The road to my sun mosaic path

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Before the New Leaf update was released, I was slowly but surely working towards a new dream address update for Citàlune, and as a result, was trying not to shout about every single little change and addition I’ve made to my town too much, especially here on WordPress, so that some things might remain a bit of a surprise when visiting. (On Tumblr I haven’t kept been quite as mum about Citàlune as I have here, though, which is partly because of the more post-as-it-happens nature of Tumblr, in contrast to how I like to do a comprehensive post on WordPress only when I completely finish a project — like this post and this post, for example). But now that the New Leaf update has dropped, I don’t want to continue to be completely silent from posting about my town and experiences, especially since now it’s looking like I have more work to do before updating my dream address than I did before (like more item collecting).

This sun mosaic path I’m about to share about was one of the things I was once hoping not to share too much about before updating my dream, but since I plan on doing more New Leaf posts here and there, it would be impossible to continue to hide my town’s main path. So I would like to introduce it here in this post first, and tell about the long road to get to the finished version! 🙂

Winter 2013-2014:

My idea for a mosaic path representing my town’s sun/moon theme goes pretty far back; this was my first feeble attempt in starting to work on it back in Citàlune’s first winter of 2013-2014! But after seeing how much work it would be, I got cold feet and put it off, instead using the winter version of my fairytale-bridge-inspired path. And then in the spring following, and for quite a while after, I used a warm-up mosaic path I made inspired by the in-game mosaic carpet & wallpaper.

October 2014:

The baby steps from winter 2013-2014 never went anywhere; I erased them. But these are the first baby steps later in 2014 that eventually went somewhere!

October 2014:

Continuing to work on the outlines of the mosaic.

October 2014:

The outline was done and I started filling it in with color, which would prove to be the most difficult part by far.

October 2014:

I actually thought the colors looked pretty cool at this point, when it was only halfway colored.

October 2014:

But then when I used those colors all the way through, it looked so awful! D: I wasn’t happy with it at all and knew I had a lot of work to do on it still, and was determined to get it right.

November 2014:

After some color tinkering, it was already starting to look better — this is my favorite picture of the path in its early stages. But I still thought it was a little too busy-looking, and that the transition from the outer blues and purples to the middle pinks and oranges was not very smooth, which was distracting.

November 2014:

Blech, the lack of color harmony of this stage of the path with the flowers next to it was really hard for me to look at! It’s all so loud, dark, busy, and not harmonious. I was starting to get discouraged at this point…

November 2014:

And it looked even worse at night, the oranges growing dull and the blues sticking out too much.

January 2015:

Finally, I was starting to feel a little better about the colors after some tweaking, and hope returned to me a bit. 😛 Mellowing the colors more is exactly what was needed, and it’s still plenty vibrant! Though if you look closely, my final version of the path you’ll see later has more blues and purples on the edges, so while this stage here was big progress, it wasn’t the final product.

April 2015:

I felt good enough about the progress of the main 2×2 pieces of the mosaic path to start working on the 2×1 pieces in the middle that are necessary in order to end the path on an odd number of spaces. In the end I’m not sure what was more difficult, figuring out the coloring for the 2x2s, or figuring out the design and coloring for the 2x1s, which gave me quite a headache as well!

For instance, I worked quite hard on these 2×1 drafts above — on both the mosaic design and on tweaking the colors – and they all ended up being scrapped completely. Though they did, through trial and error, give me an idea of what would work and what wouldn’t.

Late 2015:

This was the least-terrible result that my early drafts of the 2x1s produced, but there was still something that bugged me a lot: I thought that the 2x2s and 2x1s didn’t match with each other very well (both in color and design), and that the 2x1s took too much attention away from the 2x2s. But I didn’t want the 2x1s to be a boring waste of pattern slots either, and wanted the design to add to the theme of the path, so it was all very confusing and challenging… I put this path on the back-burner for a long time because I was starting to get burnt out, and played AC:WW instead for a while.

October 2016:

Finally I came back to the path and finished it! 😀 The key to the 2x1s working out this time is that the design of them very much mirrors the 2x2s, but instead of the sun being in the middle of the tile, there are suns ‘setting’ on both ends. So the similar designs of the 2x2s and 2x1s made the path look more harmonious together and less busy/distracting, but the different positions of the suns added a little visual variety/interest and contributed to this side of town’s sunset theme. 🙂

And this final version of the path has the added bonus of looking pretty good at night as well! Having a sun mosaic path that looks its most warm and vibrant during the sunset, and at night melts together in this cool luminosity, is the perfect win-win solution for my town’s sun/moon theme ^^

And lastly, a neat little graphic of it~

It might sound silly, but I can’t describe how happy I am to finally walk along this path and not feel nitpicky thoughts, to feel completely content with it after all the discouragement and frustration I felt in making it, at times wondering if I just wasn’t good enough to make the sun mosaic path I dreamed of for my town. Finishing this path, and finishing my AC:WW re-landcaping project, has helped remind me that I can still complete a big AC project like this if I set my mind to it, even if it takes longer for me than it used to.

I hope I can take this feeling with me as I continue working on all the other new patterns I need to make, like a moon mosaic path for the other side of town, and other patterns that are a bit of a mystery to me at this point. (This path takes up fewer slots than my previous ones, so I have a lot more opportunities for making and using more patterns!) I have a feeling that making the moon mosaic path might end up being the opposite experience to the sun one: the composition of the moon path will be hardest, since I plan on the pieces being more irregular-shaped, and figuring out the colors will be easiest (mostly grayscale, with the lightest blues and purples). But as the road to my sun mosaic path showed me, with enough trial and error and analyzing what’s wrong and how to fix it, I can hopefully get where I want to be eventually! 🙂 And I also hope that if I’m a little more single-minded and clear-headed, and less easily discouraged and distracted, the moon mosaic path won’t take as long as the sun one, we’ll see 😛

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Cherry blossoms in Dafdilly

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Uh, this post has not occurred remotely in the timeline I was expecting, on multiple levels, I’m sorry about that… :/ Let me explain, or if you’re not interested (I don’t blame you, it’s quite the ramble), feel free to skip to the pictures!

This Dafdilly re-landscaping project has its roots back in the holiday season of 2015. Around that time I was feeling pretty burnt out from AC:NL, because I had been working on a new mosaic path for Citàlune that was proving difficult for me. And meanwhile, I have the sort of job that gets more stressful during the holiday season, so putting those factors together, you can see why I wanted to take a break from AC:NL. I found myself gravitating towards playing AC:WW instead, because it was more mindless and stress-relieving than pixeling a mosaic path in AC:NL, and easier to pick up and play in short bursts in my shorter amount of spare time.

But then, because I am the way I am…*facepalm*…these little AC:WW sessions evolved into something much more ambitious over time, and eventually became a project to figure out what Dafdilly’s dream neighbors would be, obtain & place those dream neighbors in town through plot resetting (it works in AC:WW too!), and re-landscape Dafdilly for the cherry blossom festival. I got the dream neighbors part done over the winter, so I thought I could re-landscape Dafdilly by April and then have Dafdilly match real-time in spring 2016! It was the perfect plan, but I wasn’t able to do it; by the time I finished the re-landscaping project, it was July.

And then here we are in November, with Dafdilly still in the cherry blossom season and a post just now being made about it. >_< It's partly because I became too much of a perfectionist in taking commemorative photos of Dafdilly's new landscaping (experimenting with 'panoramics' or stitching pictures together using my new capture card, even tried making a gif for the first time), which was a draining and tedious process at times, and I got distracted by a different Animal Crossing game, again… AC:NL, this time! xD (In a quest to make Citàlune WiFi-able again to meet up with old friends, I went overboard and got pretty close to making it dream-address-update-ready, and even finished that mosaic path that was such a pain for me and made me abandon AC:NL in the first place!!) Also, at a certain point, it became like, “well, it’s taken this long, so what’s the rush?”

But I decided I can’t put off this post any longer; even though I might be more excited about playing New Leaf at this point (with the New Leaf game update announced, and my town being so-close-yet-so-far ready for a dream address update), I still need to pause that for now and take the time to share about my AC:WW re-landscaping project! I hope you enjoy some of these pictures that are fancier than I used to be capable of in AC:WW. 🙂

First, welcome back to Twisk’s house! ❤ In the same old cliff-side corner of town, same old landscaping-limiting pavement in front, but as always, circled by trees and flowers the best I can. 🙂

As fun as it is to have a pink roof to match the cherry blossoms, strangely I'm really looking forward to going back to the sky blue roof that's my favorite (it matches Twisk's hair ^^) and green trees. Because I think green trees would look quite nice with this garden’s kind of cool-colored palette, and green’s my favorite color…maybe I planted too many regular saplings & should have sprinkled some fruit trees in the garden as well.

The house’s flower garden is definitely in my favorite state that it has ever been in 😀 Finally, over time, I’ve accumulated enough hybrids to go wild with this pastel hybrid garden with the color scheme I envisioned for Dafdilly long ago.

Twisk & company even have their own little turnip garden now that I didn’t really plan for! It seems I planted so many trees around the house that it wouldn’t let me plant anymore in this area; the trees here died, so there was a blank spot I had to fill with something. (And if you wonder how I was able to make this turnip garden on the fly, I hoard Joan’s red turnips, buy one from her every time I see her xP).

Now that you’ve seen the yard, let’s take a break and go inside for a bit! 🙂

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HHD: A home for Jack

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To help get in the Halloween spirit, I decided to create a home for Jack!

To rate/visit, the code is: 0207-5772-957

In designing his home, I was inspired to strive to live up to his title, “the Czar of Halloween,” by using Halloween-themed items & ideas in the grandest, most elegant ways possible. (For the most part…you’ll see that his bedroom isn’t super fancy.) Jack even tends to talk in a very regal way that you don’t see much from other seasonal characters like Jingle, Franklin, Zipper, etc. When you discuss the prospect of building a new home for him, he says:

“As you’ve heard, I am Jack, the czar of Halloween. … For you see, my home is a dreadful wretch these days. I don’t know how it got so bad, but it pains me. One thing I will not tolerate is insubordination, and my home smacks of it. It shall be replaced!”

So with a title and talk like that, it just seemed fitting to give him a palace, elegant gardens, and a throne room.

When finished working on his home, this is what the exterior ended up looking like in the daytime, but I like it a lot more when I visit it at night after finishing a day’s project! 🙂

Here are some views of Jack’s palace gardens at night:

To the left and right of Jack’s home, I tried to incorporate tiny little graveyard features into the garden, but there’s only so much space to do so.

I also made a path for his home, a fairly easy-to-make one compared to the paths I’ve made for New Leaf (the mosaic ones, fairytale bridge one, etc). But for the most part, I plan to not really make many of my own paths & patterns for AC:HHD, because if I was strict about only making my own patterns for all 400+ villagers, I’d probably be playing this game for the rest of my life. >_> Okay, maybe exagerrating, but I want to have time to focus on AC:NL & AC:WW too. I couldn’t find a Halloween path that had the feel I wanted, though, so I made this diamond-tiled one to match the spooky roof, and the path has little bats & jack-o-lantern faces printed on the tiles if you look closely.

Now for the inside:

This is the throne room, which has a mix of Halloween items, lots of candelabra, and cypress plants. I thought the cypress trees would help with the ~elegance~ factor, and they are associated with mourning/death symbolism; you can see that symbolism with cypress trees in the painting “Isle of the Dead” as well.

Here is the room from some other angles:

Zoomed in

Zoomed out 😛

Jack & his loyal subjects

A close-up of the candelabra & cypress plants lining the throne room


In the basement, there’s a spooky little study. I was going for one of those rooms you see in movies where the villain or whoever is sitting in a high-backed chair in front of the fire, as the firelight flickers on the stone walls and he plots and broods on his plans xP
At one point when hanging out in this room, Jack started playing the piano, which together with the music (Hypno KK) and the wilderness sound effects I added, was so…atmospheric, in a haunted house sort of way, I loved it.


For Jack’s bedroom I used his own furniture brand, and he looks very much at home ^_^

Playing with his jack-in-the-box 🙂

Sleep tight and enjoy your new bedroom, Jack~

Jack’s reaction to his new home 🙂

Getting to have some casual chit-chat with special NPCs like this is a fun little aspect of AC:HHD (though I guess you do have to have the amiibo cards).

I hope you all are doing well and have a Happy Halloween! 😀

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