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Hello again, long time no post~! Understatement of the century 😅 At one point it was my goal to use this blog for New Horizons gameplay, in the same way as I always did for past Animal Crossing towns and games. But I think I have to face reality that I’ve fallen way behind in sharing about those daily happenings to hope to ever catch up, and honestly, to ever use this blog in quite the same way that I used to. But I’d like to keep using this blog, so I’m hoping for future posts, to skip to a more manageable, recent state of my islands to pick up from!

But first of all, I’d like to reminisce a little about my earlier days in New Horizons, since it’s possible I won’t ever blog about those days in fine detail:

✨ How nervous I was about terraforming! I’m so much more comfortable now, it’s fun to look back on my early uncertainty.
✨ The increased amount of meet-ups! Back in Wild World and New Leaf I prided myself in being fairly social in WiFi meetups, and blogged about practically every single such occasion here. But that was nothing compared to early New Horizons, I had way too many visits with friends and flew to way too many islands to keep up with blogging about them here!
✨ That turnip hustle… converting 2 million bells into turnips, dumping them in a field, and crossing my fingers as I watched turnip channels in Discord servers
✨ The hype in my Discord when a community member had a villager crafting a cool DIY, and resulting cavalcade of us all flying there at once. Hey, anything for that iron garden bench~
✨ Sharing every little NPC visitor with each other, though Celeste was always most hype!
✨ The coziness of meteor shower watching parties 😌

Memorable Memories

Speaking of meteor shower parties, I’ll probably always remember this one because of a special guest.

Flick 😳

Catalog Party

The need for cooperative catalog parties is practically obsolete now that treasure islands are a thing! But this early-game catalog party ended up being quite the event… something that was going to be a humble table-sharing party (we joked that it was hard to find cute tables at the beginning of the game!) ended up becoming a town-covering, ambitious catalog party of other treasures too. It was a cleanup nightmare, and we also had all these weird glitches where people couldn’t drop their items 😂 Never again….

I structured everyone’s piles into little labeled sections that ended up looking like a French garden

Low-Level Multiplayer Games

Titled as such because they were significantly less effort than some of the later activities. Think obstacle courses, and of course, the iconic sumo:

It’s a little wistful to look back on because I feel like ACNH multiplayer games have to be pretty darn good in order to attract the same interest now! Stuff like this just wouldn’t cut it. But I’m glad we have those early fun memories, and maybe if/when Tortimer Island with minigames comes back, it can get us back to playing games with each other.


As a celebration for 1000 followers on my Twitch channel, I wore a Melba cosplay while hosting a game of Jeopardy over multiplayer! It was a fun time, and quite competitive until the end. In Final Jeopardy, a lot of people bet highly, but *no one* answered that the whale shark was the biggest fish in the game. I felt bad about how it ended up so I gave everyone the winning prize of a million bells.

Since it was such good fun, I actually ended up doing a second Jeopardy later! But I think I hit the sweet spot for questions’ difficulty on the first one, and the second Jeopardy was way too hard. The first Jeopardy game is still preserved on Twitch if you wanna play along — I trimmed the fat so it’s just the game, and it’s about an hour & a half.

Catchphrases for 100!

AC Live

This was a really interesting event to be part of! YouTuber SupaSenpai found me in the ACNH Twitch category, and invited me and some other ACNH content creators to be part of a competition, like an AC Olympics or something. I think at least a thousand people were watching it live on SupaSenpai’s channel, which is more than have ever watched me at once on Twitch. The event is still viewable here, complete with times-stamps.

How I was described, LOL

A celebratory shot from the results! I ended up getting second place with fellow Twitch streamer goodbye_eli. All the other creators were YouTubers so it felt fitting to team up with a Twitch streamer!

The event was fun, but also nerve-racking, and I felt pretty dumb at times. We were provided tutorial videos of the different games that we’d be competing in, but whether it’s my ADHD or what, I am *TERRIBLE* with tutorial videos. Give me just about any other format and I’ll be better at learning something, even written text is better for me (but ‘doing it,’ like a trial run, would have been the best for me to learn). But yeah, I didn’t really know what I was doing during a lot of the games and felt like I came across poorly as a result… my shining moment was when I accidentally jumped off the dock during the Fishing competition.

Pumpkin Picking Maze

For Halloween I had a few cute events, one of which was a Pumpkin-Picking Maze inspired by the old Labyrinth tours from Tortimer Island in ACNL! Do you remember those hedge mazes you had to run through and gather a number of various fruits before the time limit? It’s the same idea here. We did one that was an individual contest to see who could find the most amount of pumpkins, and one that was a team contest to see which team could gather the most color-pumpkins (like team white-pumpkin, team green-pumpkin, and team orange-pumpkin).

The first group!
A later group where we tried the team version of the game!

Here’s a clip from the team event (I’m Team White-Pumpkin 😏):

I remember this same nail-biting energy in running back to the center of the maze, back in the Labyrinth tour that was the inspiration for this game! So at least that aspect was preserved, though I chickened out on enforcing the penalty on making it back in time.

Halloween Costume Contest

This should be pretty self-explanatory 😏 A Halloween classic, I’ll try to do one this year too!

Check out that spooky runway

^ Here was the first group! From left to right: Zombie Cowboy, White Kitty, TIMMY from the beginning of the game (see his flag? iconic), me as a sheep (I wasn’t part of the contest), Jilted Bride, Genie, and Donald Duck. Who would you have voted for as the winner?

^ The second group was kind of spontaneous, and smaller! Sailor Venus on the left was the winner of this one, and the Genie was the winner of the first group. We determined the winner through polls, and everyone got a lil prize. 🎃


And of course, there were the first year’s holidays to enjoy! I think holidays are always most fun the first time, and then lose some appeal for me in subsequent years (usually just too busy decorating in whatever season suits the town I’m working on). I also think holidays like the fireworks festival and NYE are the events most fun to experience with friends, since it feels like a party with the things you can get at the plaza. But I enjoyed the Bug-Offs and Fishing Tourneys for a while too, and I thought the Harvest Festival was super well done with its complexity of gathering ingredients and with the hemisphere differences.

My first fireworks festival : ‘)

Honestly, it’s pretty friggin cool that a few people wanted to ring in the new year with me online! What a sweet memory.

Of course, I’ve made more memories since! And had a lot of great time working on my islands 💚 I guess I’ve found that as the game gets older, I’ve enjoyed interacting with community the most through chatting together during stream. Or if we want to do some multiplayer, outside games like Mario Kart or Gartic Phone tend to be better than the sorts of things we can get up to in ACNH multiplayer. But I hope we can make more memories in the future, like once the Roost is added! And we’ll always have these memories of early-game shenanigans, which I enjoy…but I’m also very much the sort of Animal Crossing player that enjoys later-stage gameplay, since decorating never gets old to me, and it feels like you learn more and find more designs & inspiration to use over time.

3 thoughts on “Blog Update + Looking Back at New Horizons

  1. More posts!!! 😱 I’m so bad at keeping up with the blogs omg x_x This was a lovely look back at your memories and journey from the early ACNH days. You’ve accomplished so much, and this didn’t even touch on all your actual island-building work! You’ve hosted some really cool events too! I love the photos of all the Halloween outfits and from NYE. (I also found the bit of the event where you jumped off the dock – it was pretty good 😝)
    And I *totally* get what you mean about all the stuff piling up and needing to skip ahead on the blog. I think you managed all that in an elegant way with this post 🙂

    • I’m so glad you think so! 💕 I figured a play by play of completed landscaping isn’t what I would like to focus on, but I don’t mind going into those thoughts in current landscaping, and showing island tour type posts for finished things! I love reading your posts and the details you remember about your thoughts though 💗 I really appreciate the comments, feels like old times and is so nice to get an interaction here 🥺 Love you Teru! 🤗🫂

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