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Having not been to Ordale since Halloween, I decided to check up on the town again recently. In my visit, I got to see snow in Ordale for the first time in years, or ever — I can’t remember if I played this game much in Winter as a kid. I also participated in a Fishing Tourney!


When I stepped outside last Saturday, still in rags 😛 , the first thing I saw outside (other than the junk on the ground and the ridiculousness that is my house) was snow falling! ❄ Though you can’t really see it good in this picture; there’s just a few flakes on my roof.

Seasonal Weather Report: November will see a stretch of snow flurries, with colder temperatures at dawn and dusk. Take care not to catch an early winter cold!

This weather report notice is labelled the same date, so maybe it’s Ordale’s first snowfall this season. I’m glad I didn’t miss it! 🙂

Picking up the junk littering my home's pavement area

I finally started to pick up all this junk on the ground!

Emptying my mailbox

I also finally answered my blinking mailbox to go through mail from who knows what or when. 😛 It was full of birthday letters, and there were a few from the same villagers, maybe from multiple years? Interesting how the game prioritizes birthday mail above everything else!

Buying red paint

I was somewhat reluctant to change my roof color and remove the rainbow pattern on the sign and door because they’re reflections of my tastes when I originally played this game many years ago. But if I’m going to continue playing in this town, I should have it reflect more of my current tastes, so I changed my roof color to classic red and removed the rainbow pattern from my house. Later on I’ll change the interior, too, based on what I have available in my catalog.

Clean pavement outside my house

Yay, clean pavement! Though it’s already getting messy again. 😛 I want to make my first Animal Crossing town really beautiful, so I’ve been buying flower and sapling bags, but until I make a gridded map and a plan for where flowers and trees will go, they’ll just litter the ground.

Shiny spot

Woo, found a shiny spot! 😀 I re-buried the money I dug up to see if anything cool would happen, but I don’t even think it had a chance to become a money tree because I didn’t use a golden shovel. xD It just became a regular tree…


In my first post on Ordale I showed you my main room and upstairs room, but not the basement because I couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on. I think a notice pops up that you can turn the lights on with the Z button, so I should’ve payed closer attention. 😛 Well, here it is: a strange mix of storage, outdoor furniture, and a bathroom. 😆

Rasher: They call me Rasher! I'm glad that's out of the way. If there's one thing I hate, it's awkward intros.

Me too, Rasher 😆 Nice to meet you~

Freckles: What you oughta do is sprint around the whole village to shake off the cold! Yeah!

I think I’ll pass on that. xP In fact, I went in for the day after this, brrr.

Twin running around on the title screen

The next day I saw a character who looked like me on the title screen (which made me miss green grass >_<), appropriately carrying a fishing rod because…

Everyone, hurry! The Fishing Tourney is about to begin!

It was the Fishing Tourney! Well, it’s not that special, I think there’s one every Sunday this month. 😛

I was eager to participate, but first decided to meet another new neighbor:

Spork: Boy howdy! Do you live here in town, too, snork? This place is so rad. I moved here after my folks booted me.

I guess my town’s working its way back up to the maximum number of residents you can have in this game, 15. Spork just moved into my AC:CF town, too 😛

Tortimer: It's a fishing trophy. If you carry that around, it may bring you some luck. Who knows? It may help you hook a lunker! Hehh HOORF!

Wow, after playing AC:WW so long, it was strange to see Tortimer wandering around. He gave me a trophy, but I forgot to see what it looks like. >_< And I wonder how it compares to what you get if you win the tournament?

You caught an old shoe! Gross! Put your foot down and say NO to littering!

The first thing I manage to catch is this old boot. -_-

Fishing is a lot harder in this game than I remember. I swear, I press the A button as soon as I see the ball go under water, but it’s almost never fast enough to catch any decent fish. 😦 I don’t know what happened; some of my fondest memories of this game are fishing for hours in the rain, catching tons of red snappers, barred knifejaws, and coelacanths.

Fish list: about 75% full

Not really an impressive collection, but you can tell that I enjoyed fishing when compared with my bug list.

Bug list: fairly empty

Haha, I remember most of the time I didn’t bother and just ignored bugs.

I caught a sea bass! See? Bass!

After a few tries I caught my first real fish of the day. It was just a sea bass, but I thought it might be good for the tournament, so I returned to the lake, where the judge’s tent is located.

Eunice and Teddy after the same fish

All after the same fish 😛

Freckles at the pier

I went to try from a different angle and found Freckles hogging the pier! Wow, busy 😀

Chip: When you catch a fish, let me know and I'll, measure it for you. Nyuuuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Meeting Chip, the judge of the Fishing Tourney.

Chip: If it's not a bass, now, we just won't measure it. No, no, no. No way. No how. Gotta be a bass. Understood? Why bass, you ask? 'Cause they're mouth-watering delicious! Rich! Tasty! Juicy! Scrumptious! Snackable!

I can see why he was fired in AC:WW, this seems rather corrupt… >_>

Chip: Whoa there! This is no bass! Well, OK, technically, it is a bass. But...not the right kind of bass at all!

Aww, I thought it would be perfect, the biggest bass you can get!

I caught a small bass! Now, I just need to catch a small bass amp.

I started fishing in the river instead, and these small bass weren’t too hard to catch, but with any larger fish shadows it was still just way too hard to press A in time. 😦

I took the small bass to Chip, and he was only slightly more pleased with it than the sea bass.

So! This is just a baby bass. Hardly a mouthful, really... I'll measure it for you all the same, though... Hmm. 11 inches on the nose. A bass of this side just won't cut the mustard. Mustard? Mmm. Buurrp!

Well, he was of course still happy to eat it. 😛 I wasn’t expecting much, but he could have at least told me the record I needed to beat. My tiny bass wasn’t competition enough, I guess.

I caught a bass! If I can catch a drummer, maybe I'll form a band!

Finally, my first (and only) regular bass I was able to catch! 😀

Chip: Let's see...12 inches. Eunice caught one that was 22 inches.

Only one inch larger than the small bass?! Oh well, I probably would have had to catch a large bass to win, and fishing has become too difficult for me in this game, so I gave up.

Planting a sapling in the golden shining spot

Another shiny spot! This time I buried a shovel, and a beautiful golden sapling sprouted up.

The golden sapling didn't grow into a tree

Sadly, the sapling died. 😦 Ah well, worth a try!

Snow by my house at night

Snow again! It’s clearer to see at night. 🙂

November 13th Fishing Tourney Results! Champion: Pate, for catching a 26-incher! Catch you next time! Nyuk! -Chip

Wow! Even if I had beat Eunice, I probably would have just been beaten later by Pate.

Murphy: Hey! Just who are you? Amy, huh? Are you sure about that?

Meeting Murphy, the grumpy green bearcub. xD His house location is my favorite, in a little nook in the cliff.

Kabuki: Hey! I haven't met you before, meooo-OH! I'd remember a face like that!

And yesterday I found Kabuki, who’d moved in the day before, making my town full! 😀 It should be interesting to see how long it will take for someone to move, and who it will be, quite possibly one of the villagers who have lived in Ordale over six years.

Free DK JR MATH for whoever finds it! Woo! Go dig in the A acres! You snooze, you lose! -Freckles

I was really surprised to see this bulletin board message today! I forgot that AC:GC neighbors did this, but I think I remember now. It’s a really nice touch. 🙂

Check it out! I dug up DK Jr MATH!

I thought it might be gone since the message was from yesterday and said if you snooze, you loose — but I found it! 😀

Planting another golden sapling into a shiny spot

I tried again today in growing a golden tree, I hope it works! Gold trees are part of my plans to make Ordale beautiful.

I’m working on patterns for Dafdilly and Seahaven, but making patterns can take me a while, so bear with me. I hope to be able to WiFi and post about both towns soon. 😀

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14 thoughts on “Snow + Fishing Tourney

  1. Poor Tortimer you didn’t say “TURTLE” in his question 😆
    He is really angry with you 😆 I think he can’t forgive you ever 😆
    Kidding! 😆
    Waw! I put a lot of “LOLs” in this o comment so.. I put the las one 😆
    Btw good post, your posts are really long but really cool! 😛
    But I want an ACWW post! pleaseee! 🙂 Btw I really think that CF it’s pretty cool! 😀
    Well good job Amy! 🙂

    • I think you’re referring to my previous post with this comment. 😛 Haha yeah, Tortimer always asks a question like that at the start of the game, even in AC:WW & AC:GC there’s something similar. The choices raccoon, pelican or turtle in his question made me laugh.
      Hopefully there will be another AC:WW post this weekend. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I have AC:GC too but our TV has a problem and takes 8 hours to warm up and then I can’t play it really well because of the fact that I get sick from playing it (motion sickness… I get dizzy easily.) which is why I really like my DS. Because the entire screen doesn’t shift direction every time I move to a different acre. Man, I feel sick just thinking about it 😦

    • Oh no, that sounds horrible, I’m sorry. 😦 I’m not a fan of the acre switches either, but it’s only mildly annoying to me. The change from that in AC:WW is one of its many improvements from AC:GC.

    • You really don’t have to say such things to Amy. 😦
      I think her blog is really cool and i think her posts about her towns
      is awesome. Ordale has been abandon and left with weeds and
      trash. 😦 (No offense about that one. 😆 )
      but the weed problem has been fixed now and she’ll be cleaning
      up her town sooner. 😛

      I think all of her towns are interesting and i’m really impressed
      about her taking care of 3 towns. (4 towns in the future. 😛 )

    • haha thanks Jemma! 😀 It isn’t too bad, I don’t play the games for very long each day. Since I don’t have any hybrids to worry about in AC:CF, I can skip a day or two, and in AC:GC you don’t even need to water flowers!

  3. That’s really nice, townies burying gifts and leaving notices on the bulletin board like a treasure hunt 🙂 What is a DK Jr Math, btw? A textbook 😕
    Your house looks very nice all tidied up and with a new roof to match the letterbox ^_^
    Amy, huh? Are you sure about that? 🙂

    • Oh wow, I never noticed – Do house models always reflect your roof colour? 😯 I don’t know because I’ve never strayed from red before in ACWW.

      • DK Jr Math is one of the NES games available in AC:GC:
        They’re really fun to collect! 😀 Wish I could get the rare ones on that list like Super Mario Bros.
        Wow, I never noticed that, but they do! 😮 Great observation! Well, in AC:WW I think they’re always red, but my house models in AC:GC changed with my roof color.

    • Me too, it’s a shame they couldn’t bring them back in AC:CF. In my basement I have Donkey Kong, DK Jr Math, Excitebike, and Balloon Fight. 😛 I or my dad’s character might have more elsewhere, though, not sure.

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