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Well, this is my second AC:CF post, so you’d think it would be about meeting new neighbors, visiting the city, possibly paying off a loan or two… but I’m back to square one. I rebuilt the town I started in this post because the barn gate was really bothering me. >_< I actually like the barn gate, but it constrasts too much with how I want to landscape this town: pristine white paths bordered by bushes, neat gardens, and statues.

This is the white pebble side path I started to work on, for example. When I first started having doubts, I still thought I could embrace the barn gate by having rustic patterns near the gate, and elsewhere in town having the elegant style of patterns I truly want. But when I get a fancy fountain, it will be right in front of that old gate. >_<

So… I rebuilt. 😦 It was a nice town, but the gate bothered me way too much, so why start paying off my debts (I hadn’t even payed off my first one yet 😛 ) and catching all the bugs and fish in a town I’m not happy with?

For the town I settle on, I want either the castle gate:

Or the palace gate:

I love both of these gate styles and think either one would be fitting!

I first learned about the unique features in AC:CF towns in these two stickied threads on ACC:
AC:CF Villager House Style Guide
Town Layout Guide [3] – The guide to all town features!

I find all these variations in AC:CF towns really interesting, and now that I’ve started to collect my own pictures through resetting, I’ll go over which ones I like, which ones I don’t, which ones I’m hoping for in the town I settle on, and which ones I don’t care too much about either way.

House styles are still one of the most important factors for me in choosing a town. I refuse to accept any town that doesn’t have the stone/planked combination. 😛 Every AC:CF town has two house styles, and it’s not as hard to reset for the house styles you want as it was in AC:WW because there aren’t limitless combinations. For example, this stone house is only compatible with planked houses and colored cabana houses in my region.

In the house style thread I linked earlier, this is called the planked house style, which I think goes well with the stone house style, and I love the old cottage feel both house styles give off.

I like this barn house, too, but unfortunately it’s not compatible with the stone house, my favorite.

This is referred to as the colored cabana house in the aforementioned thread, I guess because of the bright coloring of the walls and door. Bright roof colors look good with it, but roof colors aren’t unique to certain house styles; the roof colors and house shape depend on the villager.

I really like this pink cabana house style, the pink doors are so cute! 😀 These two “cabana” houses look good together, I think. They’re only available in North America, just like certain other house styles are only available in other parts of the world: the pagoda, wood house, log cabin, and brick house (so I can’t get pictures of those).

I’m also really hoping for at least one bay, which is when a part of the river juts out near the ocean, and both salt water and fresh water flow into it.

I think it’s even better when the bay has a little beach attached, like here.

And it’s awesome when the two sides of a split river both have bays! 😀

Another thing I’m hoping for in my new town is a different waterfall than this straight one in the middle of town:

Since every AC:WW town and AC:CF town has a straight waterfall at the top of town, I really want my middle-town waterfall to be different.

This west-facing horizontal waterfall is the rarest type, according to the town features thread.

But it’s not my favorite type of waterfall because it’s not as visible as other types at different angles:

I had an east-facing horizontal waterfall in the first town I attempted to settle in from my last post:

It just faces the other direction. These are called horizontal waterfalls because of the way the river approaches the cliff, as you can see here.

Rivers that approach cliffs diagonally form crooked waterfalls, my favorite kind. 🙂 I love how they look at all angles, and how there is often a cozy nook on one side of the waterfall next to its pool. This is an east-facing crooked waterfall; I don’t have a picture of the west-facing version yet.

Another thing to look for in a town is the characters’ house locations, my favorite of which is near a waterfall:

It seems pretty rare to be close to a waterfall on higher ground, and even in this example it’s kind of a stretch. 😛 You can just see the picket fence of a character’s house in the upper left corner.

Being near a waterfall on lower ground seems to be more common because I saw this same set-up a few more times.

Like here 😛

This is the map of the same town in the above picture, showing how this house location looks like on a map:

The last example of this house location:

I guess I continued to take pictures either because I didn’t realize I was taking pictures of the same thing or because I just love this house location so much. 😆

And here’s the map of the town where the picture above was taken:

Woo, two bays! 😛

In that map you can also see a house near a pool, which is another location that I love. This is an example from a different town:

But I just love ponds in general and think it’s awesome when towns have a lot of them, like these two museum ponds from my last post! 😀

Having one’s house on an island has been a popular location since AC:WW. In AC:CF it’s even better because you can have one of your side characters live there instead of your main character, if you don’t like the inconvenience/loneliness of living on an island.

The above picture is clearly an island house because it’s right below the river split. This one is also an island house, but not obvious by looking at it:

So here’s what the map looks like:

This is an island house as well, again not obvious by this picture, but it’s near the beach and a bay. 😀

And this is the map, showing a fairly large island:

This is the last example I have of an island house, yet again not obvious by looking at the picture, but this one might be my favorite because there is only one villager house location on the island. Wouldn’t it be cool if your favorite villager lived on the island with you? ^_^

It’s a pretty small island, but there’s still room to decorate, especially since there’s only one villager house/sign.

I’m not set on having my house on an island, though. I would be happy with any well-shaped island! Islands with no sign-posts at all are actually my favorite kind, like this one.

But look at how tiny the island has to be for there to be no signposts! 😛

Here’s another tiny island with no signposts, which reminds me of Dafdilly’s island because of the three-space-wide beach.

The map of it:

Even the bridge placements on the island are similar to Dafdilly’s. 😮

There are other town features unique to AC:CF and AC:GC and absent from AC:WW because of the cliffs. For example, ridges like this are sometimes found on the edge of town:

They’d be fun to decorate with flowers. 🙂

Where I’m standing on the ridge above:

The opposite of a ridge is a long canyon between the cliff at the edge of town and the cliff that runs across town:

This would also be fun to decorate with flowers. The longer these narrow canyons and ridges are, the rarer they are.

Map of the town with the narrow canyon above:

Ramps in AC:CF are extremely varied and it’s interesting to see all the different types, but having rare/cool ones like this isn’t too high on my priorities. Even the most basic vertical ramp can be made interesting with stair patterns!

Another interesting ramp with multiple levels.

And this wide one is like the slope of a hill!

Look who I found in one of the towns! ❤ I'm glad she was inside so I could see her lovely house. 😀

I couldn’t help pausing my resetting to greet Melba, she’s so sweet. 🙂

I also met some villagers I’d never seen before, like Willow here, a bright yellow sheep; Merry, an adorable white cat; and Fang, a stylish-looking cranky wolf. I’m not picky about villagers when resetting, but I do hope I get some of my favorites like Melba eventually.

This is probably my favorite map I’ve seen so far: an island, beached bay, crooked waterfall (my favorite), two museum ponds, a canyon, a ridge on the edge of town, a ridge that juts out in the middle of town, and not one but two houses close to waterfalls:

This house location is near the waterfall at the top of town, something I either didn’t see too much, or didn’t notice because I was too busy looking at the waterfall in the middle of town. You can get a similar house location in Wild World (by selecting “border” with Kapp’n’), but can’t be in the same acre as the waterfall.

The other house by the waterfall. Okay, it’s not extremely close, but I still like it. 😛

This is another really cool house location in that town, overlooking a canyon and right beside a ridge! 😀 I didn’t take a picture of the fourth house location, but it’s a nice one too, right by the beach.

A picture of the ridge on the edge of town, near the house location above.

And the beached bay! 😀 I would have picked this town if it had the grass shape and house styles I wanted (it had one of the gates I wanted, though). Little aesthetic details like that matter to me more than the town’s layout as a whole. Still, I hope to find a layout I really like, along with those little details I want. It’s hard to say when I’ll find the right town; it could be tomorrow or over a week from now, but I’ll draw the line after a few weeks if I still haven’t found a town. 😛 Hopefully it won’t take that long, wish me luck! xP If you read all this, what are your favorite town features in AC:CF?

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18 thoughts on “Starting over on Seahaven

  1. I see that you care a lot about islands when talking about town layouts, and I thought it might be fun to post this picture of my huge island in WW :p

    That weird, right? (I made the picture with ACC-map maker, so that´s why it is blurry)

    • Wow, what a nice big island! I love the shape of it and the position of the lake, that’s really cool! Thanks for sharing. 😀 Yeah, I like islands because it’s fun to decorate them and make them a special part of your town, different from the rest.

  2. Cool I love your waterfall!!! 😛 The waterfalls are only for CF right? 😛
    And Willow it’s really sweet!!! 😀
    Cool tiny island! 😛
    Well in general cool post!!!! 😉
    Good job again Amy!
    PS: This is my favourite AC:WW villager it’s called Pretty….. 😛 It’s really sweet! 😀
    Nice new post! 😉

    • Well, I think you can have crooked waterfalls and such in AC:GC, but you can only have straight waterfalls in AC:WW. The only variations in AC:WW’s waterfalls have to do with how the pool and river below the waterfall is shaped and whether or not there is a rock in the waterfall. 😛 Thanks Emma!

  3. Have you found a nice town layout yet?
    I might also get picky on AC:CF. 😆
    I’ll be thinking about the ramps for myself. 😛
    I really didn’t like the slope kind of ramp. =__=
    I wanted this:

    and the other one below the pic. (The picture below on that picture from the post)

    I was hoping for my house to be near a waterfall in a cliff. 😀
    Somehow, I know there’s a perfect lay out with that kind of house
    location! 😀 I would also accept if one of my houses are on an island. (alone though)

    Anyway, I really *do* wish my Wii is here now. xD
    I’ll be picky on AC:CF,i think. 😛
    I’ll be judging the Main Gate,Town Layout,Grass Shape,House Locations
    and Ramps. 😆

    • I do like that wide hill-slope ramp because it seems natural, like something you could see in real life. And yeah, those multi-level ramps are awesome, but there’s only so many factors I can be picky about, you know? Or else I’ll be resetting for much longer than I already am. 😛 So I decided to not be picky about the ramps. (You can tell by the small amount of pictures I have of ramps; there’s a lot more in that town features thread I linked to.)
      I agree, it would be amazing to have your house overlooking a cliff and right next to a waterfall! 😀 I haven’t seen any like that yet, though; the closest was this. But I’m sure it’s possible, so I hope I see it sometime in my resetting! Having a character’s house on an island with no other signposts seems very rare as well in both AC:WW and AC:CF. Good luck! 😀 Haha, I’m also being fairly picky: about having at least a few town features I want (bay, island, crooked/horizontal waterfall), triangle grass, castle/palace gate, and stone/planked house styles. I’ve seen lots of great layouts, but not with all the little details I want (like grass shape and house styles).

  4. Oh wow, there is a world of difference between those town gates! The castle gate is a bit on the grand side for me but it’s probably the one I’d choose out of the three 😛

    A house right next to the waterfall would be so cool xD Noisy, but cool 🙂

    Yay, a picture if Willow! 😀 But she’s very… snooty.

    • There really is! Compared to City Folk’s vastly different gates, AC:WW’s gates seem neutral because it’s mostly a matter of what color you prefer. I think I’d like the castle gate, too, because it goes well with the stone houses I like. But I really like the palace gate as well so I wouldn’t be opposed to that.
      I would love to “wake up” to the sound of falling water every morning. 😀
      Oh, I didn’t realize Willow was snooty by talking to her actually. 😛 But I just found out on an Animal Crossing wiki. I wish Stella was in AC:WW or AC:CF, I really like her:

      • Something that cute’s got to be snooty 😛 Actually I thought her dialogue in your picture I thought she sounded a bit rude: Who might YOU be? 😛
        Oh I wonder why they got rid of a sweet-looking sheep like Stella.

        • Yeah, that should have been a clue to me. 😛 Though she also looks like she could be peppy with that bright yellow. I know, I wonder why they didn’t bring Stella back for AC:CF since they had a lot of other AC:GC villagers return.
          Thanks, I’m glad you like them! 😀 I hope to make something like it again in the town I settle on, but have the pebbles be closer together in the center and taper off at the edges. Something similar could probably be done in AC:WW with the white and pale blues of palette 12.

  5. Wow! Another City Folk post! Great! That’s one of the reasons I love your blog, it’s got variation of GameCube, Wild Word and City Folk posts!
    And I’m really sorry for not commenting much on your blog 😕 😦
    How’s your Pattern page going? I’m almost finished with my town paths (I’m pretty slow) but my WiFi seems to be broken! At least I’ll be able to take pictures of it, and I’ll try to fix my WiFi as soon as possible 😕

    • Another comment (sorry for flooding)
      The design of your town in City Folk is much more realistic! I especially love the way your town has edges, ramps and crooked waterfalls! 😀 But I also love the houses, gates and, just every little detail! 🙂
      With all these ramps out characters are going to do a bit more exercise 😆

      • Thanks! I’ve been working on patterns, but not really the pattern page lately. Other things have been keeping me busy: re-making the paths in my AC:WW town, trying to find the right town in AC:CF, and Emma’s Harry Potter/Christmas patterns are also on my to-do list. I really can’t wait to see your town paths! 😀
        I agree, those AC:CF town features are awesome! I still love AC:WW towns, though, I assume cliffs and such were excluded because of the DS cartridge’s lack of space.

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