Happy new year!

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Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a fun new year’s eve and will have a great year in 2012. 😀

Yes, this is my second AC:GC post in a row, but no, I haven’t forgotten about AC:WW or AC:CF. 😛 I’m actually pretty busy in AC:WW; I’m in the middle of dead spot testing in Dafdilly, so there will be a post about that when I’m done. As for AC:CF, I simply can’t spend a lot of time right now resetting for the town I want.

– I have a new little addition to the top of my welcome widget, it’s a note about my WiFi status that I will update when I’m unable to WiFi, able to WiFi, and when my gates are open.
– January’s information page is up!
– The pattern page. Sorry, things keep coming up to prevent this from getting my full attention, but my new goal is to have it up by the end of January.

But enough of that stuff…

Woohoo, off to the lake! Actually, at first I forgot it was taking place there and went to the Wishing Well instead. 😛

Looks like Eunice couldn’t make it ’till midnight. 😦

I found Tortimer on the way to the lake, but he’s on the other side, all by himself. Come on, join the party!

He gave me this noisemaker, which makes an odd buzzing sound.

Less than 20 minutes to go! 😀

Now less than five…

The music changed a few times over the course of the night, like at the 5 minute mark. Then when there was less than a minute to go, the music stopped dramatically:

Light! Music! Singing! And silly Poncho wearing a bikini 😆

And fireworks! :mrgreen:

I really like the fireworks in this game and how they’re reflected in the lake since you can’t see the sky.

Lots of green fireworks:

Watching the fireworks on the other side with Tortimer 🙂

Wow, a super bright yellow one!

Yep, they kept on singing the whole hour. O_O

Going back to the pier for the “finale” 😀

Aww, party’s over.

The countdown wasn’t going on in real time, I time-travelled backwards today so that I could experience the festivities. Then I time-travelled back to real time, the morning of new year’s day, when it’s tradition to make a wish and toss a coin in the Wishing Well:

Because of the word “healthier” I expected to receive fruit, but she gave me 10,000 bells! Thanks mom 😛

Tortimer was at the Wishing Well to give his usual holiday memento — today a diary — and provide wisdom.

Watching to see how it’s done 🙂

My turn ^_^ I had quite an audience. 😛

Why thank you, Katrina 🙂

Katrina’s here to fortune-tell for the new year:


That didn’t sound very good, so I tried again.

There we go. This sunshine lottery isn’t very consistent, Katrina. xD I hope you all have a great year ahead of you as well!

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Jingle comes to Ordale

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Indeed, happy holidays everyone! 😀

My AC:GC Mom had holiday greetings as well in this sweet letter. 🙂

Yep, it was snowing heavily last night and it looked beautiful!

I have several log cabin-style houses in Ordale and they look nice and cozy in the snow with the lights on.

Both oaks and cedars can have holiday lights in AC:GC, so your whole town looks festive, not just the northern part.

The music adds to the atmosphere as well:

Isn’t it lovely? ^_^

Found him, the man of the night — er, reindeer of the night — Jingle! 😀

He agrees with Freckles. 😛

Before Jingle can give a present you have to find him in random acres throughout town about five times:

The second time I found Jingle, he didn’t seem very enthusiastic. 😛

He asks three questions before finally giving a present, and what he gives depends on the answers you give. Big things=Jingle furniture, Foldable things=Jingle shirt, Woven things=Jingle carpet, Printed things=Jingle wall. I picked big things since the Jingle shirt wasn’t as important to me as completing the series.

Yes, and I will continue to do until you give me a present. xP This time he asked if I prefer printed things or woven things, and I said woven (carpet).

His final question was a face-off between Jingle furniture and the Jingle carpet since I said I preferred those over the others. I went with the carpet first because I think it’s the most important piece to establish the feel of the series; if I don’t get all the furniture, I can always mix and match red and green furniture from my catalog.

Jingle’s pleased to see me this time, and I could tell he was ready with a present — he even gave a “ho ho ho!” 😛

My first (and only legitimate) gift: the Jingle carpet 😀

Now for some trickery… 😈

After receiving the first gift from Jingle, change your clothes so he doesn’t recognize you and talk to him again, answering his question about what Jingle item you want. Then push him to the very edge of the acre (so that you can still see his antlers or bag from the other acre) and switch acres, going back to the one with Jingle quickly. Talk to him again, receive the item, switch clothes, and repeat the process. 🙂

You get the idea. 😛

He’s so sweet I almost felt bad for tricking him, but it’s the only realistic way to get the whole series, so I didn’t really. 😛

Starting to get suspicious?

Aw, looks like the jig is up.

He took it well, I guess this probably happens to him a lot. 😛

I thought I would be able to continue by using my dad’s character Bob, but…

I found Jingle and talked to him several more times and this is all he would say:

It doesn’t seem fair that only one person can get the Jingle items each year. 😕

I only got the Jingle carpet, wall, sofa, bed, lamp, piano, clock, and chair (some of these twice), but the Harvest furniture had to go anyway. xD

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Harvest Festival + Sale Day

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Gee, thanks >_<

This past Thursday was the Harvest Festival in AC:GC and AC:CF, and since I haven’t found the right town for AC:CF yet, I made sure to take a little time to partake in the festivities in Ordale.

But I hadn’t played for several days, so first I ran around town pulling weeds, and all of a sudden Franklin cried out when I was running by a tree — I didn’t even see him! Way to blow your cover, Franklin. -_-

I can see why… o_o

Franklin felt he would be safer with no silverware around, so he asked me to steal the knives and forks from the feast. I wanted to finish pulling weeds, though, and look what I found… 😀

My first golden tree ^_^ Planted with a shovel in my last post. It’s so pretty! I had an AC:WW town named Goldleaf once, but I think the name would be so appropriate for an AC:GC town with lots of these trees.

And a golden shovel tumbled out of its branches! I didn’t know about this playing when I was younger, just found out recently on the internet. 😳

As I got closer to the Wishing Well acre, this music began to play faintly and grew louder and louder until I was at the feast’s tables with the rest of my neighbors, who were laughing, drinking, and having a good time.

Tortimer was also there and gave me one of his many special events gifts.

And here’s a pointless video of me stealing the silverware, lol:

I didn’t mean to stop recording when I did, but pressing the recording button of my handheld camera with one hand and trying to press various Gamecube controller buttons at the same time is not the best video-making technique. 😛

My neighbors kept giving me hints about which row or column of acres Franklin was in as if they wanted me to do the dirty work, unaware that I was secretly helping him out.

Found you! 😛

And again. 😆 Maybe refraining from poking your head out every two seconds would make your hiding places more secure, Franklin.

He was thankful everytime I brought him the silverware and gave me a piece of the Harvest series in return each time.

But I didn’t do this too much because it looks like I already have all or most of the Harvest series in my main room (which was like this when I first started playing again after many years):

You can also see the fishing trophy that I got from Tortimer in my last Ordale post. Wonder what that medal’s for…

Tortimer gave me a cornucopia, which I already had in this room, so now I have two. 😛

The next day was Sale Day, which I expected to be like the sales in AC:WW, so I was surprised to see all these red bags!

Upstairs looked as usual, but I did buy the papa bear. 😛

Hmm… 2,011 bells…

When I opened the grab bag, I was surprised to see three items pop out in my inventory!

I opened a few more and got two pinwheels, this yellow one and a red-and-white striped one. 😀 They’re really cute, they spin faster as you walk. I bought all the grab bags, but I’ll save some of the fun of opening them for another time. 🙂

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Snow + Fishing Tourney

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Last Saturday I decided to check up on Ordale again for the first time since Halloween, still in rags :P, and the first thing I saw when I stepped outside (other than the junk and the ridiculousness that is my house) was snow falling! 😀 Though you can’t really see it good in this picture, there’s just a few flakes on my roof.

This weather report notice is labelled the same date, so maybe it’s Ordale’s first snowfall. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. 🙂

I finally started to pick up all this junk on the ground. 😛

I also finally answered my blinking mailbox to go through mail from who knows what or when. 😛 It was full of birthday letters, and there were two birthday letters from a few of the same people saying the same thing, maybe from previous years? 😛

I was somewhat reluctant to change my roof color and remove the rainbow pattern on the sign and door because they’re reflections of my tastes when I originally played this game many years ago. But if I’m going to continue playing in this town, I should have it reflect more of my current tastes, so I changed my roof color to classic red and removed the rainbow pattern from my house. Later on I’ll change the interior, too, based on what I have available in my catalog.

Yay, clean pavement! Though it’s already getting messy again. 😛 I want to make my first Animal Crossing town really beautiful, so I’ve been buying flower and sapling bags, but until I make a gridded map and a plan for where flowers and trees will go, they’ll just litter the ground. 😛

Woo, found a shiny spot! 😀 I re-buried the money I dug up to see if anything cool would happen, but I don’t even think it had a chance to become a money tree because I didn’t use a golden shovel. xD It just became a regular tree…

In my first post on Ordale I showed you my main room and upstairs room, but not the basement because I couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on. I think a notice pops up that you can turn the lights on with the Z button, so I should’ve payed closer attention. 😛 Well, here it is, a strange mix of storage, outdoor furniture, and a bathroom. 😆

Haha, me too Rasher, nice to meet you 😛

Um, I think I’ll pass. xP In fact, I went in for the day after this, brrr.

The next day I saw a character who looked like me on the title screen (which made me miss green grass >_<), appropriately carrying a fishing rod because…

It was the Fishing Tourney! Well, it’s not that special, I think there’s one every Sunday this month. 😛

I was eager to participate, but first decided to meet another new neighbor:

I guess my town’s working its way back up to the maximum number of residents you can have in AC:GC, 15. Spork just moved into my AC:CF town, too 😛

Wow, after playing AC:WW so long, it was strange to see Tortimer wandering around. He gave me a trophy, but I forgot to see what it looks like. >_< And I wonder how it compares to what you get if you win the tournament?

The first thing I manage to catch is this old boot. -_- Fishing is a lot harder in this game than I remember. I swear I press the A button as soon as I see the ball go under water, but it’s almost never fast enough to catch any decent fish. 😦 I don’t know what happened, some of my fondest memories of this game are fishing for hours in the rain catching tons of red snappers, barred knifejaws, and coelacanths.

Not really an impressive collection, but you can tell that I enjoyed fishing when compared with my bug list:

Haha, I remember most of the time I didn’t bother and just ignored bugs. 😛

After a few tries I caught my first real fish; it was just a sea bass, but I thought it might be good for the tournament, so I returned to the lake, where the judge’s tent is located.

All after the same fish 😛

I went to try from a different angle and found Freckles hogging the pier! Wow, busy 😀

Meeting Chip, the judge of the Fishing Tourney.

I can see why he was fired in AC:WW, this seems rather corrupt… >_>

Aww, I thought it would be perfect, the biggest bass you can get!

I started fishing in the river instead and these small bass weren’t too hard to catch, but with any larger fish shadows it was still just way too hard to press A in time. 😦

I took the small bass to Chip and he was only slightly more pleased with it than the sea bass.

Well, he was of course still happy to eat it. 😛 I wasn’t expecting much, but he could have at least told me the record I needed to beat. My tiny bass wasn’t competition enough, I guess. xP

Finally, my first (and only) regular bass I was able to catch! 😀

Only one inch larger than the small bass?! Oh well, I probably would have had to catch a large bass to win and f
ishing has become too difficult for me in this game, so I gave up.

Another shiny spot! This time I buried a shovel and a beautiful golden sapling sprouted up, but sadly it died.

Snow again! 😀 It’s clearer to see at night. 🙂

Wow, even if I had beat Eunice I probably would have just been beaten later by Pate.

Meeting Murphy, the grumpy green bearcub. xD His house location is my favorite, in a little nook in the cliff.

And yesterday I found Kabuki, who’d moved in the day before, making my town full! 😀 It should be interesting to see how long it will take for someone to move and who it will be, quite possibly one of the villagers who have lived in Ordale over six years.

I was really surprised to see this bulletin board message today! I forgot that AC:GC neighbors did this, but I think I remember now, it’s a really nice touch. 🙂

I thought it might be gone since the message was from yesterday and said if you snooze, you loose, but I found it! 😀

I tried again today in growing a golden tree, I hope it works! Gold trees are part of my plans to make Ordale beautiful. 🙂

I’m working on patterns for Dafdilly and Seahaven, but making patterns can take me a while, so bear with me. I hope to be able to WiFi and post about both towns this weekend. 😀

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Halloween in Ordale

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Happy Halloween everyone! Today I felt like checking up on Ordale again to see what festivities might be going on for Halloween.

The outside of my house looks much the same as in my first and last post on Ordale (and the same as it did around 6 years ago, in fact :P), only the grass and trees have changed to Fall colors since then.

I was hoping that Nook might be selling a few pieces of candy today, so that I could at least participate a bit in trick-or-treeting, but it looks like I missed out.

Still, I decided I would try to participate anyway and thought this concierge shirt I found at the dump would be a good enough costume. 😛

Confused at the lack of trick-or-treeting going on, I went on a search for the town bulletin board. The post office seemed like the most logical place for it to be after playing AC:WW for so many years.

But it wasn’t there, so I checked the police station next. Man, I’ve really forgotten how to play this game…

I thought for sure Copper might have some information about today, but all he had to say was that Crazy Redd’s going to come on November 5th. 😛

Well, I gave up on that and began a mission to rid Ordale of 6 years of weeds. Maybe I should’ve just looked for Wisp later… 😛

But I got it done in the end. 🙂 I find it easier to de-weed in AC:GC because you can focus on one acre at a time.

I have a few of these half-grown trees around town that have stunted in their growth, what’s up with that? 😕 I hope I can axe them down, or else they’ll be a real eyesore.

Wow, after all the weeds were pulled, the wishing well had this to say, which I didn’t expect at all. 😮 Ordale couldn’t possibly be close to perfect if it was an AC:WW or AC:CF town, I assume that AC:GC’s standards must be lower (which makes sense, there’s no gold watering can reward).

So I guess junk on the ground doesn’t matter? I wanted to pick everything up anyway, but Nook wouldn’t let me sell anything today because of the monthly raffle.

While taking that picture I finally found the bulletin board — right outside my doorstep. 😆

Still no information about what time the festivities start, but I was just relieved that there were definitely going to be some. 😛 After seeing the notice about buying candy, though, I was sure that I wouldn’t be getting any of the spooky series.

Trick-or-treeting began at 6 PM and this music began to play.

The first costumed neighbor I ran into was Freckles, who demanded candy as soon as she saw me walk by.

I tried giving her a pear and got my hopes up when she ate it, but she wasn’t pleased. 😛

My concierge costume turned to rags. 😦 I met many other neighbors and they conducted themselves in a similar fashion, but I didn’t waste any more fruit on them, haha.

Finally I found the real Jack, distinguishable as being the only pumpkin-head who doesn’t run up to you when seen.

I hoped my conversation with Jack might go differently from my neighbors’, but it was pretty much the same thing.

My already raggedy clothes were transformed into rags yet again, but when I checked my pockets, I noticed lots of jack-o-lanterns and jack-in-the-boxes there:

Hey, they might not be items from the spooky series, but I thought the jack-o-lantern in particular was a really cool gift. I think they replaced items that were in my inventory, though, similar to how rags replace the clothes you’re wearing. I wasn’t carrying anything important, though. 🙂

(I really need to figure out how to change my roof color and door window. >_<) Overall it was fun and I'm glad Ordale is now weed-free, but next time I'd better prepare by stocking up candy first. xP

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Where it all began

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I’ve been wanting to check up on my very first Animal Crossing: GameCube town from my childhood, called Ordale, for a while now. I finally did this morning and decided to share these pictures of my first town. 🙂 I’ll post them in the order they were taken rather than arranging them in an order that makes sense. That way you can get a feel for how lost I was wandering around my old town.