HHD Monthly Contest: A robot control room

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This is the first time I’ve participated in a HHD contest in a while; before this, the last one I participated in was Challenge #1: “The Sweetest Home Ever” — a theme I was excited for, but at the time didn’t have as much to work with in my catalog as I would have liked. I regret losing track of the challenges because now I’m missing some of the challenge-exclusive furniture, and missed out on a few cool themes >_< So I'm going out of my way to participate this month even though the challenge theme isn't one of my favorites! If you would like to visit/rate mine, the code is: 0698-5792-948

For the photo-op I invited Ribbot (of course), along with studious-looking villagers Mott, Barold, and Derwin.

The inside at a few other angles:

Yes Nook, shaking some maracas is definitely the activity that jumps to mind in a robot control room! >_>

And the outside has a few giant robots guarding the entrance.

Nothing mindblowing here, but maybe I will look to HHD more when it comes to filling in the longer gaps in my blog between the New Leaf & Wild World stuff. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “HHD Monthly Contest: A robot control room

  1. I haven’t been doing anything HHD in forever, ’cause I can’t post any actually good pics ’cause my L button doesn’t work. I haven’t been doing much ACNL because of that either… and I’m not in the best state for just BUYING a new system. Em cri everytiem. Ah well.

    • I haven’t done much in HHD for a while either, my reason more to do with preferring the traditional town based games. Aw, I’m sorry about your L button >.< I know someone (here on wordpress, lenoreluna) who sent her 3DS to Nintendo for repairing one of those top buttons because the warranty was still active; I don't know if that's an option? Or there's also the Miiverse option for taking pictures, not quite as convenient but actually produces higher quality screenshots. I'm sorry for your roadblock in playing and blogging and hope a solution arises for you! 🙂

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