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Meet Lyra from Seahaven. 😀 Yes, I got AC:CF recently and the first picture I have of me in my new town is of me in a pitfall. xP

My town map 🙂

I have the Ye Old Gate. 😛 I like all of the gate styles and thought any of them could be fitting for a town with the name of Seahaven, so that was one factor I wasn’t too picky about.

I wouldn’t accept any town without triangle grass or this stone house style though, which I love!

And this was my second favorite house style, so I’m glad I have it in my town, too. 😀

Seahaven has an island, and it’s tiny like Dafdilly’s, but has two signposts? 😕 Ehh. Signposts seem more widespread to me in AC:CF, though. The only island I saw without any signposts was this one.

More things about Seahaven that I like:

My horizontal waterfall 😀

This little ridge on the edge of town.

And two museum ponds, yay!

Aww, poor Blathers. Sorry, I can’t get started on the museum until I get some tools 😛

It looks like they added more seats to the Roost, nice!

The first item of business was choosing Lyra’s house. I chose this one, which is in a little canyon and near the lake. All of the vacant houses will be filled soon enough, though.

Then I went around town meeting Seahaven’s residents:

Friga was the first neighbor I talked to, and she gave such a warm welcome 🙂

Haha, oh Moe.

I’m glad to have Peanut in my town, but…

She chose the worst possible house location. 👿 The makers should just never have houses right next to a bridge. -_-

Whatever you say 😛

She reminds me of Lucy. That’s pretty cool carpet & wallpaper I’ve never seen before!

No kidding, Moose. 😆 Well, that’s all of my neighbors, but I also had to meet Tortimer:

No question there! 😀 Though he didn’t like my answer 😛

As part of Nook’s chores he gave me three saplings, which I planted in empty spots around town; and these flowers, which I planted on this dirt spot because I read that planting flowers speeds up grass regrowth. Speaking of which, I need to lay down paths quick because doing deliveries for Nook with three other characters will probably do a lot of damage to my grass!

I’m sure you know the drill for Nook’s chores: deliveries, writing a letter, writing on the bulletin board, and then…

I’m done! :mrgreen: I was hoping I could go to the city and get a haircut my first day, but Nook’s Cranny closed after this and I don’t have any money…

Home sweet home after putting in the carpet and furniture from my neighbors. Hey, at least I have somewhere to sleep, and a bedside lamp! 😛

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29 thoughts on “Moving into Seahaven

  1. baah!! I’m so jealous!! >_<
    You got AC:CF already and i still don't have a Wii yet.
    Maybe yo could wi-fi with Tess or Liam? 😀
    Maybe we could have a full party on Christmas Eve or something? 😀
    You,Me, Tess and Liam. 😀
    (Tess' new internet isn't compatible on her ds, She's trying to fix it with
    her dad! 😀 )

    Oh and good thing you got it, So… You started fresh? 😛

    • And SeaHaven is an awesome name! 😮
      Haven’t heard of it so, It makes it *SO* Unique!! :mrgreen:
      Haha,Since i love pokemon, I’ll name my town, “Oldale” 😆
      I’m sure of it and i’ll be updating my header and AC:CF
      Info page later.. lol 😆

      • .. =_=
        sorry about the comments,You can join them together in one. 😆

        Lyra also reminds me of pokemon and i dearly miss my Soul Silver Version.
        T_T Why dis i lost it?! >__< pls,pls…

        • I know, I’m sorry. 😦 I look forward to when you have it as well! My wii isn’t connected with the internet for some reason, I’ll have to look into that. But yeah, that would be fun! 😀
          I think it’s really funny that my AC:GC town Ordale was inspired by the pokemon town Oldale (when I created the town, I didn’t remember that it had an L instead of an R :P) and your City Folk town will be, too! 😆

          • lol, As long as i don’t own your AC:GC and it’s on a seperate game,
            I think it would be fine to me. 😀
            I like pokemon and i would collect every single game on the DS for it.
            I’ll probably be getting Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Not sure about this. 😛
            but i like it because of the mix of different games! 😀 )

            • Yeah, it doesn’t matter to me either, I just find it funny that we’ve both been inspired by the same Pokemon town for Animal Crossing town names 😛

            • haha, Sure Usagi. 😆
              I don’t even know if i’ll get it. 😆

              I always name my pokemon character names by their original but
              when i got white, I hated the name “Hilda”, Which is the name of
              original female character there, I didn’t liked it, so, Named it by my name. 😆
              So… When i got Soul Silver, I named my character, “Lyra”
              Same as yours. 😆

              Seriously Amy!! I wish i have my Wii now!! xD

    • I agree! 😀 I’ll let you know when I get my FC. My wii isn’t even connected with the internet right now, so I’ll need to fix that first.

  2. Wow, I didn’t see this post!! x3
    I haven’t seen many ACCF town layouts, but nice map! I think it looks balanced and your house is in a nice cozy spot! 😀
    Haha, I laughed out loud when I saw your two museum ponds. The symmetry is perfect! Maybe you can decorate that area later and make it a proper feature 😀
    Gala is really cute ^_^ I can’t wait till you get Willow; she’s one of my favourite character additions in ACCF 😀
    And in my Japanese ACCF guidebook I also… happen to have ¬_¬… Gala’s wall and floor are called the “Kicchin” wall and floor. (It reads in English :P)
    The extra seats at the Roost are nice, considering you can’t even sit on the 2nd one in ACWW! I hope you can have 3 guests at one time in the museum!
    You still had to do Nook’s chores? -.- I know they’re obviously the most natural way to introduce everything to the player, but they’re… such a chore -.-
    Adding dots so I can have paragraphs 😛

    • The dots are a good idea, I’ll follow your example. 😛
      Thanks! I saw some even cooler town maps, and some of them even had the house styles I wanted, but not the grass shape. I kind of sacrificed a more awesome, rare layout for the grass shape I wanted. It is hard to get the perfect town when you have too many factors, though, and I think this map is decent, too 😀
      haha I love the museum ponds! 😛 I was hoping for more ponds in general because they’re huge in this game!
      I’ll keep an eye out for Willow, especially at the city because you can see lots of random villagers there.
      And I think you can have more than two people in the museum because I’ve seen pictures of all four chairs filled! 😀

      • Wow, you’re chasing that star snow hard xP (Just kidding, you probably really want the triangle grass itself too :P)
        That’s so cool, being able to meet everyone in the city! I wonder if they’ll each remember you…
        You must have done your dots well; I can’t see them xP
        I add black (invisible) dots to my blog sometimes when there MUST be a space where I want it! xD

        • Triangles are my favorite grass shape and stars are my favorite snow shape, so it’s unfortunate they don’t go together. 😦 I guess I wanted triangle grass so much because I have circle grass in Ordale and square grass in Dafdilly, so it will be a nice change. Plus it’s the most classic grass shape and it makes the most sense to me for being grass 😛
          I wonder that too…
          Haha yeah, I made the dots invisible using the color #F4F3F3. 😛 That was a good idea of yours! xP

            • Sorry, I could be wrong on that =_= There are some very confusing Wikias online that all state that triangle grass gives star snow in ACCF, but when people give actual accounts of their towns, the combinations are like ACWW 😕
              Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see what you get in Seahaven 😛

  3. Mwahahaha
    Sorry, I just realized you posted this because Firefox (the browser which I have my RSS feeds on) has been acting completely insane the last few days.

    -Love the name Seahaven. Beautiful!
    -Lyra is very close to my Mom’s name, Llyra. Which is kind of creepy. Stalker.
    -Your character looks like Kiya.
    -It’s awesome you got City Folk. Now be super careful with your grass! I advise you don’t make your other characters yet until you are able to lay down paths
    -Way to go!

    • I chose the green eyes to be different from my characters in the other 2 games, but did think of Kiya while I was playing with Lyra because the names kind of rhyme and we have the same eyes. 😛 Yes, I feel the same way about the grass! I’m being super careful because it’s hard to re-grow grass once it’s gone, so it’s best to prevent grass loss in the first place. I should’ve just used someone else’s path patterns, but I’m stubborn about always using my own. 😛 (Better finish working on them now… >_>) Anyway, thanks for an awesome comment! :mrgreen:

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  5. .. 😯
    New blog widgets! xD Your blog really looks awesome!! 😀
    New pages, New Widget designs. Everything’s awesome on your blog!
    I was surprised to see Twisk… O__O Did you use an emulator for that? 😀

    • Thanks Kammile! Yeah, my pages had been pretty static for a while, especially the Trildale one because it was so hard to find the town I wanted (whereas it only took a few days of resetting to find the town I wanted for Dafdilly 0_o). I decided that I only need one AC:WW town, so I updated my pages and widgets to reflect that. Seahaven’s and Ordale’s pages are really minimal at the moment, though, and I’ll improve them later. 🙂 Yep, I used an emulator for that, my character in it looks just like Twisk. 😛

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