Happy new year!

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Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a fun new year’s eve and will have a great year in 2012. 😀

Yes, this is my second AC:GC post in a row, but no, I haven’t forgotten about AC:WW or AC:CF. 😛 I’m actually pretty busy in AC:WW; I’m in the middle of dead spot testing in Dafdilly, so there will be a post about that when I’m done. As for AC:CF, I simply can’t spend a lot of time right now resetting for the town I want.

– I have a new little addition to the top of my welcome widget, it’s a note about my WiFi status that I will update when I’m unable to WiFi, able to WiFi, and when my gates are open.
– January’s information page is up!
– The pattern page. Sorry, things keep coming up to prevent this from getting my full attention, but my new goal is to have it up by the end of January.

But enough of that stuff…

Woohoo, off to the lake! Actually, at first I forgot it was taking place there and went to the Wishing Well instead. 😛

Looks like Eunice couldn’t make it ’till midnight. 😦

I found Tortimer on the way to the lake, but he’s on the other side, all by himself. Come on, join the party!

He gave me this noisemaker, which makes an odd buzzing sound.

Less than 20 minutes to go! 😀

Now less than five…

The music changed a few times over the course of the night, like at the 5 minute mark. Then when there was less than a minute to go, the music stopped dramatically:

Light! Music! Singing! And silly Poncho wearing a bikini 😆

And fireworks! :mrgreen:

I really like the fireworks in this game and how they’re reflected in the lake since you can’t see the sky.

Lots of green fireworks:

Watching the fireworks on the other side with Tortimer 🙂

Wow, a super bright yellow one!

Yep, they kept on singing the whole hour. O_O

Going back to the pier for the “finale” 😀

Aww, party’s over.

The countdown wasn’t going on in real time, I time-travelled backwards today so that I could experience the festivities. Then I time-travelled back to real time, the morning of new year’s day, when it’s tradition to make a wish and toss a coin in the Wishing Well:

Because of the word “healthier” I expected to receive fruit, but she gave me 10,000 bells! Thanks mom 😛

Tortimer was at the Wishing Well to give his usual holiday memento — today a diary — and provide wisdom.

Watching to see how it’s done 🙂

My turn ^_^ I had quite an audience. 😛

Why thank you, Katrina 🙂

Katrina’s here to fortune-tell for the new year:


That didn’t sound very good, so I tried again.

There we go. This sunshine lottery isn’t very consistent, Katrina. xD I hope you all have a great year ahead of you as well!

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18 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Haha, nice post Amy!
    Really liked the fireworks.
    I don’t have any photos, but I did time-travel the time back 2 hours and Sid. and I celebrated New Years at 10pm (the real 12pm your time, I think). (Sid. is not my boyfriend or anything, by the way. 😛 )

    • Thanks Kiya! I think it’s great that even though you can’t Wifi, you have several real-life friends to DS-to-DS with. I don’t have anyone to DS-to-DS with except for myself (since I have two DSes, one was my dad’s but I’ve taken over). Anyway, I hope you had a fun new year’s eve, it sounds like you did. 😀

  2. The start of festivities sure seems livelier than in ACWW, with all the townies joining in singing and clapping and yelling :mrgreen: Haha it would be nice to see reflections in the water as well as the sky 😛 Maybe for AC3DS? ^^

    • Yeah, I really loved when the countdown ended and my neighbors set off the party poppers and broke out in song. 😀 But only the neighbors shown participate in the celebration, the ones in their houses or elsewhere in town don’t even mention the new year when you talk to them. So that’s handled better in AC:WW, every neighbor is excited. 🙂 Woah, 3D fireworks, I bet they will look amazing in AC:3DS!

  3. I love th countdown in AC:GC! It’s like more funny in acww it’s all more boring in all the special days like Christmas, New year…. Katrina…. xD 😆 it’s a little cruel in the first letter…. why she says: you’re in for a bad year! That soooound bad 😆 But the last letter it’s better than the first 🙂 MUCH better! xD Whe don’t have any Katrina in acww we have a cat…. I don’t remember the name but she doesn’t apper in the day of the New Year I think! xD
    Good post! Love the special posts, like the Christmas one, this, the Halloween one, they are really funny!
    PS: You have “two” Dses waw sounds great I just have one and very old, but you know now I love my old DS xD 😛

    • I know, I didn’t appreciate her fortune for me. xP Katrina’s name is probably different in your version. I think she’s a panther. 😛
      Thanks, I’m glad you like the holiday posts, I think the festivities in AC:GC are pretty fun.

  4. Aww! How cute! The celebration is based on the same as Wild World but I love how many neighbors come to celebrate, in AC:WW You only get 1 or 2 celebrating. I loved the video! The neighbors look so cute celebrating, and the countdown “clock” is very different from the one in AC:WW, I think I may like the clock better in GameCube 😛

  5. haha, I’m starting to think Katrina’s letters are random on AC:GC. 😆
    i laughed a lot when you got the “You’re in for a bad year!” letter! 😆
    New Years on AC:GC sounds like fun but… Do villagers always sleep outside? O_O

    • That’s because they are random. 😛
      When it gets close to villagers’ bedtimes, they’ll sometimes fall asleep outside their house, and if you talk to them, they’ll wake up and go inside to sleep.

    • The DS only works with the WEP security, so if you have something like WPA it won’t work. That’s a common problem with WiFi on the DS, do you think that’s why you can’t connect? But if you do have WEP security, find out your WEP key and go through these steps:
      1. On the Animal Crossing start screen, select “Other things” and “Wifi settings.”
      2. Select the big blue “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection settings” button.
      3. Select “Search for an Access Point.”
      4. Select your connection, enter the WEP key, and it will give you the option to test the connection to see if it works.

      I hope something in there answers your question, but it’s probably explained better elsewhere. Like Mayu has info on her FAQ and there is a Nintendo manual online. Good luck!

  6. … Amy, When i had StarCity, While i was planting trees on my island, There’s a spot where a normal tree is fully growned, I chopped it off to make it a fruit tree but somehow, It died in the next day, I taught if you replant trees on a spot where a tree has fully grown, You’ll be able to grow that tree with success? 😕

    • For the most part that’s true. I think there are a few reasons why that tree might have died:
      1. It could have been a dead spot. I’ve read that dead spots can even be on spaces where a tree is located at the very beginning of the game (the default trees that come with an acre), so if you chop it down, you won’t be able to have a tree there anymore. But I’m not sure how true this is, I’ve read it a few times on forums like this.
      2. It might not have been a dead spot, and didn’t grow because there were already the maximum 24 trees in the acre (16×16 spaces) and/or the maximum 6 trees in the quarter-acre (8×8 spaces). This is a bit of a problem if you want dense forests or orchards. 😦
      3. Coconut trees only grow in the bottom row of acres and cedar trees only grow in the top two rows of acres. I don’t think you would’ve made this mistake, but I’m putting it here to complete my list of possibilities. 😛

      • wow, I didn’t knew cedar trees can only be planted on the two top rows of acres of a town! 😀
        No wonder my cedar trees keep dying if i plant it near Nookingtons. >_>
        (It was still StarCity when i planted it. 😛 )
        To tell you the truth, I miss StarCity. 😥

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