Cherry blossoms in Dafdilly

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This Dafdilly re-landscaping project has its roots back in the holiday season of 2015. Around that time I was feeling pretty burnt out from AC:NL, because I had been working on a new mosaic path for Citàlune that was proving difficult for me. And meanwhile, I have the sort of job that gets more stressful during the holiday season, so putting those factors together, you can see why I wanted to take a break from AC:NL. I found myself gravitating towards playing AC:WW instead, because it was more mindless and stress-relieving than pixeling a mosaic path in AC:NL, and easier to pick up and play in short bursts in my shorter amount of spare time.

But then, because I am the way I am, these little AC:WW sessions evolved into something much more ambitious over time, and eventually became a project to figure out what Dafdilly’s dream neighbors would be, obtain & place those dream neighbors in town through plot resetting (it works in AC:WW too!), and re-landscape Dafdilly for its first cherry blossom festival. 🙂 (Somehow, in past years I kept missing it!)

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HHD: A home for Jack

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To help get in the Halloween spirit, I decided to create a home for Jack!
To rate/visit, the code is: 0207-5772-957.

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HHD Monthly Contest: A robot control room

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This is the first time I’ve participated in a HHD contest in a while; before this, the last one I participated in was Challenge #1: “The Sweetest Home Ever” — a theme I was excited for, but at the time didn’t have as much to work with in my catalog as I would have liked. I regret losing track of the challenges because now I’m missing some of the challenge-exclusive furniture, and missed out on a few cool themes >_< So I'm going out of my way to participate this month even though the challenge theme isn't one of my favorites! If you would like to visit/rate mine, the code is: 0698-5792-948

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Dipping back into AC:WW every now & then: 2014-2016

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Since New Leaf came out in summer 2013, I have been primarily focused on that game when it comes to playing Animal Crossing. Despite this, I never completely put down my Wild World game for good. It’s always been too tempting to pick it back up again every now and then, even if just to walk around town a bit and talk to neighbors, let a few days pass by, never doing anything too major. This was made possible and made all the more tempting because I left my town in a very pleasantly landscaped state, and I always recorded what date I left off on so I could load my game on that date and not have to deal with any unfortunate consequences (villagers leaving, flowers dying).

Recently though, I did do some pretty big things in my Wild World town. Before I go into all that in my next post, I wanted to dedicate this post to the odd period, mostly 2014-2015, when I would pick up my game and play a little bit, not accomplishing much, mostly just taking pretty pictures and enjoying a visit to Dafdilly again. Some of these have already been posted to Tumblr, but I consider WordPress to be my more ‘archival’ type blog, so these pictures deserve a home here too.

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Dream Diary 3 — Dreamy Edition: Myrtille, ルリユール, Florence

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And just like that, over a year since my last entry, I continue this little dream diary! I’ve had these pictures rounded up for a while now, and known which dream towns I would cover in this post, but I’ve had a hard time justifying spending the time doing a dream diary entry when I have a lot of work on my own dream town to do! 😛

For this post, I’m covering one of my internal “genres” of towns that I describe as dreamy or ethereal. It’s an aesthetic I admire a lot, not just in Animal Crossing, I tend to love dreamy art/music & whatnot as well. In Animal Crossing, I’ve noticed dreamy towns are achievable through a mix of atmospheric conditions/lighting — for example, you won’t see a dreamy dream town at noon or 3pm, but rather, the evening or nighttime or early morning — along with the right sort of landscaping, like pale flowers and beautiful PWPs like lamps. But instead of further breaking down what makes a town dreamy, let’s just dive right into the magical beauty of these three towns 🙂


Dream Address: 5900-4543-7461
Owner: Renna of ymirtille on tumblr

This beautiful town has white & blue gardens, serene sparkling streams and paths, and many brilliant focal points created by its public works. The calm and peaceful time of night helps set the mood; the music at this hour gives me pangs of nostalgia, reflection, and gives off a feeling of sad beauty.

The paths & patterns used in this town are really fitting, and are arranged beautifully in the plaza, so you are plunged into the atmosphere Myrtille gives off as soon as you wake up. And the same patterns are used all throughout town, creating a unifying effect.

The fireflies floating about the rivers like fairy lights add to the atmosphere too ❤

Definitely one of the focal points I mentioned — wow! Light *__*

Another great use of illumination 🙂

The cafe area brings a little pink into the color scheme ^^


I love seeing park areas in towns and this is a lovely one in Myrtille, featuring a public art sculpture of a rotating cube.

But it’s not all huge parks and landmarks and structures in Myrtille, there are also many woodsy areas to admire.

Whoever lives here is incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful yard — must be very much in favor by the mayor!

Lastly, a visit to a wisteria trellis park that reminds me a lot of the one in a friend’s town, hehe…neat to see someone else out there had the same idea!

ルリユール (White town)

Dream Address: 3000-0575-9957
Owner: Don’t know, sadly. If you know the owner or blog, do tell.

This is a genius town that you might already be familiar with, but I wanted to sing my praises to it as well. Its concept revolves around the color white from top to bottom — the snow, the flowers, the PWPs, the villagers (and therefore, a lot of their houses happen to be lightly-colored as well to match their owners), and the human residents’ homes & interiors. This theme done by someone less inspired might’ve come across boring, but with the creativity and artistry this player used, the result is absolutely striking.

There was an aurora in the sky when I first visited this town, but not anymore in the latest update. Maybe the owner decided against it because the aurora adds some non-white colors into the town’s palette (pink, green, purple). I think it adds to the beauty of the town though so I’ll share a few of my screenshots with the aurora.

The bushes wrap around the metal bench (now that I think of it, I’m surprised the white wooden bench wasn’t used :P) in a heart ❤

Definitely my favorite landscaping feature in this town, it’s just so white, bright & dazzling *__* The sea of snow and flowers feels like it could go on forever, it’s lucky there wasn’t much dirt in the area to ruin the effect.

It’s fun to walk around seeing how many white PWPs and buildings you can spot 😛

The rooms are gooorgeous too, I’d go as far as to call them artistic!

Ooh, a jewelry parlour?

A chess room minus the black pieces, a bathhouse, a dining room that screams luxury and delicacy, and an escape into the clouds with teddy bears and clam-shell music boxes! Such a wide range of beautiful rooms with different purposes, but all with the same limitation of white furniture.

A pretty view here 🙂

Haha, a very fun and cute attraction in this town: the milk cafe! xD

I’m not even a big milk fan, but this place has me craving a nice cool glass of milk x3
I might’ve gotten carried away with all the pictures I took & shared, but I would’ve had a hard time cutting back with how much I love this town! I encourage everyone to visit and explore every inch of it, there’s so much to see & admire in every corner 🙂


Dream Address: 6A00-0010-7961
Owner: Abby of lanternflies on tumblr

Florence has a strongly consistent color scheme as well, but it has just the right amount of variety of colors (from pinks, white, to purples) and flower types to create visual interest while still maintaining that unity. There are tons of adorable and pretty landscaping spots in this town, to the point where you feel you’re walking along the path from cute spot to cute spot, again and again x3

There are also lots of wrapped goodies to enjoy, not just dumped in one location, but strewn all over town, giving you more than one chance at that feeling of pleasant surprise in unwrapping presents! 🙂

Lots of lush greenery and those lovely pink & purple wildflowers that cover Florence

Tehe, not waking up for anything, not even a (noisy?) beautiful geyser~

I have lots of feelings about this beautiful bridge view…

And Florence’s entrance, my favorite spot in town *__*

And I could go on and on, this town’s filled with gorgeous spots to visit… so visit and see for yourself! 🙂

Here’s a little index for these dreamy dream towns:

Myrtille 5900-4543-7461
ルリユール 3000-0575-9957
Florence 6A00-0010-7961

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