Happy Home Designer Update#2: Starting to build up my clientele

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A bit of a disclaimer… Keep in mind that despite this long post, I still haven’t scratched the surface of the huge amount of clients, catalog items, and unlockables in this game, which prevents me from making the best possible designs in some cases. I also don’t have the motivation to put forth all of my designing effort into these little houses & yards in the same way that I do when I design a full-fledged town, like Citalune or Dafdilly. And the main way I take pictures is from the little montage that plays when you finish a project, so I’m pretty much at the mercy of the angles they give me during that montage! 😛 But enough excuses — onward!


a mix of antique pieces

Alice's cottage

Alice's antique living room

Alice's antique living room

A cute theme to work with! And fun to see Alice again, a resident of Citàlune. 🙂


A Toy Day celebration

Curlos's festive living room

Curlos's toy workshop

Didn’t get a good picture of the exterior, whoops. The main room is simple enough (jingle series), but the back room was supposed to have a Santa-toy-workshop type feel except it’s super tiny!


an ancient bathhouse

Klaus's bathhouse

Klaus's bathhouse

This is a theme that appeals to me greatly, evidenced by the fact that I already have a room like this in my AC:NL town. I had fun with my choice of the acre that has lots of ponds, as if they’re ‘natural baths.’ And I loved how there was a rainbow in the exterior shots!


a Halloween-themed place

Tammy's yard

Tammy's witchy room

Hidden door

Tammy's bedroom

The main room is kinda witchy, with the door to her more festive-Halloween-style bedroom hidden behind a bookcase.


a perpetual birthday party

The fun thing about Bunnie’s house here is that since I have Bunnie’s amiibo card, and I have the game Amiibo Festival, I was able to put Bunnie’s cute little fairytale-style house that I designed into my board game town on Amiibo Festival! And I put her house right above a “fairytale park” I built in my board game town, so it looks quite fitting. It’s my favorite part of my board game town! ❤


a royal palace

Of course Elvis deserves something so grand! 🙂


a magnet for Santa

Came out looking like a better version of Curlos’ house, lol. The interior looks kind of busy from these angles, but I remember finding it quite cute in person when I was walking inside it.


an alpine-themed room

Nothing too fancy, but nice enough. Plus I got some good angles in the montage at the end 😛


a floral atmosphere

Aww, Bob, I loved designing for him because he’s one of my favorites and I’m a sucker for any sort of flowery theme! He is quite famous for his pink flowery shirt (that I alluded to in my design for his bedroom), so I think the theme is fitting enough for him. Though a lazy-cat-retreat with lots of food and cozy beds might’ve been even more fitting imo!


an autumnal atmosphere

I remember being disappointed by my options to work with for the interior, but I like how the outside turned out.


a nod to all things green

Well, I’d say she got what she wanted! Green’s my favorite color, but even I couldn’t stand this much green in my home. 😛


a sleep sanctuary

Sleeping when it’s raining outside is one of my favorite things in the world, so I picked an acre in which it was raining for Pancetti’s sleep sanctuary. But once I saw her getting poured on sleeping in the hammock outside, I was like “oh man, I messed this up…” xP


a zen-like washroom

Certainly wouldn’t have thought of a room like this myself!


a physicist’s office

I could’ve probably made this interesting if I tried hard enough, but I didn’t have the investment.


a mythical home

Julian, who I know and love from Citalune — how happy I was to design for you! And how happy I still am with this design, even though I’ve unlocked more fitting things for his home since then.


a nature sanctuary

Good luck cleaning that jungle floor of yours! xP *scratches head*


a cool coffee shop

I was pretty happy with this, seems like the sort of cool modern cafe she wanted.


a rustic ranch house

I think the inside came out cozy enough, but I was at a loss on how to make the exterior at all interesting…


a summery stronghold

Look forward to revisiting this later, maybe! The main idea that occurred to me at the time that I liked was to use gold-customized cabana furniture. Fun fact: Soleil is the name I wish I had given Lyra in Citalune, looking back.


a delightfully dotted room

I’m not opposed to cutesy things, but this is too cute even for me… I feel like this is just the sort of thing you have to design for Chrissy, though, if you want to stay true to her love of polka dots and pink.


a colorful toy box

Nothing groundbreaking, but fun! Felt the need to make his house the box-like shape to match his request for a toy box 😛


a relaxing island getaway

Wow, I gave myself such little outdoor space to work with by picking that acre! I like the inside well enough, though.


a fiery hangout

I love Phoebe, so I hope I did this beautiful rainbow phoenix’s fiery wishes justice. ❤


an exotic resort

I had fun interjecting some of what I perceive to be Pekoe’s personality into the design, like with the colorful flowers and pink bedspread.


an apple-inspired room

Not really happy with this, I’ll definitely want to go back to it.


a professional kitchen

I didn’t get a lot of great angles for displaying the interior, but maybe you get the idea? Edit: Ack, I see that one of the chairs is facing the wrong way!


a noble living space

Very happy with what I did for Colton’s house so far! I feel like I have a good idea for what his tastes are (elegance, grandeur, likes fashion & music) from having him so long in my AC:NL town.


a frozen world to play in

I feel like this is a little too austere for what she wanted (a frozen world to play in), but I like it at least! >_>


a winter wonderland

Two wintry requests in a row! Not much to say, it’s cute, like it well enough.


a mermaid’s life

I love the elegance of the back room even though it’s small! And I feel like I could’ve made a much better exterior design if I had more flowers unlocked :/


a mushroom manor

I liked this house a lot until someone I showed irl said it reminded them of something from the Smurfs, lol. Now I want to re-do it 😛


a farming homestead

I would’ve preferred to make the interior look like a farmhouse, not an additional farming area, but I was pretty much forced to because of the required items.


a place with good vibes

I wasnt too into this design, but sometimes you just have to throw something together to move on to a project you like better! 🙂

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