My first wi-fi party

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Today was my first time WiFing with more than one person and also my first time attempting to host a “party” in my town! 😯 I was both nervous and excited about it, so please excuse any blurry pictures (because my hands were wobbly 😛 ) and that I forgot to take pictures of many key moments! I really need to get better at taking pictures during WiFi meetings. -_-

So what was the occasion, you say? Umm…back to school party? (Definitely not.) Perfect town party? (Sure! 😛 ) But really, I just wanted to have a WiFi session with several Animal Crossing bloggers I’ve met! 😀 Thank you so much Teru, Kammile, and Jemma for coming!

Twisk (me), Rain (Teru), and Kammile at the gate

Teru’s character Rain came almost as soon as I opened my gates! She realized her brightness setting wasn’t ideal for taking pictures, though, so she left real quick to fix it. When she came back, Kammile and I were there to greet her and we took a group picture! From left to right: Twisk (me), Rain (Teru), and Kammile 🙂

Party patterns at Able Sisters

I made some outfits for the occasion; the party hats are in the back row (I thought diagonal stripes looked good for those) and the corresponding dresses are in front. I had each of my guests in mind when I made them: Teru’s is warm-colored to go with Rain’s hair and light brown eyes (but it’s more gaudy than I expected, sorry 😛 ), Kammile’s is pink because her main character likes that color, and Jemma’s is green and blue to go with her eyes. There was also a random pastel yellow one. 😛 But I didn’t tell them which ones I had in mind for their characters; they could wear whatever they want!

Kammile in her party outfit on the island

Kammile wearing her party outfit, looking good! B)

Inside my house with Kammile

Having birthday cake and tea! We didn’t stay there long because I left to look for Rain. In later pictures Rain is back to her original hairstyle (it’s the one her face starts with), which I thought was a glitch at first, but now that I think about it, she might have gotten a haircut at Harriet’s (to look better with the party hat) during this time.

It turned out Rain was outside of my house, so here we all are having an emotion photoshoot. 😛

Emotion photoshoot

So after the photoshoot… 😆 Kammile and Rain checked out my house together and I waited outside. Not much has changed about my rooms since their last visit. 😳 I wanted to go all out for the party by completely re-decorating my town and house, with confetti and balloon patterns on the walls and fun music and interactive items. But that was an unrealistic amount to do in one day. 😦 I only had time to organize the games and design the party outfits and a few ground patterns like these balloons:

Balloons patterns outside my house

Yay, someone else is here~!

Jemma arrives at the gate

It’s Jemma 😀 And my town is full for the first time!

Jemma's yellow party outfit ready to go

Jemma saved time by having her own party outfit ready, so let the games begin! 🎈

Net fight as a four

My very first net fight! Thanks for that experience, guys 😛

Kammile asleep

Kammile asleep 😆

Waking up Kammile with net whacks

Trying to wake her up 👿 Looks intense in this picture o_O

Jemma in a glitched pitfall

Jemma fell in one of the pitfalls I planted for the King Tut race, oops! We had a decent-sized chat before we started wondering why she was still struggling! Jemma didn’t seem to still be in the pitfall on her screen, though, and she was talking to us and everything — what a weird glitch! It was resolved when she entered and left a building, good idea! 💡

So before anyone else fell in any pitfalls, we started the King Tut race! The reason why the masks and pitfalls were included was because everyone runs at the same speed, so some luck factors like tripping and falling had to be introduced to make the outcome more interesting. There was a clear winner, but I’m not 100% sure who it was. I tried to keep my eye on the character who got to the finish line first, but as other identical King Tuts arrived, it became confusing. I thought it was Rain because she removed her mask and I think it was the same character I was keeping my eye on, but I can’t be sure. Next time (if there is a next time 😛 ) no Nile shirts! 😆

Four King Tuts in a line on the beach

But the Nile shirts were good for another photoshoot! 😆

One King Tut falls flat on their face

We were trying to get pictures of ‘sand angels’ and this was the closest I got. Splat! 😛

Fruit eating contest

Next was a fruit-eating contest! I’m not 100% sure who won this either, but it was probably Jemma. I was expecting people to pick up a fruit, eat it, pick up another one, etc., but instead everyone picked them all up at once and began eating. 😆 My bad, I didn’t think that through.

Treasure hunt game

Phew, now it’s time for a treasure hunt with no rules or things to measure. 😛 This is a pretty uneventful picture of buried treasure no one had found yet, but if I had taken it a second sooner, Jemma would have been in the background showing off what she dug up. I hope everyone found a few things! 🙂

Kammile in a glitched pitfall

Kammile fell into another glitched pitfall. I don’t get it — Rain fell in one, too, and got out quickly like normal. :/

We also played hide-and-seek for a while (because I took forever to find Kammile; I thought she was inside Nookington’s, not outside! 😛 ), distributed presents, and set off sparklers!

Sparklers as a four

Enjoying summer while it lasts! 😀 I didn’t have anything planned after that and a few people had to go, so it was a good time to ‘party over’. I hope you all still had a good time despite the mishaps, like the glitched pitfalls, people getting lost, and flawed games/instructions! 😆 And thank you all again for coming, I was thrilled that everyone could make it. 😀

I spent the rest of the day studying, then I fell asleep early and woke up at 4 AM. I realized I still needed to water my wilted flowers before disappearing at 6 AM! 😮

Jacob's ladder left by Rain

I found this jacob’s ladder that I think Rain left to make room for fruit. Let me know if you want it back! 🙂

New constellation, called: just something

Yay, new constellation ^_^

Phyllis says Dafdily is a perfect town still despite the party changes

I was scared to check my town status after dropping items on the ground and clearing two areas of trees and flowers to make room for the race and eating contest, but it’s still perfect! o_O Well, it takes the pressure off to get Dafdilly back to normal immediately! 🙂

Feel free to check out Teru’s post here and Jemma’s post here for more pictures of this fun day! ❤

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19 thoughts on “My first wi-fi party

  1. Haha,It was fun 🙂 i hope we can wi-fi again! My favorite part was the King Tut Race 😆
    I don’t care about the glitched pitfalls 😆 it was kinda funny actually 😀

    I don’t know what kind of DS Teru was using 😳 but if i adjust screen brightness on my DSi,i just hold select and press my volume up and down… that kind of thing doesn’t usually work on some DS,definitely not on my DS lite 😆 It was already broken when i got my DSi 😆 Right Timing?

    • I’m glad! 😀 I’m sure we’ll wi-fi again!
      That’s a cool feature for the DSi, I didn’t know that. But yeah, on DS Lites you have to turn it off to change the brightness. -_-

  2. Oh wow I didn’t know that either! XD I actually enjoyed the glitched pitfalls too XD It was funny and it must of been scary seeing me talking while I was trapped XD Great pictures Amy! You got lots more than I did ’cause I was late 😳 Hehe Sorry about the bad timing 😛

    • I actually forgot at first that you couldn’t talk while in a pitfall (haven’t fallen in one in a while :P), so I didn’t think anything of it, but then I started to wonder, “is this normal?” 😆 And it’s okay, I’m just glad everyone could come! 😀

  3. You updated your header! I like the pic of you in the museum with so much bugs in 2 trees, hehe, at first I thought you weren’t in the museum and then I though: “how’s that possible?” Then I realized,,, aaah she’s in the museum XD

    • haha thanks, I like that one too, with my eyes peeking through the trees. 😛 I think the picture of you, me, and Rain setting off sparklers is really cute since we all have happy faces, pigtails, and party hats! 😀 This might be my last header for summer until the grass and leaves start to change for Autumn.

  4. Wowww… Your observations are SO spot on! I thought the warm design was perfect for Rain, and yes, I did change my hair to suit the hat while you and Kammile were in your house! Are you a Sherlock Holmes or something? xD

    Haha, I was going to ask about the fruit race rules, but it was too much typing so I just decided to play it the smart way xP Oh but I still lost didn’t I o_o

    And I was going to be really bad and hide at Harriet’s during hide-and-seek (so I was inside!), but I thought it was probably against the rules and came outside 😛

    Thanks for the awesome party! It was so well planned and I thoroughly enjoyed it! ^_^

    • haha, it explained why you couldn’t answer us; you were too busy answering Harriet’s questions instead. 😛 Yeah, the communication method in ACWW isn’t the best for game instructions. >_< I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway! 😛 I look forward to seeing your pictures, I bet they're great! 😀

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  6. Awww.. our first wifi party! I still remember this party like it was yesterday. haha. xD sigh.. I’m feeling the nostalgia agaaaainnn
    I can’t believe I was 5th grade when we started all this…! 5th grade is definitely my worst school year. My problems that year were only a BIT worse than now but the thing that surely changed was me learning how to cope with my problems and you guys were definitely one of the big reasons I changed bit by bit and found a reason to keep waking up everyday during those days. whoops.. out of topic. But yeah! You were college back at the old WW days, right? and now you have a job! Time flies by so fast!! and I’m barely catching up. >.< Most of my filipino friends are now in college and are busier than ever.. While I'm still here in high school.. and because of the government suddenly changing my country's educational system.. I have two more years in high school which makes me even harder to catch up with them! I feel so left out being young.. 😛 All of you guys are so ahead and i'm still trying to catch up and after I finish this "race".. turns out you guys already finished it long time ago. lmao. Sorry for sounding…depressing. xP I wanted to get this out of my chest.. Being young sure is nice but I wanna be in the same level as my friends now..I should learn to enjoy youth while I still have it, I guess.. and not focus too much in catching up. 😛 (whoopS what happened here omg OH WELL. LETS END IT BEFORE THIGNS HA PPEN)

    • Aww thank you so much for all your comments on my WW posts! 😀 It was a really sweet surprise and brightened my day, especially since I’ve been quiet on wordpress lately. I hope you’re doing well! Are you/have you been enjoying playing the Ruby/Sapphire remakes?
      I’m sorry 5th grade was so rough for you 😦 But it’s good to hear that things are in general better now because of your increased ability to cope, and that the AC WP community had a small hand in making things better for you, I’m so glad to hear that ^^ The AC WP community was a bright spot in a dark time in my life too, with the uncertainty of my post-high school future looming ahead. I’m a lot more at peace and feel better with where I’m at now as well! And I’m very thankful for Animal Crossing and its community for giving me such a paradise to escape to and make friends ❤
      Ah, college…heh, I never explicitly said it on here (probably bc I was ashamed, idc anymore), but I didn't go to a big fancy 4-year university and stay in a dorm or anything. I went to a local community college for a few years for an associates degree. So that's why I was done so quick; I think most people my age would still be in their last year or two of college.
      I can definitely understand how having some older internet and irl friends, combined with that change to your education system, could make you feel that way, like you need to catch up. But try not to worry about that, and try to enjoy the present and enjoy the rest of your high school years — it can be a fun time and has a lot of pros! 🙂 Along with its share of cons…but the college and post-college ages have their share of cons too. You'll get their before you know it so enjoy the present and what it has to offer while you can, building up to that future you're looking forward to!!

      • Omg you’re welcome? haha! I’m glad I brightened up your day. 😛 Aaah ORAS is awesomeee; it’s awesome experiencing my childhood all over again! xD Did you buy ORAS? 😀
        Yeah.. blogging and playing animal crossing was a perfect place to escape all the family and school drama. xP Aww :’) I’m glad blogging also became your escape. hehe and I’m happy that you’re feeling a lot more better now. ^__^
        Whoaaa really? I never heard of an associates degree many years did it take you? I procrastinate so much I’m getting a bit tired of school.. I feel like I just only want a job that has a good or average salary but I really wanna have my dream job at the same time. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it but I kinda wanna be a lawyer.. I have to have a 4 year degree then go to graduate school..which means more years to go…there’s just..too much work. Not fitting for a lazy ol guy like me haha; Specially because my family only has an average income.. I feel like my dreams are just too hard to reach for a person like me.. sigh. 😛 I’m just gonna end up dissatisfied of my life in the end. weh;
        Yeah! I will enjoy my youth while it lasts! Someday I’m gonna look back and say “man, i wanna be young again” haha xP Thanks for the advice. 🙂 I’m gonna enjoy my high school days until the very end..!

        • Yess I got Omega Ruby and have been playing it quite a bit! I love all the additions to the storyline and the pretty new graphics, and being able to soar around on my Latios 😀 Hoenn was a big part of my childhood too, being one of the first video games I ever played, so it was great to experience it again anew and afresh ❤
          It took me 3 years..usually it takes 2 years for an associates degree. I'm not really a good student, and decided that a path that involves lots of school is not for me. I have ADD and trouble focusing. I can always go back to school again if I feel I need more than an associates degree, but right now I'm content. Yeah, it can be a tough decision, good luck with deciding on it! It's really up to you: how you feel, what you think you can handle, and what you want for your future. I'm sure you can do whatever you set your mind to, so don't lose hope in your dreams! 🙂 But at the same time, if you feel it's best for you to let go of them at some point in the future for whatever, life can branch in many paths and there's nothing preventing the other paths from being fruitful and fulfilling as well!

          • Lmao i only learned about the latias thing VERY late in the game.. Overall it was a fun experience 😀
            Really? I didn’t know! I’m the same as well.. I can’t focus well.. If i have to study my mind seems to wander off somewhere else .. xP Even with that, i still manage to be in the pilot section .. Someone with study habits like me (aka skim for 10 minutes then im done) i’m not suitable to be in such a section! Specially my dream job.. Thinking about stuying for so long… Is gonna kill me omg… I have no faith in my intelligence so i feel like i’m gonna flunk out or something..sigh. Thank you for the advice again.. Yeah, i’ll probably change my mind in the future … Oh welp i still have 4 more years in high school to think about what i’m gonna do in my life. Btw how’s your life? Is your job rly nice? Haha any special someone in your life? COUgh hahaha getting too personal cough

            • Well I do relate to your issues! It sounds like you’re still doing fine in school, though! And yeah, the path of years and years of post-high school schooling isn’t for everyone, I think, but it’s up to you. Good luck with figuring things out, I’m sure everything will work out great for you in the end, no worries 🙂
              I guess ‘really nice’ is up to one’s personal opinion and view of it, but I like it! I love my coworkers and have made some great friends. ^^ And my managers are nice… I work at a store, and could work my way up to a manager position in a few years or so maybe. Or I could always look for another job or go back to school, I feel like my options are open, but for now I like my job!
              Ah no one ~*special*~ atm if that’s what you mean 😛 Maybe one day but I’m not worrying too much about it rn xP

              • That sounds nice! I’m glad you got a nice job hehe I hope you get that manager position soon xP Your life sounds very fine and peaceful now, i’m really glad! 😀 If I were to work in a store, my parents would definitely keep on telling me to get a “higher” job.. T__T Have your parents ever complain like that or they just let you do what you want? :O
                Haha! Yeah, you’re young. You shouldn’t think about it too much but I bet that someone is around the corner! hehe 😛 For now…enjoy the single life while it lasts I guess?? lmao xDDD

              • Thanks! 🙂 There’s nothing wrong with working at a store in my book, or my parent’s book — they’re cool with whatever I want to do, it’s my life after all! This is a quote I agree with on its outlook on life and careers: “Ambition is only understood if it’s to rise to the top of some imaginary ladder of success. Someone who takes an undemanding job because it affords him the time to pursue other interests and activities is considered a flake. A person who abandons a career in order to stay home and raise children is considered not to be living up to his potential-as if a job title and salary are the sole measure of human worth. You’ll be told in a hundred ways, some subtle and some not, to keep climbing, and never be satisfied with where you are, who you are, and what you’re doing. There are a million ways to sell yourself out, and I guarantee you’ll hear about them.” —Bill Watterson

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