WW Patterns

AC:WW Patterns

Click on the pattern’s preview image (or right click > open link in a new tab) to view the instructions/larger grid. Most browsers also have a way you can zoom in, if that helps too.

These patterns are free to copy and use for your town, if you would like. Please just don’t claim these patterns as your own or post them on galleries for sites like ACC. I’d also really appreciate it if you give credit back to me, when appropriate. 🙂

I know that this page does not have every single pattern I’ve ever made, especially because I made some right before New Horizons came out. Please respect that I have a lot on my plate. I don’t like the feeling that I’m required to share every little thing I make, when nothing here was commissioned.

Page last updated: July 4, 2019

For Your Town

Sweets path:
The crackers & cream border pieces are meant to either border the chocolate pattern below, or the chocolate pattern by Wendell.

Red brick flowery path:
The flowerbed patterns are meant to border the red bricks.

White path and waterways:
The water patterns can be used as borders or adornments for the white brick path and the white tile.

Pink and purple pansy path:
The fenced-in pansy patterns are meant to border the bricks below, or the wood pattern in the next section.

Pink and purple flowery wood path:
This can be used as a side path for the main path above.

Pastel flowery path:
The flowery pieces are meant to border the pastel bricks. The bricks are actually continued on a bit into the border pieces to add width to the brick portion of the path.

Spaced blue bricks:
This was made as a sort of side path for the pastel path above, but you don’t have to use it as such. It can wind through tight places (where villager houses sometimes are) better than a 3-space wide main path.

Spaced brown bricks:
This is a natural-looking, non-flashy side path with rustic bricks. It can wind through tight places (where villager houses sometimes are) better than a 3-space wide main path.

Spaced brown bricks 2.0:
This is a slightly modified version of the path above, now with rounded corners and a more gradient shading of the bricks.

For Your Character

I’m not as into making clothing patterns as I am for landscaping patterns. I almost consider taking up a pattern slot for an occasionally-worn dress to be a waste, and AC:WW’s graphics are too pixelated for complex clothing designs to look good on your character most of the time (plus, no pro patterns). I’ll post the few I’ve made anyway, though they’re nothing special.

Patterns by Wendell

These are some of Wendell’s ground patterns from AC:CF adapted for AC:WW.

125 thoughts on “WW Patterns

  1. Hi there! Im thinking about getting into wild world someday haha, first I wanna properly “finish” new leaf and new horizons tho. Anyways, love ur wild world towns, I’ve never seen anyone online landscape them so nicely! But some of the patterns on Suncombe arent listed which kind of stinks 😦 if you could post them that would be the bees knees

    • Hey! I do the best that I can with everything on my to do, and prioritizing things — and it happens Wild World patterns aren’t high on priorities, I’m sorry about that! I have a fulltime job outside of all this stuff. I do know this is a task I can do if I find the time, and I’ll keep it in mind. I hope you enjoy Wild World!

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