My first visits to other islands!

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I have a pretty long tradition about blogging my WiFi sessions on here, dating back to Wild World. :’) My WiFi experience in New Horizons has been so bustling that I doubt I’ll blog about every single visit extensively, but I did want to highlight some of these very first visits of mine to other islands! 🌴✈️ (Also as a little note, I would like to play major catch-up on this blog, but there’s no mistaking that I’m behind as I’m writing, so using past tense feels most natural, sorry if it’s off-putting in reading this as a journal 😛 )

Cody’s Isolé

Cody's island fly-over

My very first visit to another island took place late at night (or rather, the wee hours of the morning on March 23), after my first day of playing on my own island! It was the most magical rainy night in mine, and still so wild and weed-filled (but in the best way); I was just really enjoying the vibes and couldn’t stop playing. Cody here saw me online and invited me to visit his island for the first time, which to my day-1 eyes, blew me away at seeing hybrids and fences and elegant outdoor furniture arrangements! 😍

Cody's flower arranging

I loved these curving flower arrangements! Such a great way to add a bit of fanciness to an early-progress garden ^_^

Villager homes

Not gonna lie, in a lot of these early island visits, and in many to come, getting photos of villager house exteriors was big on my mind! So I went around snapping pics of them, though sometimes not the most professional, as I wasn’t used to the Camera app yet.

Kaelie’s Avonlea

Kaelie’s town, which I visited the next day, awed my day-2 brain as well! And to this day continues to be inspiring, honestly: look at the way that rustic well so elegantly frames the entrance, and how the brick paths coordinate with the town hall’s plaza! The overall atmosphere reminds me a quaint, quiet, olden village, like one you might read about in a book… and after all, the name Avonlea is from Anne of Green Gables. 🙂

The neighborhood lined up against the shore is gorgeous as well! I love how it’s both developed in an Animal Crossing sense, in that there’s lots of landscaping done, but it still comes across so rustic and natural, like this is just the way things have always been in town. Also, each villager has their own little fenced in backyard area!

This isn’t Kaelie, there was someone else in town too 😛 Aaah, egg season

Doc!! 😀 My Citàlune lazy :’) I have a bit of an unconventional way of choosing permanent villagers, in that I put so much focus on their house exteriors, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about or grow to love them. I think it gives me the chance to meet and get to know villagers I wouldn’t have otherwise, and I’m truly attached to all my long-time villagers in my finished towns (Dafdilly & Citàlune especially, but also Suncombe), and relish running into them in New Horizons. It’s been fun to hear others talk about Doc’s ‘glow-up’ with his glasses no longer being painted on his face 😛

Andrew’s Island

I was really makin’ my rounds today, flying to every open island and taking pics of houses 😆

Pretty windflowers in Andrew’s yard! ❤ And some cute early landscaping with the fencing!

Experimenting with the camera app, this one reminds me of a snapchat filter with that clock in the corner… poor Andrew with the bee-sting 😛

Another shot of this charming early-landscaping ❤

Joey’s Sutsukesu

Sutsukesu is an interesting name~ it means Suitcase in Japanese, which was Joey’s New Leaf town name!

Again, I was so charmed by how well-done the early-landscaping was in this town 🙂

To this day, I still have zero duck-decoys to my name </3

Joey told me “this is the best part up here,” but I couldn’t follow xD

Celow’s E Komo Mai

Look at the sunset in this town *_* In addition to coming over to take pictures of houses, I also found Saharah to bug for carpets for the first time, and was just reveling in the gorgeous scenery!

I looove landscaping like this: so cleverly placed, asymmetrical, natural, cozy, while also being thoughtful & purposeful ❤

Layn’s Coven

I couldn’t help taking multiple shots of the fly-over ’cause it was such a cool view of the stepping stones & wildflowers below 🌼

The witch Layn greeting me at the airport ^^ Oh, and Saharah is here too 😛

Layn gave me an extra boot to complete my “recycled boots” DIY! To this day, I still have them decorating my house :’) Like boots that are taken off & left at the door~

Inspiring beach decor, and baby palms 🌴

Billy’s house exterior was a stand-out when I was snapping pics, and it goes soo well with the … hay? Not sure what that’s called xD

I think the lead-up to Layn’s house was my favorite part:

The handcart, the hammock… 😥 I know I’m getting rained on lying down, but the rain was so magical & went so well with Coven’s vibes ^^

Stopping to admire the trailing stepping stones & aesthetic weeds, which Layn was already getting to re-planting! I’ve learned more about how weed mechanics worked since then, but at the time, they were such a mystery to me and something I was so curious about. I think the weeds are gorgeous! 🍀

Staci’s Kippel

Ahhh, I didn’t get to take many photos of Kippel for some reason, probably because I was more focused on getting house-pics only. But it was still a memorable early-visit for me because there were multiple people from my Twitch community there, ad I saw a sphinx — which Staci had named 😀

Knimbley’s Valinor

Knimbley messaged me a screenshot of scanning in one of my ACNL QR codes into New Horizons, one of the first examples of me seeing that happen… and we got to talking and she invited me to her town Valinor! I was instantly intrigued as a Lord of the Rings fan, getting the reference to the land across the sea in Middle Earth (a sort of heaven allegory where the Valar/gods live).

Knimbley’s room is already so cute for how early it is! And she gifted me a peach chair crafted from the native fruit of Valinor 🍑

This really touched me, hearing about a possible Frodo house in Valinor in the future 😭 Frodo is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. There’s something so beautiful about his story: an innocent thrust into an impossible quest, which was not one he would have chosen for himself, but still volunteered himself for when the time came. He’s continually beat up on in fandom for not being as strong as Sam, largely due to his portrayal in the movies, which is not as complex and subtle and the books, and which has to “show” rather than “tell” the power of the ring by making Frodo weaker in a lot of parts. There’s a moment in the books, when confronted with the Witch-King & nazgûl while under their ‘spell’ essentially — because he had been stabbed by one of their swords earlier — he still has the strength of mind to tell them to F off, basically, and multiple times. He says “By Elbereth and Luthien the Fair, you shall have neither the Ring nor me!” which is kind of prophetic because it ends up being true, and it bothers the Witch-King so much that he cleaves Frodo’s tongue to his mouth with magic. There’s also his eerie wisdom for a hobbit, like his merciful treatment of Gollum, which if not blighted by Sam’s cruelty, could have led to a different ending entirely, in which Gollum would have cast himself into the flames willingly after possessing the Ring. And his sparing of Saruman in the end after the Scouring of the Shire, which led to Saruman’s end being being from his own servant Wormtongue rather than the hobbits spilling blood. And after all Frodo went through, literally sacrificing his ability to continue to live in the world in peace, feeling like he had failed for failing to do something that was impossible, he had to sail across the sea to Valinor to find peace. ❤ Sorry I never get to talk about my Frodo feelings so I wanted to word vomit them here lmao. I really look forward to seeing that Frodo house, if it happens, and in general how Valinor could develop, since you can do such dreamy, elegant things with terraforming ^^

I had the idea to do some fishing since it was raining, but my fishing rod broke super quickly haha xP So I headed home after that since it was getting late!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to more catch-up on my ACNH early island-life 🙂

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