End of March: Museum opening, new neighbors, and a magical morning

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As I expected it to be, it’s been hard to keep up with blogging while also streaming as much as I have been. Pardon the lateness, but I still want to record as many of these early memories as I can. This post is going to cover the rest of March 2020, that lovely bustling period of new openings and construction, new neighbors, and just the freshness of everything still being so new and magical.

Wednesday, March 25 (Day 4):

I found this old friend on an island tour! I have her as a permanent resident in Citàlune, so she’s a very familiar, friendly face for me. It was a no-brainer to invite her to Ithaelia as my first peppy!

Welp, my first time reaching full storage capacity… on day 4. This was a pretty big struggle for me early on, because I really liked the idea of Glyneth owning an undersized, not fully expanded house. Storage issues made that impossible. If I had wanted to do that, I should have made Glyneth a side character instead, but I didn’t know about the storage being tied to your house size before creating my town.

My lavish, decked-out museum is here! First impression was being overwhelmed, I felt like I was going to get lost with how many branching rooms there were 😮 It *is* so beautiful, though, and sometimes exploring the museum is a nice thing to do when you need a little escape. Really hope I can finish it one day ❤

Building my first bridge! I built it on the river that separates my Nook’s Cranny from the main part of town, for convenience.

Thursday, March 26 (Day 5):

A few early memories with Genji, who I got pretty attached to:

So it was Genji who taught me Joy ❤

I feel like this is such a millennial thing to say: stay hydrated~! Cute to get that reminder in AC ^^

Picking out villager plots so that new neighbors can move in and I can progress. (If I’d known better what was to come, I would have probably put them on the beach, ah well ^^)

Aw, such a charming group photo from a WiFi session on stream! It was the teensiest catalog party; I’d been hoarding some furniture items, and friends came over to pick up & drop them.

Lenore caught a coelacanth while in my town! 😯

Friday, March 27 (Day 5):

Pudge was the first to take one of those open plots! Makes sense, he was from the first island tour I ever went on 🙂

A magical, peaceful moment to look back on… Pre-hourly music. Shooting stars. My first star fragments. And a mysterious glowing hole in the ground ✨

Saturday, March 28 (Day 6):

The wee hours of the morning were quite productive for me! This is the ‘magical morning’ I referred to in the title. I think as long as ACNH is relevant to my mind, this morning will stick with me… getting to not only play at 5 AM, but seeing the sun rise, seeing the new day start, and having a friend over to enjoy it… it was just so special.

To start, Sarah from Falcore is the visitor I had in the wee hours of the morning! She didn’t judge me too much, lol, I did explain that I had gotten into odd sleeping habits during my New Horizons vacation 😆 I know Sarah from my stream, and she’s a big Pudge fan, so I think part of the goal was to stay over long enough to greet Pudge, who was still sleeping. It was Sarah who let me know that Nan took this vacant house plot! I didn’t realize about pressing A to the sign to find out who had taken it. ^^

You can see what I mean about it being a magical morning, right? 🌟

In addition to the WiFi session and overall beauty of this morning, I also caught the elusive stringfish!

Cute pic of Sarah and I together on the log bridge 🙂

Soaking in the morning light~ imagine really waking up here :’)

Keeping up the morning productivity, I also took the opportunity to do some flower organizing and set-ups for breeding.

I was particularly excited at the prospect of growing more hyacinth hybrids! They’re probably my favorite new flower 🌼

Stopping to smell the roses, so to speak, after doing all that hard gardening work.

I just felt like the perfect little peasant girl with my dress and ladder, climbin’ around doing gardening 😊

Lastly, as far as this morning goes at least, I took the opportunity to catch up on some of the ceremonies I had been putting off/forgetting about 😛 What better scenery to host them? Though a tad early to make my villagers get up, I admit.

I feel like that was some shade at Blathers, a “FEW” words 😛

The productivity of this morning fcontinued on into the actual day as well: I had a lovely time visiting friends’ islands, and friends visiting me! Don’t be intimidated by the amount of pictures shared, haha, it’s mostly just scrolling 😊

First, a few group pics of friends over in Ithaelia:

You can tell the Ithaelia ones from the out-of-town ones because mine are so much more plain and feature the dirt plaza still. 😛

Jay and I in Azimuth! Such a pretty entrance that has been fun to see grow over time ❤

Drewby and I in his town Jade Isle!

Aw, look at this baby flyover of Jade Isle! Another island I got to see develop into quite the impressive state over time.

Look at these gorgeous night vibes in Layn’s Coven! And which somehow manages to come across autumnal in the middle of spring (maybe it’s our outfits!)

Coven’s interior and exterior both manage to be goals at such an early stage in the game, I really admire it. Like this room full of cozy knick-knacks collected and crafted so far is just perfect.

Always love the view flyovers provide *_*

Sunday, March 29 (Day 7):

Aww, what a sweet phrase to see turn up, “population growing.” This was Nook saying Nan just moved in!

And of course, it’s Sunday so it’s time to meet Daisy Mae, the source of my fortune in the coming months! Her character design is super cute, despite the drip. Though I do miss Joan, hope she’s doing well and will turn up sometime in a future update.

Made some big catches!! The sturgeonfish as well 😀

There he be

Feeling…used, but in an adorable way ^^

Monday, March 30 (Day 8):

What’s this, Resident services under construction? Saying goodbye to my dirt plaza? 😮

Gave my room its first redesign that had some effort put into it! Couldn’t resist making use of these gorgeous Saharah acquisitions, and pairing it with the sort of woodsy furniture I associate with my woodcutter Glyneth.

Hmm 🤔

Haha, this odd dialog was in response to Bunnie asking me my favorite shows! There was no option for scripted series, which is probably my favorite… and I think some of the options were like anime or reality TV. I went with anime since I’m a Sailor Moon fan (a filthy casual when it comes to other anime, though), and Bunnie started rambling about robots lol

Charming group photo from another visit to Ithaelia from friends! Look at me spamming yellow flowers to go with my yellow airport, so humble 💛

Tuesday, March 31 (Day 9):

Oh man, my new Resident Services! This was quite the day. I kind of freaked out when I saw how it looked, because my Resident Services is smack dab in an area I planned to be very white, very marbley, very elegant, and I was wondering if there was a way I could reset the game over and over to get a different town hall pavement! I tried quite a few times, posted all over social media asking if anyone knew that you could do that… and finally loaded my game completely when I realized that this brown brick+purple roof town hall is something we all must share (for now, who knows the future). I admit, I’ve gotten used to it. Even though the pavement won’t match my paths in the area, I think everyone visiting knows that the town hall is something we can’t change and will judge accordingly.

A moment I was really looking forward to: my first hyacinth hybrid!

Like I said, this was a day. Beginning with panic-resetting for a different town hall pavement, and ending with my first and only tarantula island visit so far 😆

I’m glad I wasn’t streaming this, because I got to swearing heavily and trash talking the tarantulas out of sheer frustration. I’ve gotten some comments from people that they can’t imagine me swearing/raging ’cause I tend to have calm vibes on stream, but oh, I can

I really, truly just was not very good at catching them, but I persisted until I had full pockets!

My haul from the night… was it worth it? Probably not. I’ll take the stalk market.

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