wendell’s ground patterns from AC:CF adapted for AC:WW.

126 thoughts on “WW Patterns

    • Thanks a lot! 🙂 And sure! Though these patterns were made for Wild World towns and palettes, and I don’t think they’d translate as well to New Leaf towns.

      • Oh, good point about trying to transfer them to New Leaf, so I’ll have to check them first. Will you make new ones for New Leaf once it comes out? Such as the stepping stones? Those are really cool :3

        • I’m sure I will! Might focus on just general playing at first, but I really look forward to trying to make some paths (and maybe clothes too) eventually 😀 It’ll be interesting to not be limited by palettes anymore!

  1. Love them all, especially your own ones! You make Wendell’s pale in insignifigance! But where are the flower arches from your post ‘First day of spring in Dafdilly’? Not that I have any problems with it tho’. It’s such great patterns and stuff! You should be proud of this, but I guess you already are.

    • Aww, thank you! 🙂 I wasn’t entirely happy with the flower arches, so I thought I should edit them some before I put them here. I thought that they were a bit too short and wide to be arches, so I’d like to either make them skinnier or add more length to them (by adding 2 more patterns to the arch). I hope I can edit the rose arches more to my liking in the future and add them here, but in the meantime here are the un-edited ones:

    • I hope to eventually! ^_^ Though it usually takes me a good deal of time to make detailed, complex paths with all the corner pieces and such. And the palette options are really different in this game, it might take me some time to get used to non-AC:WW palettes. I also don’t have the QR machine quite yet.

    • I’m sorry, don’t think there’s a lot I can do about that. It doesn’t personally take me too long to copy patterns, I’m pretty speedy at it. For me it’s a much longer process to actually think them out and design them (and to put the pattern instructions together for this page).

  2. WWWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWWW! I am so glad that you took the time to design a pattern with the grass edges for paths. It isn’t so obvious that it’s a pattern then. They are really awesome!

  3. Wow Amy! Like I said! These patterns are so amazing! They blend in well, and so creative! ^.^ You are truly amazing at designing things! Mind if I use the dirt paths etc? I’ll give you credit of course if I was to post something including them in it! ^^ ❤ Good job! :3 I'm actually starting to get more flowers on acww so I am enjoying it a lot more ahah. It's a shame you won't be able to see it when it gets there eventually but I guess if I can get around to working this site you can see it when I make posts about it! 😀

    • Thanks, glad you like them! 🙂 And sure, that’s why they’re on here, for people to use! I appreciate that you’d give credit, thanks ^_^
      Aww, that’s great to hear! I have the same experience in that I end up enjoying my towns more once I start to customize them to my liking (which usually involves lots of flowers!). And yes, I’ll be able to see it if you share photos, at least! 🙂

      • Wow! ^^ Thank you so much for replying! :3 Sorry Amy I didn’t realise I was on Anonymous! Thank you! I’m not just figuring out how to lay the paths ahah, which is the fun bit! Mind me asking because you have inspired me so much! You know when you made your candy town, how did you make the gingerbread house? How many slots did it need and did you look at pictures on the internet? Sorry it’s just amazing! All of your patterns are amazing really! 😀

        • It took up 4 slots, and yes, I did look up some pictures of gingerbread houses online for inspiration/reference! It ended up being quite my own creation though, as I didn’t copy a single gingerbread house and I used many of my own ideas. Thank you Megan, you’re sweet! 😀 I’m glad you like them!

          • Wow! Good for you! ^^ Honestly you have inspired me to try and make my own patterns for ACWW ahah. Thank you for replying so quick! Because apparently all your designs took up to like 32? So when you wanted to change the patterns for your town, did you use your other game card to keep the others and swap them out every time? ;o ^^ Also for my birthday which is next week I am getting another ACWW game, sounds crazy but I want another town and also can use that town to make more hybrids for sugarey. Thanks for replying so quick! Your awake early aren’t you? 😛 Ahah! Mind me asking also Amy when you made a page for dafdilly, did you post stuff and then link them to that page? If so how? 😮

            • Aw, glad I could inspire you! 🙂 Yep, I often use pretty much all my pattern slots for landscaping purposes. And nope, I don’t really save the patterns when the seasons change; I just take pictures of the grids so that I can re-copy them later if I want to.
              Ooh, bet you’re looking forward to your birthday! ^_^ I don’t think that’s strange! I use my extra AC:WW gamecards for a variety of useful purposes.
              Ah, I’m sorry, but I don’t really know what you mean with your inquiry to my Dafdilly page! I did put lots of pictures and information there, and include links to my WW posts, if that’s what you mean.

              • Thank you! And yeah what I mean is like you know when you click on the dafdilly page and theres a link to click to your posts. ^^ How did you do that? Also what is that writing called the animal crossing writing? I really want it! Ahaha ❤ Hope your okayy!

              • I did it myself manually with HTML; there’s a little tutorial here on how to make links, if you scroll down to the part with gray boxes underneath the title “HTML Link Syntax”
                And the AC font is called Fink Heavy! 🙂 I got it from this download link from this tutorial on AC letters.

              • Hey Amy! Just wondering what did you make that grid on for your patterns? 😛 I really want to make one as it will help me a lot! ^-^ Also about the moving villagers out on Animal Crossing Wild World, so if you go to someone else’s town and someone is moving, can you convince them and they’ll move? Because that’s awesome if they do! ^^

              • I often used a program called desmume, and a Wild World rom, so that I could work on patterns on the computer..try googling it! Or if you’re aksing for a grid to work with on MS Paint or something, here’s one. There are also online pattern makers on ACC and the like.
                Nope that’s not how it works in Wild World. In Wild World you can pick up villagers via WiFi, but they have to have already moved out, they can’t just be packed up or still in town at all.

              • Thank you! How did you put it on your game after doing it on your computer? But how did you get Kid Cat back if you convinced him to move? Sorry for all these questions, just curious and your amazing at what you know 😛 😀

              • No trick, I just copied over the patterns from scratch in my game. It was just nicer for me to do it on the computer first, and allowed me to take HQ screenshots for my patterns page.
                Kid Cat moved out of Dafdilly and popped up in my other town, Imladris. In Wild World you don’t really “convince neighbors to move.” Instead you convince them to stay when they’re packed up! So I ended up not convincing Kid Cat to stay, by mistake, and then he moved out and showed up in my other town after a DS-to-DS visit.
                Hey, do you mind asking further inquiries via messages on tumblr instead? It just seems a little off topic here on my WW Patterns page, and the comments section here could easily get flooded and filled up with your questions xP

              • Awesome thank you very much Amy! Oh, I’m so sorry! I know what you mean? Do you want to message me on here maybe? So that we can talk a bit more about this? So sorry Amy!

  4. these are great!! I used the paths for my new town in WW but I just finished one and it tooook me ageeeessssssssss lol

    thanks for this page and your blog is awesome!

  5. Pingback: First month (and a couple days) in Lilycott | My Animal Crossing book

  6. Hey Amy, I was wondering if I could convert your beautiful patterns into acnl ones, post them onto my blog and send them to you. I’ll give credit and keep the qr codes on my blog IF you want me to, but I’ve decided to do this due to a number of people requesting this in the comments, unless you’ve already started?

    ~Mayor Kiki :3

    • Sure, go for it if you like! 🙂 As long as the credit is there explitly and all that ^_^ I don’t really have plans to go through and make AC:NL versions of all my Wild World patterns. I made the patterns for Wild World so they’re just Wild World patterns for me. xP However, I am trying to make a New Leaf version of the ‘spaced brown bricks’ path, and I’m making it in a new way, not using the same pixels as the old one.

  7. Hi Amy!

    I know it is 2017 and New Leaf is out and everything… But I’m so addicted to your WW blog! I absolutely love Dafdilly! I’m making your Candy patterns for my town right now! 😀 Thank you very much! ❤

    • Hi Amber! ^_^ Haha, thank you so much! I love Dafdilly too and would definitely still be playing it.. I just have a little trouble focusing on more than one town sometimes 😛 The New Leaf update about a year ago got me pretty into New Leaf again! But I haven’t given up on Dafdilly, I kinda hope to progress some more seasons with it and complete my museum one day. 🙂 I’m glad you’re having fun with Wild World and those candy patterns, so glad they are coming in useful to somebody!! Thank you for the sweet comment 😀

      • Thank you, I’m glad you like them! I hadn’t heard of pattview, but googling it, it looks like it’s a tool for AC City Folk. I haven’t made any City Folk patterns and the palettes are a little different in that game. Feel free to send me a link if there is a tool for Wild World 🙂

          • Thank you very much for finding that! Interesting it is by Thulinma, the same person who made a similar tool for ACNL. To be honest though, it was a fair amount of work for me to create this page, and would be a similar amount of work for me to pixel all the patterns again with this tool… all for a game that people don’t play much anymore, and which many don’t play with hacks. But I appreciate you telling me about it; I can probably pixel in new patterns with this tool, and feel free to request some that you want me to do and I can give it a try sometime. Thanks again! 🙂

              • Yeah, to be honest, I can’t figure out how to actually pixel or convert patterns with the tool, but I figured out how the save file function works pretty quick. You can view all the patterns your characters in a town have made! Problem is, neither of my towns is currently using the fountain, so I think it might be easiest for me to just pixel it in my town Dafdilly and back up the save.
                Edit: I figured out how to use the conversion aspect! You have to save a square picture of the pattern (like the ones I use as clickable preview images on this page) as a gif file, then you can convert it to an acww pattern file using the conversion tool. There’s a weird flaw with the program, though. The palettes 12 & 13 in the tool are inaccurate to how they appear in AC:WW! Animal Crossing Community used to have this problem too with their pattern-sharing service for the game. Palettes 12 & 13 are like the two most important palettes ’cause they’re the ones that blend in xP

        • I made a few patterns too if you’d like them! Some i made using the pattern tool and others i copied from city folk but made them another color(so be aware those aren’t mine). I have these:
          Black and white tiles of Blathers, Tom nook, Pelly, Mable
          a few super smash bros Ultimate characters
          4 copied city folk clothing patterns in different colors
          a view of flowers(for a painting)
          and a bright moss covered path looks like this ( https://wildleafinanewworld.home.blog/ btw i still need to upload but i haven’t really started this blog yet )

  8. hi! just wanted to share that i’ve been playing wild world again and completely love your sweets path! currently attempting to translate them into new leaf and i think it’s going well so far >///< thank yo for your service in doing these paths and i love your town tours on youtube! hope your new horizons town is flourishing uwu

  9. heyy i just wanted to say i love your blog and all these amazing designs… I happened to notice something in the pink and white set of candy seats you used a brown brick pattern underneath but i can´t seem to find it:( i know it’s 2021 already and everyone is playing new horizons but i just love the older games

  10. Hey! So I love your blog! And I would like to know how you made your pattern for the wooden planks in your city? Thank you (Sorry I don’t speak English very well)

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