My first visits to other islands!

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Read → First WiFi sessions in New Horizons

I have a pretty long tradition about blogging my WiFi sessions on here, dating back to Wild World. :’) My WiFi experience in New Horizons has been so bustling that I doubt I’ll blog about every single visit extensively, but I did want to highlight some of these very first visits of mine to other islands! 🌴✈️ (Also as a little note, I would like to play major catch-up on this blog, but there’s no mistaking that I’m behind as I’m writing, so using past tense feels most natural, sorry if it’s off-putting in reading this as a journal 😛 )


Moving in to my own little slice of paradise

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Read → Moving in to my own little slice of paradise

I’m titling this post thus, because moreso than any other Animal Crossing game, it really does feel like we are given this little slice of the world to completely make all our own, from scratch, in the most peaceful and beautiful way I’ve ever experienced. In every new ‘main’ town (think the Dafdilly and Citàlune archives on this blog), I think it’s very special to record these early memories so that I can look back on them years down the road. :’) So that is what I’m going to do here~!


Thoughts on Animal Crossing at E3

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Read → Thoughts on Animal Crossing at E3

After development was confirmed for “Animal Crossing Switch” (as we’ve affectionately called it) back in September 2018, we finally got our first look at it during Nintendo’s E3 Direct and Treehouse game footage this year! Plus, a release date: March 20, 2020! Since it’s such exciting news, I thought I’d write a post about my thoughts and reactions, but feel free to not read further if you’re not interested in any spoilers for the next game. *image heavy* as well, might be best viewed off mobile.


First glimpse of Spring in Suncombe

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Read → First glimpse of Spring in Suncombe

I know that this isn’t technically the first time I’ve seen green grass in Suncombe, but it was especially exciting to see again because I only really started playing in this town last Autumn! This early-Spring grass is especially warm and vibrant, too, I love it! 💚 In April it will turn a deeper and more turquoise shade of green, so I’ll enjoy this current grass while I can!


Introducing Suncombe

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Read → Introducing Suncombe

Suncombe is my new(ish) Wild World town, which might sound strange to say here in 2019, but I’ve been really craving playing in and developing this town! Sometimes you just have to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. 🙂 Part of the reason why I’ve been craving playing in this town in particular is because it’s one of my favorite Wild World towns I’ve come across, and I’ve done *lots* of town-resetting over the years.


HHD: A home for Franklin

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HHD: A home for Franklin

I had some time off around Thanksgiving, so in some of my down-time I thought it would be fun to finish Franklin’s home in Happy Home Designer. I had started to design a home for Franklin a while back, but didn’t finish it to my satisfaction. I know it will be time to move to Christmas hype, but I hope Thanksgiving is a recent enough memory to forgive my posting this now. xD If you would like to visit, the code is 0979-7789-472. (I don’t get the impression projects are kept very long in the system, though.)


Citàlune town tour: Moon side

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Citàlune town tour: Moon side

I finished Citàlune! :’) I’ve worked on this town for years, but around Autumn 2017 I got a fire lit under me to work towards finishing it once and for all. If you would like to visit yourself first without being ‘spoiled,’ feel free to give Luna the address 4F00-001F-F5E6. But if you’d like to tour the moon side of town with me, read on! (Photo-heavy content ahead)