The rest of April: bulldozing, bushes, art, oh my

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Read → The rest of April: bulldozing, bushes, art, oh my

This post covers the rest of April: villager shenanigans and move-ins and move-outs, island progress and de-progress (in a way), and the exciting update that brought us Leif, Redd, art, and bushes.

Monday, April 13 (Day 22):

Even though she didn’t put it in her house, Melba acted like she enjoyed the white cuckoo clock. I’ll try to do better next year, I’ve heard there are some guides that will tell you what villagers like best as gifts.

I’m still getting used to & relishing having old favorite Melba in this new game, where I can watch her do things I haven’t seen her do before, like lifting weights, doing the airplane run, etc.

Tuesday, April 14 (Day 23):

Melba will have a new normal buddy to be studious with: Chevre!

Chevre was absolutely a must-have because of her gorgeous white house, the exact architecture I want for my city of Ys area. Until I know what I’m doing though, her house has to remain on the beach, and you can see another home on the beach (Bunnie’s) in the background. That’s definitely the stage of townbuilding I’m at, just trying to figure out what I’m doing and trying to keep my land clear for experimentation! Also, the holes you see in the pic are from working on a gridded map of my island.

Wednesday, April 15 (Day 24):

Right there with you Pudge, big mood

LOL, this backhanded compliment from Melba

So this is my reputation now… 😛 I do think this is interesting though. If you remember, in this post Bunnie asked me what my favorite shows are, and out of a lack of options I went with anime. And because villagers talk, it found its way to Melba… kind of a cool little detail. In the past, it was mainly nicknames and catchphrases that got passed around, not actual information from conversations.

Thursday, April 16 (Day 25):

Map update and current neighbors! I might have glossed over some things (trying to keep these catch-up posts from being too overwhelming). But here’s a little overview of the villagers.
Tammy & Genji: Starters!
Pudge & Bunnie: Early Nook-Mile-Island move-ins (still have the basic house)
Nan: random move-in, but not from another town (still has the basic house)
Chops: my first camper
Peanut: I adopted her from a friend’s town because I was looking to boost my island rating (and indeed, she helped boost it a star)
Melba & Chevre: Campsite invites
Elvis: Campsite invite because I was curious what his house was like, since he’s such a fancy figure. Didn’t end up liking his house exterior.

Aaah, the good ol’ what-would-you-do-if-you-won-the-lottery conversation

Melba in her glasses! 😍

Big catch!! Didn’t need to hunt for it or need bait, just saw a big shadow and went for it 😀

Saturday, April 18 (Day 26):

What an angel ❤ I think it’s pretty neat how villagers of any personality type will sometimes give you medicine when you’re stung, and sometimes not. In New Leaf it was just the uchi villagers who would.

Looks like the perfect spring scene, reading a book under the shade of trees while bees buzz around flowers nearby 🌷

A nice zoomed out view of this scene! Credit and love to Teru for editing this picture for me, which I took incorrectly in the screenshot menu (it had text all over it >_<)!

Yess I approve of the astronomy references ^_^

Sunday, April 19 (Day 27):

Bunnie laying the smackdown on poor Chops with his lil donut…
He was always carrying around a donut, including when I met him in the campsite.

Working on inviting a replacement for Chops: an old friend, Colton! I love smug dialog, haha ^^

This was a really cool villager to see wander in from a friend’s town! Megan is one of the few villagers brand new to New Horizons, so it was really fun to get to know her. Such a bright, large (lol) figure around town, and a gorgeous house exterior ^^ She’s here to replace Peanut leaving, I believe!

Aah, a book from before Shrunk lost his Dr title? Whatever happened to Shrunk?

Wednesday, April 22 (Day 30):

Aah, I think this was the day I booted poor Chops! I felt kind of bad because I never said goodbye. It happens really fast, and I think I did it at like 4 AM, so there wasn’t a lot of time to say goodbye.

The loan for Glyneth’s house starting to get really pricy o_o I’ve been pouring into upgrades pretty heavily out of a desire for more storage, and also eagerness for being able to customize the outside! Kind of miss being able to customize the outside at any stage in the house’s development, like the New Leaf days.

The source of my loan payments >_>

And I guess this is a pretty big deal as island development goes: I bulldozed everything! Bulldozing was quite an accomplishment in itself, I had soooo many flowers. It was ridiculous, it took days to move over the flowers and clear all the land (trees, etc.) for flattening. And even more daunting will be building up the island again from scratch, but I think it’s the right call since I don’t plan on referring to my original map at all.

And it was a big day in other ways too: that amazing update bringing us Leif and Redd! It still might be my favorite update so far, adding bushes and art was soo exciting ❤ 😀

Thursday, April 23 (Day 31):

Back when the morning announcements were lit:

Ahh, so odd to see such a bustling morning announcement, compared to what they’re like now!

I told you they would be studious buddies together ❤ Also, let me just say it’s super wild for me to see these early entrance experiments again. I almost forgot how much I struggled with it!

Love this little shot of island life :3

Check out that size difference between the two bears 😮

Saturday, April 25 (Day 33):

Might be. 👍 Gosh I love Crazy Redd, one of my favorite NPCs. So glad to have him back!

First time in his treasure trawler — it’s so dark! I’m sure ya’ll already know and feel the pain and struggle of Redd’s appearance rate, so I don’t need to go into that too much. Definitely wish he popped up more, but I guess it might make it less special?

I also hosted a fun little multiplayer party on this day! We had a hedge maze (pictured), sumo, and my favorite game of musical chairs ever. I think someone’s connection wasn’t good, so this game of musical chairs was *super* glitchy and wonky, and it was absolutely hilarious. Couldn’t have planned for it to happen, just a happy accident. It’s 100% my favorite on-stream moment ever, and I’m so sad I don’t have the full vod/video anymore. But honestly, I’m glad I started streaming, if not just for this moment of what I call “musical chairs from hell.” I do have a clip of it, but it was from when I first started to notice things were laggy, so the clip mostly just captures my initial confusion:

Cute group photo from the WiFi party, during K.K.’s performance ❤

Later that night I did more entrance experimentation! This is a lot closer to how it ended up being ^_^

Sunday, April 26 (Day 34):

But not quite! This was the breakthrough and the blueprint for how my entrance has ended up being, long-term:

This was a really big moment for me in building confidence & hope that I could one day sculpt the island of my dreams if I put in enough work & trial-and-error. Because I really like what this entrance does: it helps hide how close & unaligned the town hall is from the airport It will one day show off a diagonal pattern path I hope to make. It helps establish the sort of dreamy, cliff-lined, waterfall-filled, beachy area that I want for my city of Ys. And the inclines near the town hall help bring the town hall into the terraforming more, so that the building looks less out of place sitting there in the middle of it all. I’m really happy with this entrance and have almost sort of gotten attached to it… so, even if I could do the cliffs a little differently, or alter waterfall placements, I almost don’t want to? I’m attached to it the way it is, and I think that’s worth something ❤

I guess I was in the mood to capture bits of my island I was happy with the progress of, ’cause I took this screenshot of my ‘secret garden’ the same day! I feel very similarly towards the secret garden that I do towards my entrance. Very attached to it at this point, which makes me not want to edit it xD

Tuesday, April 28 (Day 36):

The entrance has its flaws, though, I suppose! Villagers love to sit under this tree and it’s really frustrating, lmao.

Thursday, April 30 (Day 38):

This became something I was quite amused by. It felt like Pudge was always giving me negative emotions, and would just stand there grinning as I tried them out.

Another one 😛

And on that note, haha, that about wraps up the rest of April! Pardon the length. It just feels really good to be preserving these memories and catching up on blogging, so I can begin blogging about more relevant things and not always be stuck in the past. Sticking to months or holidays feels like the best way to organize the passage of time, hence this post covering the rest of April. Anyway, thank you for reading! 🙂

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