Cherry Blossoms & Bunny Day

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This post covers quite a busy time period: our first big event in AC:NH (Bunny Day!), a gorgeous time of year in the form of cherry blossom season, and also glimpses into the opposite hemisphere’s scenery with some WiFi visits. I also make big milestones in my island by inviting my faav, Melba, and unlocking terraforming.

Wednesday, April 1 (Day 10):

We all associate April 1 with the beginning of cherry blossoms, but I guess before the day even truly began, I was turnip hustling 😛 This is where I used to keep my more humble turnip stashes, on my secret beach! (Which truly was secret for a while, because you could only descend cliffs to get to it)

My turnip haul!

After depositing that, it was my first time being a bellionarire! Feel like that’s an important milestone.

Here are the cherry blossoms! 🌸 They were lovely to see, and certainly helped make my underdeveloped town look brighter, but I’ll have to wait for next year to fully appreciate this beautiful time of year in a more developed version of my town. I’ll also say that based on how I see my town turning out, I’m not sure if cherry blossoms will really suit it the best, but we’ll see! Feel like it’s always fun to see the trees like this for a week, even if it doesn’t match your theme/color scheme.

Thursday, April 2 (Day 11):

Taking the opportunity of a pretty sunset during cherry blossoms to do that town hall ceremony 🎉

Friday, April 3 (Day 12):

Genji totally hitting on me with my bee sting…

On this day I also WiFied in New Horizons for the first time with a friend I’ve known since my Wild World blogging days: Teru, who’s going as Rain from Arcadia, as modern tradition dictates. (You can also do a search of Bundeena on this blog for posts on visiting her AC:WW town!) Here she is waving to me on the plane ^^

A proper picture together in a cozy area of her island, which is in the southern hemisphere, matching her Australian seasons for the first time! I brought home a cricket, and we swapped some cherry blossom / Autumn goodies ^^

Doing some shopping in Arcadia! I was a big fan of these mysterious dresses and still am, though the hat is a bit much hehe

These turtles blew my mind! Couldn’t believe that they were hanging outside of a tank, and would interact when you pressed A 😮 I was really cracking up at them. I still haven’t caught turtles myself, but I love these guys and seeing them in others’ towns.

Teru’s main room looking charming, cozy, lived-in.. you know me, I love seeing knick-knacks used so well. ❤

I like this fancy side angle with a close-up of the sea globe~
And that’s it for this particular visit, but there will be more to come with Arcadia/Ithaelia visits between the two of us; we popped over to each others’ islands often to share our shops, visitors, and the opposite season.

Saturday, April 4 (Day 13):

I wasn’t lying, was I? ^^ Here’s Teru and I again the next day, this time in Ithaelia. Peep that shooting star 🌠

Really like this dark shot at the campgrounds!

Showing around my humble abode ^^

Sunday, April 5 (Day 14):

Progress shot of my home-grown hybrids so far! 🌼

I also started to put together a slightly nicer entrance to greet those flying in through the airport. I adore the shell fountains! At this point I hadn’t gotten the DIY yet, but a friend gifted them to me. Same with the streetlights, my own native ones are brown~

I really like this idyllic scene of lounging by the river with Pudge. Such a beautiful game. I can’t wait until my island’s landscape does justice to how gorgeous the scenery, graphics, and weather can be 😍

Tuesday, April 7 (Day 16):

I guess this is an odd little post on cherry blossom season since I keep popping over to the opposite hemisphere, via Teru’s town 😛

The sunset sky was doing something magical with the Autumn colors, I had to capture a lot of photos *_*

Love simple things like this, flowers along the riverbed ❤

Ducks around a pond, and autumn weeds, so perfect :’)

I love how rich the foliage is surrounding this bridge ❤

There’s something really well-done about the way perspective is rendered, and how things below or far away get fuzzy.

I love using dramatic filters when there’s anything with fire 🔥

Aaah~ after getting my fill of aesthetic photos, and perhaps trying to gather some acorns and pinecones, we head over to my town, where it’s early morning, around 5 AM, again >_>

Showing Teru the temporary kitchen I threw together! I liked it well enough, but it’s more brick than I wanted for Glyneth’s home, which I associate more with wood.

Matching Teru’s Autumn sunset with my green sunrise & cherry blossoms ^^

My growing shell furniture collection ^^ Can’t wait to arrange something more purposeful & permanent, but the beaches are the probably the very last areas I’m focusing on.

Wednesday, April 8 (Day 17):

Now that I have the campsite, and know that I can move villagers’ homes around as I please, it’s time to invite Melba!

You could never overstay your welcome 😊

Talking about the stars, a koala after my heart ❤

Meet my new character, Melancthe! She’s going to be a mysterious resident of the city of Ys, which is what I’m calling my elegant white beach-side city at my island’s entrance. The inspiration comes from a fantasy series that has long sparked my imagination for its amazing worldbuilding, in which Ys is an ancient, prosperous city of palaces, marble balustrades and terraces overlooking the ocean. I plan on dedicating quite a few pattern slots to this area, as well as moving several villager homes, the museum, and Melancthe’s house there. If you want to read about the real myth surrounding the City of Ys, check here, and if you’re interested in seeing some of the visual inspiration I’m taking for the city of Ys within my AC town, I have a l’il album on Pinterest. But anyway, talk like that is getting ahead of myself, Melancthe is still in her tent~

Woah 😮

Three stars is a big milestone early on in the game, since it’s the threshold for K.K. Slider taking notice of your island and setting up a concert there! Which is when the credits roll, when you unlock terraforming tools, and I guess it’s basically the end of the “story mode” of the game, in a way? Everything’s a lot more free, and less tutorial-based, from here on out ^^

Thursday, April 9 (Day 18):

This was such a big milestone moment I was looking forward to, unlocking terraforming! I was both excited and nervous to dive in to it ❤ And for K.K.'s first concert on my island, I requested Wild World, what else?

My first terraforming project, LMAO, so humble

Feel like this is a good emotion to learn the same day I unlocked terraforming, haha, those tools rarely do what you want 😅

Sunday, April 12 (Day 21):

This was the first time I ever moved a villager home. I was like hmm, it’s about 4 AM, the new day is going to reset soon, so better do this now~ and I had no idea poor Bunnie was going to show up at the town hall in her pajamas at 4 AM. 😆

ACK, such a familiar dialog for me this day. I was determined to obtain a ton of egg chairs for a game I was going to play on stream, which very unfortunately, requires the eggs I owned the least amount of: water eggs.

It’s not only Bunny Day, it’s also Melba’s birthday! Moved her in just in time ❤ I gave her a white cuckoo clock because I thought it would go with her white decor, not knowing that they don't put wall items up in their home. I was so surprised when I never saw the white cuckoo clock, but I saw several of the items my Bunny Day party guests gave to her xD

This is where I put Melba’s house: on the beach for now, for terraforming purposes. I started the process to move all my villager homes to the beach so that I can terraform freely without them getting in the way. I hope Melba’s house can work well in maybe a woodsy area of town one day ^^

This is the game we played: musical chairs, or eggs!

Drewby was the winner 😀

I’m glad I got a few group photos in this area! Group photo opps are the entire reason this spot existed at all, and why I set up 8 chairs! With terraforming unlocked, I was eyeing this area next for demolition, so it was really nice to get some good pics before tearing it down.

All in all, I enjoyed cherry blossom season, and Bunny Day is certainly funny to look back on, with how intense the fandom reaction was xD I think it bothered me less than some, all the eggs. But it did bother me a little that the cherry blossom DIYs and bunny day DIYs seemed to compete with each other in spawning, and I never did get all the cherry blossom ones. Ah well, maybe next year! 🌸

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