Humble beginnings

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Ithaelia still kind of feels like a deserted island, but with the museum being planned, and my villagers and I moving into homes instead of tents, it’s starting to feel more homey, at least. 🏠 This is an account of days 2 & 3 on my island!

Monday, March 23 (Day 2):

My first letter from a villager! A sweet one from my boy Genji. ❤ I admit, I don't send letters to villagers enough, now that you can send them to actual friends! Also, I have a USB keyboard, which would help a lot, but I don't have the batteries for it yet…

Tammy is my hero for finally giving me this shovel DIY 🥺

After picking out the location on day 1, here I am getting to meet Blathers in that temporary tent location on day 2:

I think Blathers’ dialog is especially precious in this game, I really enjoy talking to him. ❤ I also love that he's back to his blathering self after that aspect of his personality was so absent in New Leaf. I worked to secure the donations Blathers required in order to justify preparing to set up the gorgeously lavish, full-fledged museum. Fortunately I already had quite the collection of hoarded creatures waiting ^^

In order to find more fossils for the museum, I received a vaulting pole! So I finally got to see parts of my island that I hadn’t yet, or that was itching to get a closer look at from the other side. :’)

Getting to admire my lower waterfalls up close, during a golden sunset. 💛 There are more waterfalls in the higher ground, which is inaccessible, so I still have that left to explore — an aspect of this deserted island theme I find especially fun in this game. 🙂

On my very first island tour I found Pudge, and he’s such a cutie that I didn’t hesitate to invite him to move in 😀 Plus, he’s a new personality type, so it’ll be nice to hear some new dialog around town!

Got my hands on a mirror, which allows me to freely change my appearance — such an awesome feature! I also spent Nook Miles on unlocking new haircuts, so from here on out, Glyneth will be looking more how I envision her (fashion aside, still struggling there).

Enjoying my first meteor shower in Ithaelia! 🌠 Not gonna lie, I did not realize that meteor showers had such valuable resource-significance in this game. I would’ve probably ‘farmed’ for more wishes, if I’d known 😂

Tuesday, March 24 (Day 3):

I think Glyneth’s cottage is starting to look a lot more cozy and homey with the scattered baby trees and flowers! ❤

Okay, I love how they made letter-reading so aesthetic with that tilted point-of-view of your house! And this adorable letter from Daisy Mae using clover stationery is the perfect way to show it off. 🍀

Tammy and Genji moved into their homes today!

So impressed with how well-designed the villager house exteriors are in New Horizons! Possibly the best house exteriors yet! I’m such a nerd for this aspect of Animal Crossing design; I know how the mechanics work for villager house exteriors in every AC game except for the GameCube version. And I probably know more about how it works in Wild World than anyone in the world, not joking~

Since my interest was piqued after seeing my own neighbors’ homes, I did a lot of flying to friends’ islands this day, in search of new screenshots to take of their neighbor homes. As I’m writing this post, my in-progress list of villager house exteriors in New Horizons is up, but it’s still a work in progress. Even if there are other compilations out there, I personally really like how mine is organized by personality (in case you’re going to use that information to pick your dreamies), and with links to learn more about the villager. Plus, like I said, this is a subject that has always been very interesting to me (look at the very first post on my WP blog!!) so it feels very personal and special to have my own collection. ❤

My reward for last nights’ efforts in wishing on shooting stars! Like I said, if I’d known, I guess I would have made that meteor shower more of a matter of business, than an “ooh pretty, let’s get some screenshots” sort of thing. But I digress~

My first time finding Gulliver washed up on Ithaelia’s shores :’) I know that feel Gulliver, the phone I had for about 4 years also had a cracked screen. 😆

I think the fact that Gulliver asks you to find mechanical parts took me back to my Wild World days, and so I guess I thought I was supposed to be finding the parts around town? As the screenshot shows, it was literally nighttime before I figured out that I was supposed to be digging in the sand for those spots that I associate with manila clams. I ended up getting a north- or south- pole (don’t remember the name). Very wintry and whimsical looking, and would be nice for the right sort of winter town. Not one of my favorite Gulliver items, though.

In one of my friends’ towns, when I was island-hopping to get photos of houses, I found Saharah! This rainy moving wallpaper blew my mind at the time. o_o I’ve seen more like it, since ^^

Lastly, if you want to see some of this as it happened live during my Twitch stream, feel free to watch this replay!

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7 thoughts on “Humble beginnings

  1. Hey, I really like your blog! I have Alice and Savannah in my town if you want a pic of their homes for your exterior guide!

    • Ooh, I’d love that! ^^ Sorry this is so late. Let me know if you want me to visit via dodo code (I’d be up for paying you a bit of bells for your time/trouble), or feel free to shoot me screenshots over at ! 😀

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  3. I really liked the way they designed the game to unlock your island in three parts, starting you small so as not to overwhelm you, then letting you finally cross the river you’ve been dying to cross, and finally letting you get at the wild flowers on the upper tier.
    Blathers’ dialogue is great in this game! Though I wouldn’t mind if he blathered less when I accidentally pick the donate option when I don’t mean to. One thing I miss though is the apparent lack of story-based dialogue that the NPCs used to have. I booted up my WW game recently and Nook just couldn’t wait to lament to me about how Harriet had criticised his style. I wonder if Gulliver was a scripted visit, I think I got him on the 2nd or 3rd day too.

    • Same, that was a really special progression that the other AC games just don’t have, very unique to the New Horizons deserted island experience!
      Hahha yes, I sometimes regret hearing the explanation at times, I do have to be in the right mood. :blush: I really enjoy those Wild World episodes too ^^ Recently I got one in WW where Blathers was complaining about Redd’s fake art, which was really fun 😀

      • (So weird, my other reply posted as a new comment but this one’s fine.🤷‍♀️)
        Hah, did he totally know who the fake art was coming from? xD

        I forgot to add in my comment, have you tried the thing where you take your letterbox on a field trip and get angled shots of other scenic areas around town? You take the screenshot right before or after the letter list comes up. I didn’t have many good places to do it but I found it’s great placed on higher land with scenic stuff below to the right.

        • I haven’t tried that trick, but I think you really jogged my memory that it existed! Like I think I saw it on tumblr months ago and then forgot all about it. Tbh I don’t have a lot of areas in my town that I’d use it on, maybe when a few areas feel truly finished. What I’ve been doing a lot is kind of drafting an area and then moving onto the next. I figure it might be smart if, when the whole town is pieced together, things don’t fit properly, I might have to make adjustments.
          That’s a good tip about higher land with scenic stuff below 😮 I love those little views! It almost makes me wish I was designing more for pure aesthetics rather than trying to add spots based off my fantasy worldbuiding theme ^^

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