Dream Diary 3 — Dreamy Edition: Myrtille, ルリユール, Florence

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For this post, I’m covering one of my internal “genres” of towns that I describe as dreamy or ethereal. It’s an aesthetic I admire a lot, not just in Animal Crossing, I tend to love dreamy art/music & whatnot as well. In Animal Crossing, I’ve noticed dreamy towns are achievable through a mix of atmospheric conditions/lighting, along with the right sort of landscaping, like pale flowers and beautiful PWPs like lamps. But instead of further breaking down what makes a town dreamy, let’s just dive right into the magical beauty of these three towns 🙂


Happy Home Designer Update#2: Starting to build up my clientele

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A bit of a disclaimer… Keep in mind that despite this long post, I still haven’t scratched the surface of the huge amount of clients, catalog items, and unlockables in this game, which prevents me from making the best possible designs in some cases. I also don’t have the motivation to put forth all of my designing effort into these little houses & yards in the same way that I do when I design a full-fledged town, like Citalune or Dafdilly. And the main way I take pictures is from the little montage that plays when you finish a project, so I’m pretty much at the mercy of the angles they give me during that montage! 😛 But enough excuses — onward!


Dream Diary 2 — Town Edition: Scarlett, わかば, Termina

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To explain the title a bit, in my head there are various different genres of towns, and one of my favorites is just a plain old, regular, cozy AC town. Still developed and creative and whatnot, mind you, just not an elaborately fancy theme beyond a cozy Animal Crossing village. I really like towns like this, and it’s the sort of ‘theme’ I want my side town Bywater to have one day. That’s the edition of today’s dream diary, and it’s probably an edition that will return in the future.


Dream Diary 1 — Favorites Edition: Sugardew, Angie’s Towns, North

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I’ve been toying with the idea of making ‘dream diary’ posts on WordPress for a while now, and even contemplated making a new blog just for posts like this. But in the end I decided I quite like only having one AC blog to keep up with, so I’m just going to have the dream diary entries become a little side-segment here on A Forest Life that I’ll do every now and then. I like the idea of not only posting about my own town and WiFi friends’ towns, but also showcasing some of the other wonderful towns out there in the AC:NL universe 🙂


Beginning of April: Cherry Blossoms in Citàlune

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Instead of splitting April neatly in half for its two posts, I’m going to have one post be for the cherry blossom festival and one be post-cherry blossom festival, since the cherry blossoms are such a lovely and special time of year, and there are so many pictures to share. But before we get to those, there’s the first event of the month, April Fools!


End of March in Citàlune + some Bywater stuff

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It’s been a whiiile since I posted on regular town happenings in Citàlune, so if you need to refresh your memory on what happened in the beginning of March in my town, feel free to check out this post again 🙂
We’re starting off this post with a picture of Violet, which I took because of her new ‘dazed dress’ that showed up at Ables’ — which was one of my wishlist items! 😀 I think it looks really cute on her and sort of mirrors the diamond shapes that pop up in her house’s design, both the exterior, and the main room’s interior.